Saturday, February 25, 2012


18th to 24th February 2012

I have been kept exceptionally busy at school this week; in Maths we have been investigating indices further, we have looked at zero power, negative indices and multiplication and division of indices.  In English we have continued our study of the novel 'Tomorrow when the War Began', we did a character mind map about Ellie who is one of the main characters in the book.  For Sports Science we learnt about the FITT principle, the FITT principle is a guideline for physical fitness, it is Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type.  We also took our blood pressure and did some more work about our pulse, as well as a health quiz on the computers, if any of you want to try the quiz you google The Better Health Channel and go into it and you will find the quizzes there.

This week I also had physiotherapy with Kaitlyn, my right knee had been sore and clicking this week so she did some work on it and taped it.  She also did some work on my back, massaging it and then applying heat.  I have been given two new exercises to help strengthen my knee, I do my physio exercises everyday because I know they will help me.

On Friday it was Interclub, I competed in Javelin and Shot put, although I did not achieve a personal best in either event I was pleased with my performance, especially in Javelin because my style has improved enormously!

Our weather has been unusual this week, we had frightening storms with hail and blackouts and today the sun is shinning, the sky is a crystal clear blue and the temperature is in the high twenties - the perfect Summer day.
Next week the football season starts, my Tigers are playing the Sharks - Go the Tigers!!!!!  I am doing footy tipping with my Nana and Pop again this year, I wonder if I can win four years in a row?

Wishing everyone a splendiferous week, face each day with determination and wisdom and any mountains will seem like just a rock.

Friday, February 17, 2012


10th to 17th February

'Each day if you wake and look for something around you that you are grateful for, you will see things more clearly and it is like finding a pot of gold at the end of a brilliant rainbow'

I have always remained positive and determined in my life, I have set myself goals, some of which some people thought I may not be able to achieve.  In the past couple of weeks I have been so proud of what I have achieved in my desire to compete in sport.  In the ACT Junior Championships on Friday I threw in javelin and discus, I was extremely tired from a hectic week back at school but focused on my goal. Unfortunately I did not achieve a personal best in either event, I did go close but I did win a gold medal in javelin and a bronze in discus.  It was not the medals that were of the most importance but the fact that I had got out there despite my limitations and competed, always with a smile on my face.

I am still hoping that one day I will be able to compete in a running event again, that is a dream that I hope that I can fulfill, I would not have to run the fastest but to just have my legs move and feel the wind in my face, how fantastic, I will keep working towards that goal.

It feels like we never had a school holiday, school is extremely busy and challenging but at the same time filled with excitement and new experiences.  In Maths we are continuing discovering new facts about indices.  English we are working more on our theme of Choice and Sacrifice, we even have grammar workbooks now, they are new this year and part of the New Australian Curriculum.  I think my favourite subject at the moment is Sports Science we are learning about physical exercise for health and fitness and health and skill components of fitness.  We learnt to take our pulses, something I already know how to do, you can take it for fifteen seconds and times it by four, thirty seconds and double it or do it for the whole minute.  We talked about our  heart rate there is a special way that you work it all our.  The formula is 220 minus your age, this gives you your maximum heart rate, beats per minute.  There are also formula's for working out target and moderate heart rates these help you when you are doing training or exercising.  I have homework for all my subjects this weekend, so apart from enjoying the fresh air at running training I won't get the opportunity to do much else.

Next week I have physiotherapy, I am looking forward to seeing if my foot has healed fully yet and also to have some treatment on my back which has been rather painful throughout the week.  There is also another chance for me to throw at Interclub, there are not many left as the end of the Summer Sports season is upon us. 

Wishing you all another splendiferous week and thanking you for all your lovely comments and words of continued encouragement.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


4th to 10th February 2012

Some  extraordinary moments this week beginning with achieving a personal best in shot put at the ACT Junior Championships as well as a bronze medal, my first ever Championship medal.  It was on my final throw that I threw a 2.47m to beat my previous personal best by 7cm.  A special highlight of my throw was that Louise Ellery, the paralympic Gold Medalist was there to see me do it and she was cheering me on, how wonderful it was to hear her words of encouragement, because she is an inspiring athlete. 

The next moment was going back to school, entering Year 9, Senior School, a new uniform and different teachers and classes.  On Tuesday I had an orientation day, we were given our stationery, went to our PC (pastoral care) class where we learnt what the rules and expectations, then we went to our first day classes to meet our teachers as well as having a a tour of the Senior Campus.  Wednesday was my first day back and although it was extremely tiring I was so excited. In English we are reading the novel 'Tomorrow When the War Began' by John Marsden, our topic is Choices and Sacrifices and we do work based on this.  I have Sport Science which I have to say is my favourite class so far, the course material is so interesting and we are also going to do some work on the Olympics which is so fantastic with the Olympics being in London this year.  In Maths we are working on indices, which I have found enjoyable and easy so far.  We have had homework already for both English and Maths, imagine having homework on your first week back!  My FM transmitter is working well and despite some moments when the teachers voices break up a little I can hear virtually all of what the teachers are saying, oh except when they accidentally muted it, which is just a minor teething problem.

