Saturday, September 29, 2012


22nd to 28th September 2012

Waking this morning the temperature was a mild 18 degrees, then, the winds picked up speed, grey clouds swept angrily across the sky, thunder rumbled like a hungry stomach and flashes of lightening flashed.  Not long after heavy drops of rain began falling and it rained for the rest of the day as the temperature dramatically dropped.  What a way to finish Term Three off at School, hopefully we will see an improvement for the two weeks of School Holidays.
Following my efforts in the Athletics Carnival, I spent last weekend feeling just so totally exhausted and in terrible pain, pushing myself had taken its toll but to just be part of such a special day made up for it. 

My last week of School was enjoyable and also a relief as it has just been one of the most hectic terms ever.  In English we are working on ‘A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove’ talking about themes and their importance to the characters in the novel.  In Maths we finished off our unit on Statistical Data and in Sports Science we continued with peer coaching sessions. I think next Term will be extraordinarily busy also as it is a short term and we also have exams and many end of year celebrations.

I had physiotherapy again this week, it is always something that I look forward to, Kaitlyn worked on my spine, doing releasing, then I had ultrasound on it followed by heat packs.  Physiotherapy is so important to me because it assists with my pain relief and I am fortunate to have Kaitlyn looking after me.
This week I also had an appointment with my Paediatrician, he monitors my progress and decides on increases in my pain medication.  This time he also decided to do some blood tests, to check several things.  He did the reflex testing on me, I have no response in my ankles which have been that way for a while now, but my knees are still responding.  My Paediatrician is a very caring doctor and I know that I am in good hands.
The football Grand Finals are this weekend, my team, the Tigers are not in the main game but are playing the Raiders in the lower grade. Perhaps next year the Tigers will find their fighting spirit and make it to the Grand Final.
'Life does not always take us on the path that we would like it to, but we should never give up, we should hold our head high, dare to dream big and go down that path searching for our rainbow'.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


15th to 21st September 2012

This week has been inspiring, full of excitement and extremely tiring for me.  As we near the end of Term the workload has been quite intense, I always remain determined to complete all my tasks to the best of my ability, it is important for me that despite my pain and feeling unwell  that I continue to do my school work and be around my friends. 

Louise Ellery and me
Sunday was High Noon at the AIS, it was the final one for the Winter Season, and I wanted to compete in the discus and shot put events.  Discus was first, I really enjoy my discus, I throw a 750g discus, in competition you have three throws and your best throw is measured.  I threw 4.68m which was not a personal best but I was happy with the result.  Then it was time for shot put, I throw the 2kg shot put, whilst waiting to throw we had a very special visitor, it was Louise Ellery, the Silver Medallist in her classification at the Paralympics.  She is one of the most inspirational people I think you could ever meet.  I was fortunate enough to talk with her and she was wearing her Silver Medal which she let me hold, it was actually quite heavy, she was so excited about her result and her parents were so proud of her.  When I was throwing the shot put, she was cheering me on, which made me determined despite feeling a little fatigued to push myself.  I threw 2.00m which was the same as last time, not a personal best but special because Louise Ellery was watching me throw. 

At school this week I did a special survey for Sports Science which was about exercise, diet and lifestyle.  In English we are working on A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove, we had to answer questions about each chapter and we have also been looking at symbols and themes in the book, next Term we have to do an oral presentation based on the book.  In Maths we learnt about comparing statistical data and worked on exercises about it. 

I also had my weekly physiotherapy session which I always look forward to; I think that physiotherapists are miracle workers, helping with injuries and pain.  This week Kaitlyn did some releasing of my neck and spine, and then worked on my legs.  At the end of the session I had those amazingly warm and soothing heat packs. 

This week I also had a unique and wonderful visit to the National Library of Australia, with many thanks to Dianne.  I had my own personal tour of where my two books were kept.  Mark the stacks manager showed me where Theodore and Friends is, it is in a compactus with pamphlets because of the size it is, if it was with larger books it could get lost in them.  You have to go through a storm to get to a rainbow is kept in another compactus with books.  They used to be kept by subject order but now they are kept and numbered for each year.  I got to see what happens when a reader requests a book and how it was done many years ago.  Then it was explained to me by Danelle and Chris how my books were catalogued, it has to be done in a certain way and is quite complicated.  The visit was very special and gave me a better understanding of what the National Library do. 

When we arrived at the National Library I was shocked and surprised to see a peacock sitting at the door, apparently it has been there for two years, it lives there and its name is Andrew.  It had the most extraordinary colours and seemed very friendly. 

