Wednesday, August 25, 2010


24th and 25th August 2010

With the Cross Country Championships over for another year, we had a couple of days to spend time as a family to enjoy the sunshine of Queensland, except the weather has not been delightful and sunny, it has been overcast, rather chilly, in fact not too different from our own Canberra weather.

Yesterday we had organised to meet up with Nana and Pop at Northlakes, where we spent some time shopping and having a warming hot chocolate together. They then had to drive back home to the Sunshine Coast before all the afternoon traffic. It was really terrific to see them this week!

We went back to our unit where I relaxed and played some solitaire before having a scrumptious barbecue dinner. The rain began to fall gently from the cloudy sky as I lay in bed in pain trying to fall to sleep. Even though the weather is warmer here in Queensland unfortunately I have still been experiencing pain and swelling.

Today was grey and gloomy with powerful winds, definitely not a day for swimming or going to the beach, Jarrett wanted to go for a run, we went down to Settlement Cove so he could run along the water front while we went for a walk. Since we have been here I have learnt that Redcliffe was Queensland's first settlement site, before European settlement in 1824 this area was inhabited by Aborigines who found food was plentiful here. The settlement of Redcliffe which was named because of its distinctive red cliff faces had a crew and convicts land here on the 13th of September 1824, however in 1825 the settlement was deserted until the 1860's when the land was used for dairying, sugarcane, wheat, cotton, beef, honey, oranges and potatoes. In the 1880's Redcliffe became popular as a sea side resort as it was compared to many of the holiday destinations the settlers were used to in England. Today it remains popular as a holiday venue for many families.

As it was not really outside weather, we took a drive to DFO at Brisbane Airport, it is all on one level and very spacious with many shops to look at. We found quite a few bargains and enjoyed lunch there before heading back to Redcliffe where we had to pack ready for our flight back to bitter cold Canberra tomorrow.

Our time here has been magnificent, exciting and a little disappointing, I will miss being here but at the same time I am so looking forward to getting home and giving Tinkerbelle a humungous cuddle!

I was so excited to hear on the news that Benji Marshall has been announced as an Ambassador for the Oncology Children's Foundation and that he has also revealed that he is setting up his own program to raise funds for the cause. When I met him he was so genuine and really took the time to ask me questions, then when he wrote to me for my book launch and told me I was his hero, I was so touched and it really meant the world to me that someone as talented and famous as him would say that about me. I wonder if reading my book as well as spending time with other children with cancer is what has made him do such an incredible thing. He is my hero now in more ways than one, he has truly shown the spirit of humanity as well as been the best football player in rugby league!


Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere

Had not had a chance to read your blog over the last couple of weeks. Just caught up over the last 2 days. Sorry to hear that you have faced many more challenges since I last read your blog. I am particularly impressed by your strength and positive attitude - you are truly an inspiration!

Jarrett made a wonderful effort in the Cross Country. He must be happy that you were there supporting him.

It must have been lovely to spend time with your Nana and Pop. Sorry to hear that the Queensland weather was disappointing and was not warm and sunny as you had hoped.

Hope that the weather in Canberra is not too cold on your return. It is very chilly here tonight.

Thinking of you.

Love Steph and family xxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

So glad you and your family have had a good break in Queensland, even though the weather hasn't been the best. (Sorry it wasn't beach weather.)How great to be able to spend time with Nana and Pop. They would be so pleased to see you all.

You certinly informed us about Redcliffe. I had no idea of its history. Are the red cliffs still easily seen? Or has suburbia taken over?

Something exciting on the news tonight! Benji Marshall is launching a fund dedicated to assisting children with cancer. I didn't catch it all but it sounded really special. I think it may be in the newspapers tomorrow.

I'm sure Tinkerbelle will be really pleased to see you, too. She would have missed you I'm sure. No doubt you will have lots of purry, furry cuddles!