The most splendiferous moment this week was my 14th Birthday, on 8th February, although I had to spend the day at school, I received many beautiful good wishes and lovely gifts from family and special friends.  The most precious gift to me though is being with my family, I am so grateful to have them and to share yet another Birthday with them.  We had a dinner of my choice and I chose to have a barbeque dinner, with sausages, steak and salads, then to finish it off we had a scrumptious caramel mud cake that was so moist and had drizzles of chocolate on top and just to make it more delicious we had it with cream.  Of course Mum, Dad, Nalani and Jarrett all sang Happy Birthday while the candles burnt and dripped some purple wax on the cake and then I got to make a wish, I won't tell you what it was because then it won't come true. 

I had physiotherapy this week also, Kaitlyn worked on my foot which is almost healed now, as well as my legs and my back.  I got to have two heat packs on my back and it felt so wonderfully relieving.  I also was given a new exercise for my foot, as it becomes stronger I am able to do different exercises to help it.  I do my physiotherapy exercises every day, if you don't work on them then you are not going to help yourself heal, sometimes it may seem difficult but it is important.

Today I am competing in the ACT Junior Championships in the javelin and discus, I hope that I am able to achieve more personal bests, but with school returning I am a little fatigued but I will be determined to do my best. 

Next week will be a full week at school, I am hoping that it will not be too tiring and that I will be able to continue to cope with the workload.  I think if you have a positive attitude then you find the strength to deal with any difficult situation that crosses your path. 

Wishing you a splendiferous week, may the sun shine on your life and may you see many rainbows this week.

Friday, February 3, 2012


28th January to 3rd February 2012

As rain inundates much of Eastern Australia and temperatures have plummeted here in Canberra along with the rain that has made everything so lush and green,  but soggy, I have had a busy week full of many appointments.

As school draws ever so close, I had a meeting about School and classes this year, I know that Year 9 is so much more demanding academically than what I was used to in Years 6-8 which is Middle School and I am hoping that I will be able to cope with the new demands of the more difficult work as well as a whole new timetable.  In Year 9 you have a Week A and a Week B so your classes are not the same every single week.  There has also been a change from a seven period day to a five period day so the lessons are all longer than what I am used to.  Next Tuesday is an orientation morning where I will find out more information about the timetable as well as who my teachers are.  It is a very exciting but also nervous time for me. 

I had physiotherapy this week again and Kaitlyn loosened my tight and sore muscles in my legs and foot as well as the left side of my pelvis.  My neck had been giving me some grief so she also used heat to give that just a little relief.  My foot is now healing so I am going to throw in the ACT Junior Championships with my foot heavily taped to provide support for it.  I have to go back next week again to have my neck worked on a little more intensely. 

My MRI of my spine was also done this week, there were no problems with the machine this time so I got in quickly.  Part way through the scans a doctor came in an inserted a cannula into my left hand, he tried my right arm at the elbow bend but with no success you see my vein is extremely scared as it has been used for so many tests that it just can not be used any more.  So the doctor told me to let anyone taking blood or inserting medication that that vein is not to be used. My veins are only tiny and I had to have a heat pack put on my hand to make the veins come up more and then it was much easier and less painful for the insertion of the cannula. More scans were taken after the contrast was injected and then it was all over.  It went for an hour, which is longer than usual for one of the spine because they took extra scans.  My Brain MRI disk and report as well as the one from my spine has been taken to Sydney for my team there to review. 

Today I have my dietitian appointment, it has been ages since I got to see her because my last appointment was cancelled by them.  She was going to have me do a special elimination diet over the Christmas break but I missed out on that, so maybe she will look at doing that now. 

I have still been experiencing some terrible headaches but they are certainly not as constant as they were when I was on the Growth Hormones.  I still remain off the Growth Hormones until the doctors in Sydney have reviewed my MRI's.  Then a decision will be made as to whether I will take them at a lower dose, slowly increasing them to the high dose I was on or for me to be taken off them completely. 

With the cooler, wet weather I have played board games this week, I really enjoy playing Pay Day and Upwords they are fun games which can last quite a while and help the time go by on miserable days. 

I will be doing footy tipping again this year with Nana and Pop, I am hoping that this year will be the year of the Tigers, they were so close last year but did not quite make it. 

At ACT Junior Championships, Jarrett is running in the 1500m, it is his first race back after injury, he is hoping he will be able to run a personal best and Nalani is throwing shot put with me.  The weather is definitely not very favourable for personal bests but we will have to wait and see how we go. 

Each and every day I am so grateful to open my eyes and greet the day, there are so many possibilities and opportunities to embrace.  I wish you all a splendiferous week and hope that it is filled with   many rainbow moments.