Today was our School Athletics Carnival; it rained overnight but cleared up for the morning which was fantastic.  I was so excited and a little nervous about competing at it.  The first event that I competed in was the 100m; I was doing it in my electric wheelchair.  When the starters gun went off, I pushed the control stick of my wheelchair, it gradually and gracefully took off, although it has been sped up, it is not anywhere near as fast as what people can run.  When I was competing in the race I almost felt as if I was running, I miss my running dreadfully.  As I was competing as an AWD athlete, I did come first and gained ten points for my house, Guraguma.  I had a break and rested and then it was time for discus, I enjoy my discus and I wanted to throw well.  I had three throws and was thrilled when I threw 5.60m which is a personal best for this season, again I earned ten points for my house.   I got to go home and have a longer rest before going back to do the 200m, then the javelin, I threw 4.90m and finished off the day with shot put, I threw 2.40m which was another season personal best.  In total I earnt fifty points for my house from the five events I competed in.  To be part of the day was so splendiferous and it meant so much to me.  I remember one of the paralympians saying that if you come last you do not lose, it is the people that make excuses to not compete that are the ones that lose, and I think this is a strong and true statement.  No matter what your limitations or the obstacles you have to overcome if you just try something then you are a winner. 

Jarrett normally competes in all the running events and holds several school records, but unfortunately when he was at training after it had stormed on Tuesday, he pulled up with a sore right foot.  As it was still a little sore, he decided it was best not to run on it at the Athletics Carnival in case he injured it further, so he competed in the field events, which is something he would normally not do.  Although so disappointed about not running, he enjoyed doing something different and the challenge it gave him. 

This week was also very special because Nalani completed her Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice, she passed all her theory and practical exams with outstanding results.  She now begins her Diploma in Remedial Massage.  She is also doing the intensive Certificate IV in Fitness during the holidays, she gets to train clients.  Nalani has achieved so much since finishing Year 12 last year, I am so proud of her.

I am so tired and have had an increase in my pain from today but I have a huge, proud smile on my face.  I will now need the weekend to re-couperate before the last week of school next week, which looks like another busy one. 

The sun has been shinning, the skies that gorgeous crystal blue, with just wispy white clouds that resemble cotton wool balls floating gently in the sky, flowers are starting to bloom and the days are longer.  Spring is such a beautiful time of the year, it brings with it hope and new life. 

I feel so humbled by your many comments regarding the asteroid being named after me and your many words of encouragement, thank you.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


8th to 14th September 2012

My weekend was filled with homework, I had to finish off my Romeo and Juliet project, I wanted it to be so perfect, I spent so much time and energy working on it and when it was completed I felt so very proud with what I had achieved, I finished off the book filled with all my ideas by carefully putting a pink bow with a love heart attached to it.  I also had to type up my proposal, I had to make sure that it contained enthusiastic words whilst also making sure I had included all my terrific ideas.  The last part of my Romeo and Juliet project was doing a storyboard, Jarrett very kindly played Romeo for me and Nalani took the photographs, I then typed up all the cinematic techniques that would be used in the scene. 

My other homework task was Maths and by the time I was doing it I was so fatigued and my writing was so large and messy, so I truly hope that the teacher will be able to read it to mark it. 

I was so grateful that my classes on Monday did not begin until after recess so it gave me to time to rest after my tiring weekend.  In Maths we are working through our unit on Statistical Data, in English we had to have A Bridge to Wiseman's Cove by James Moloney read and we then began to answer questions in relation to what we have read.  Reading is difficult for me especially when the print is small, my eyes fatigue and then flicker madly and this book is not available online or on a CD so I could not read it that way.  In Sports Science we have been working on our unit of Peer Coaching I have been watching  the sessions and then we do an evaluation.  In PDH/PE we are learning about drugs and the effects they have on you. 

During the week, I completed my online Beginner Officiating Course through the Australian Sports Commission, I passed my final module with 100% and I was able to print off my certificate.  Another achievement to add to my Beginner Coaching Certificate. 

I had physiotherapy as always, Kaitlyn did a different type of releasing this time, as my spine is giving me so much trouble.  After she finished I had the wonderful heat packs to give me relief.  Kaitlyn said that I may be a little sore afterwards and I was, I felt quite uncomfortable and only today has it started to feel a bit better for me.  Sometimes some types of treatments work for some people and other times they don't, but you never know what will work for you until you have tried it.

With the extraorindary team of astronomers
 at the naming ceremony
The most splendiferous, most humbling and something that I truly felt so honoured by was that on Thursday afternoon we went to Mount Stromlo Observatory where an extraordinary naming ceremony took place.  An asteroid which was discovered at ANU's Siding Spring Observatory by an international team which included Robert McNaught (of Comet McNaught fame) and who so generously gave the naming rights and was accepted by the International Astronomical Union has been named after me. 

The arrow is pointing to the asteroid named 'Dainere'
The asteroid (308306) has been given the name Dainere with this citation listed for all future astronomers to see:  "Named for Dainere Monique Anthoney (b. 1998), an inspiring Australian teenager, author and blogger who raises awareness and funds for brain tumour research."

The asteroid named after me is quite a special asteroid. It travels around the sun once every 5.5years on an orbit that comes in close to the Earth and goes out almost as far as Jupiter (crossing the path of Mars as it travels).  It is very rare for an asteroid to be named after an ordinary person, so this is the highest honour that I could ever dream of having and one I will treasure always.