Hopefully the weather won't be too cold when you get back home. It certainly has been very windy here the last three days. And we thought Spring was coming....

Hope you all have a safe, trouble-free trip back to Canberra.

Thoughts and prayers,


Ali Davies said...

Great that high profile people step in to help raise awareness such as Benji Marshall (although must admit I don't have a clue who he is!!!). Heroes come in all sorts of different forms. Never forget that YOU are one of them.

Ali x

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere, Hope you have a good trip back to Canberra, im sure you inspired Benji Marshal to get involved in the childrens Oncology foundation. Yu deserve tyo be The Young Australian of the year for all you have done to support Chikdrens Canceer issues . LOve and best wishes to you . Stuart xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere
It was really lovely seeing you all up here. We did try to arrange for the perfect weather, but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. However, you will realize, we are sure, on your arrival home, that it wasn't so bad after all. If you had of been able to spend more time with us you would have been able to share in our beautiful weather. It is now 4.45pm and the sun is shining brightly, and the winds have gone.

What a wonderful thing Benji Marshall is doing. We are so pleased.

We miss you all already, and that makes us wish that we could come back to Canberra to live, but then we remember the reason we left, the freezing cold weather.

Of course we will see you again in the warmer months.

We do hope all goes well in Sydney this time. We will of course be in regular touch to see how you are getting on.

We do hope Nalani's suitcase was not overweight with all the bargains she found.

Chifley still looks for you. He really did like you a lot.

Lots of love
Nan and Pop xxxxxxxooooooo

Anonymous said...

Hey Dainere,
We have missed you at school. It is sad that you have not managed to get some sunshine in Queensland. It is one thing that you were looking forward to most. Dont be too much in a hurry to get back to canberra, it is cold cold cold and windy with it. They have had more snow in the mountains and it snowed a little at my house in Tuggeranong today.
I heard something today that made me think of you and your mum and I thought that you might like it too.
"Everyone wants Happiness, no one wants pain. But you can't make a Rainbow, without a little rain."
It is so true I thought.
It is book week dress up tomorrow and lots of people are excited about dressing up. I have mentioned before that I love to dress up and have quite a few wigs too. None as nice as yours though. I bought a new one especially for tomorrow. It is truely ugly. I am going as the hag out of Snow White and I have my apples in their basket all ready to go.
Well I will go and we will see you next week when you return to us. Stay warm and say hello to your mum.
God Bless
Mrs Chatty

Anonymous said...

Dainere - I totally forgot that you were in QLD during the terrible weather we had recently... I had to smile when you spoke about waking up one day to clear blue and sunny skies... just a pity the weather wasn't better for the whole trip. I remember feeling so relieved that day. It was good to remember, so thanks for reminding me.

Poor Jarret and all of you - asthma attacks are very scary. I am just glad everything was ok and Jarrett felt better after his relay.

I'll bet you're glad to be able to cuddle tinkerbell again. Have you ever seen the u tube comic called Simon's Cat? It's a cartoon that very aptly depicts typical cat behaviour. You might like it.

I was curious did your Nan and Pop name Chiefly after the former Australian Primer Minister Ben Chiefly... your comment about watching history in the making on election night made me think of it.

Did you end up going out onto the Redcliffe Pier? I have been there once and remember it was nice. If you ever get to the Adelaide Beaches there are lots of piers dotted along there - you might know Glenelg, there's an historic tram that runs from the city to the beach. Anyway, I had a fascination with walking out to the end of every pier when I visited... artic cold and icy wind and all.

I wanted to say thanks for the history lesson too on the settlement of Redcliffe, it was interesting to read.

My blossom I have absolutely no doubt about several things you asked questions about in your blog - I have no doubt you inspired Benji and I have no doubt that you will compete in the athletics next year in Canberra with the support of a home crowd... but you will have more than just Canberra cheering for you.

Your teacher's description of her wig and costume made me smile. Beauty is more than skin deep.

Stay strong.