Tuesday, March 17, 2015


17th March 2015

Life without our most precious, inspiring, selfless, courageous, extraordinary, splendiferous and beautiful Dainere is one that is extremely difficult.  Her presence brought us so much joy and love and now a huge piece of each of our hearts has left with her.  

Throughout her journey Dainere was so passionate and devoted to raising vital awareness and desperately needed funds for research to find a cure for paediatric brain tumours.  

We have been working as tirelessly as she did to continue her most extraordinary legacy through Dainere's Rainbow Brain Tumour Research Fund.  

There is a wonderful website www.daineresrainbow.com.au and there is also a Facebook Page for Dainere's Rainbow as well as one which Nalani and Jarrett set up called Siblings 4 Brain Tumours.  

Our goal remains that of seeing Dainere's greatest wish in life of a cure being found for this number one cancer killer of children become a reality.  

Also we are as a family dedicated to effecting practical and helpful support in the Community through sharing our experiences of the paediatric brain tumour journey by sharing our personal knowledge and useful information in the hope of assisting and making a difference for other families on a similar journey.

On 20th June 2015 we will be holding a Celebration of Dainere Gala Fundraising Dinner more information can be found on the website about this special event.  

Those of you who followed Dainere's Journey through this Blog may like to see what we as a family are doing to honour our gorgeous Dainere on the Facebook Pages and the Website.  

We so humbly and deeply thank you all for being such a blessing and support to Dainere and ourselves throughout her journey. 
A special message sent from Dainere on the day of her funeral