This asteroid is 4.6 billion years old and it will last until the end of time and beyond.  It means that even when I am no longer on this Earth, my very unique and extraorindary asteroid will still be there as a reminder of me forever.  Perhaps one time when it travels around the sun on the orbit that comes close to the Earth that perhaps it will coincide with a cure for paediatric brain tumours being found, that would be incredible!

This link is to a NASA website were you can actually have a look at the orbit of my asteroid and other important information.;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0#orb

I have been told that the most exciting thing about my asteroid is that astronomers will be discovering new and interesting things about it in the future and one day humans will probably visit it (but probably not for hundreds of years!).

I was given a special photograph and engraved plaque in a photo frame of my asteroid, I have hung it over my bed so my absolutely splendiferous asteroid will be watching over me as I sleep every single night. 

The engraved plaque on the photograph
Following the naming ceremony which included an interactive computer display, there was an afternoon tea and a chance to talk to the astronomers, I learnt so much and they are so dedicated and extremely passionate about their work, truly inspiring people who I feel so blessed to have met.  I can not thank those enough who were involved, especially Brian, Emma, Michelle, Dianne and everyone else. 

Next week at school is another busy one filled with more assessment tasks and on Friday it is our Athletics Carnival.  I am hoping to throw the discus, shot put and javelin and if I am able to, to do the 100m for my age group in my electric wheelchair. 

Many thanks to everyone who writes such beautiful and encouraging comments on my Blog, please know that I deeply appreciate them, I often look back over them, they provide me with comfort, laughter and hope.  You are all such a very special part of my journey - thank you.

Friday, September 7, 2012


1st to 7th September 2012

Spring has arrived  it is a time full of blossoming flowers and the brilliance of life, people seem to come out of hibernation with smiles on their faces as they enjoy the beautiful crystal clear blue skies and warmer weather. 

The second day of Spring marked a very special day Father's Day,  this special day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society.  I made a very unique gift for my Dad, I got two handkerchiefs, a white one and a blue one and I carefully and lovingly embroidered the word 'DAD' on each of them and then I made a card to go with them.  Dad really loved my gift and card.  We spoilt him with breakfast in bed and then a very delicious chocolate mud cake with the word 'DAD' in white icing on it for morning tea. 

On Sunday, because it was a magnificent Spring day, I went to the High Noon Athletics Meeting at the AIS.  I decided to only throw in one event because I had been experiencing some increased pain in my spine.  The event I chose to throw in was shot put, the other event I could have done was javelin but I did not feel up to doing that.  I had my three throws, my best was 2.00m and although I did not get a Personal Best, I was just so pleased that I was able to compete and enjoy myself.  I have been so inspired by our paralympians who just have the most incredibly positive attitude about their sport despite their disabilities and they strive to do their best. 

My week at school this week has been hectic, we have many assessment tasks due in and are learning new work also.  In Maths we are now working on Statistical Data, this area of study is extremely interesting and I find it quite easy.  In English we have begun work on our novel 'A Bridge to Wiseman's Cove", it is set in a realistic setting with realistic characters, for a school novel it is not too bad to have to read. We have looked at the area of transformations in people's lives because this is a main theme of the novel.  My Romeo and Juliet assessment task is due in on Monday and I have been working tirelessly on it as I really want it to be the very best I can make it.  In Sports Science we are now working on peer coaching, I am looking forward to presenting mine.  I am also still working on my Officiating online course which I will have completed by the end of the Term.

I had physiotherapy on Tuesday, I had so been looking forward to it because with been in Adelaide I had missed a week of it and I was sore and tight.  Kaitlyn did releasing of my spine, used the ultrasound and heat to help me.  Sometimes I think I need a whole day at physiotherapy to be able to help all the areas of my body that are tight or sore.  I always do my physiotherapy home care exercises because they are important to do.

This week I also had a visit from Wendy, my CNC nurse from Sydney, when she visits Canberra she comes to see how I am doing and to see if there is anything she can do to help. 

Our gorgeous Spring weather has disappeared and it feels like Winter again here in Canberra, we have had fierce, gusty winds, rain and thick clouds covering our skies for the past few days.  All the blossoms that had begun to delightfully cover the trees are now being torn and blown recklessly on the ground.

With all my 'Theodore and Friends - Theodore is left out' books sold, I will have to think of another fund raising idea to help raise those desperately needed funds for The Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation Brain Tumour Fund for their research program.  The only way they can work towards finding a cure in the future or at least some better outcomes for children with brain tumours is through the support of the community.  So many people have been so generous towards this fund but so much more support is needed, I am only one little voice and I try to do as much as I can, I only hope that what I am doing can make a difference. 

Well, my West Tigers did not make the finals in the football, I was very disappointed, now they will have to look towards next year.  However I did end up winning the footy tipping competition against my Nana and Pop, I won by three points to Pop and Nana came in last.  Both their teams are in the finals, Pop supports the Raiders and Nana the Cowboys. 

When I think of Spring I believe that it can be likened to hope because God created both.  May you enjoy your Spring and may it be filled with hope and new beginnings.