Sunday, August 22, 2010


21st and 22nd August 2010

Overnight the rain that had been menacing us all day on Friday disappeared to reveal a crystal clear blue sky on Saturday morning. It was a huge relief not only for Jarrett who had to run his race but also for me because the rain had caused my knee to swell and my bones to ache.

Jarrett's race was at 11.40am and we had to be there an hour and a half early, when we arrived it was still extremely boggy from all the rain but the sun was radiant in the sky and north westerly winds which were strong at times started to dry the course up rapidly. Jarrett and the other boys in his age group went for a warm up, did some stretches and then had to be taken over to the call tent where they would wait for twenty minutes before his race would start.

Nalani, Mum and I went to one area so we could cheer Jarrett on and Dad went to another area, when you are running it is encouraging to hear voices to cheer you on in different places around the course. It was time for the seventy nine boys that were in Jarrett's race to go to the start line to do their run through's. Jarrett's race was the largest of the day and the competition was fierce. It was then time for the boys to line up for the start of the race, the starter said "ready" then finally the gun went off, they were running and Jarrett had a perfect start, he was sitting in the top ten runners. He continued to run in the top runners until tragedy struck, he suffered a severe asthma attack that caused his lung space to become smaller and smaller until he felt like there was hardly any air getting into his lungs. Although the asthma attack stopped him from running his best, he showed determination and courage to continue the race so he would not let his team members down. It was so tough for him but he soldiered on and in the end came equal 27th place, I was so disappointed for him but also extremely proud of him. As he finished he could barely breath and was offered oxygen, he used his puffers and eventually his breathing returned to normal but it took a long time. Something that I thought was really fantastic was that his team member Lachie was so concerned for him and looked after him, they have been together in the team together for four years and they have built a friendship and have a mutual respect for each other and I know when Lachie has injured himself Jarrett is always so concerned about him also and I think that this is what been in a team and true sportsmanship is about.

Jarrett had worked so diligently, he was at his top fitness and I truly thought he deserved to do well, he is now looking ahead to Monday for the relays, although he was so disappointed he knows that he will be running for many, many more years and there is next year.

When we came home from the Race Jarrett and Nalani went in the swimming pool while Mum, Dad and I went to the shops to buy dinner for tonight. We also took a walk to Settlement Cove where there is a astonishing lagoon with a cascading waterfall, hopefully we can go back there another day and perhaps even go for a swim there.

At night we settled down and watched the Election coverage on the television, it was interesting to watch the figures and to see history in the making, a hung Parliament. We still do not know who will be the Prime Minister at the moment.

Even though we are in the warmth of Queensland which is certainly a phenomenal improvement on our arctic Canberra climate I am still suffering with pain and discomfort, which is a little disheartening because I was hoping that the warmer weather would give me much needed relief.

Today Jarrett had a team excursion to Australia Zoo while we headed up the Sunshine Coast to visit Nana and Pop, I was so excited about seeing them. I got to meet the totally adorable Chifley, their little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, he seemed to really like me and wanted to be around me all the time. He is a very clever dog because he can sit, drop and do a special little spin for a treat. We went for a walk to Nana and Pop's local shop and on the way there we saw a couple of unusual sights, a dead cane toad on the grass which looked like it had a smile on its face and bats hanging from trees. We went back to Nana and Pop's, had a delicious salad lunch and some chocolate cupcakes which Nana had made especially for us. I did not feel like eating one at the time so I was lucky enough to be able to bring one back to Redcliffe with us as well as one for Jarrett. Nana had a special surprise for me, she had made me a pair of gorgeous pink ballerina earrings, I absolutely adored them. The time flew by so quickly and before we knew it, it was time to leave to pick Jarrett up from the excursion.

We drove to where some of the team were staying, at Camp Warrawee which was where we had to pick Jarrett up from, we only had to wait for about fifteen minutes and the bus arrived. Jarrett had bought a special gift for Nalani and I from Australia Zoo, an adorable soft toy, mine was a Tiger and Nalani's was a snow leopard, it was so nice of him to do that. We drove back to Redcliffe talking all about what he had all done for the day.

Today was a huge but exciting day and I am feeling quite exhausted. Tomorrow is the relay day, Jarrett has to run 2km and there are five runners in the relay team, it will be another exciting race, Jarrett's age group seem very strong so they could have a great chance at a medal.

'Life can bring us moments of disappointment in our life, but we must put the past behind us and look forward to happier moments in the future'


Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere It has been a while since I have read your blog and a lot has happened. Sorry to read about your seizure and problems with your arm. How is that going now? Very interested in reading about Jarrett's race in the nationals. You write so well it is like being there. I hope had a better run today. All good experience for him and he will get stronger and faster.

Best wishes

Susan Pitt

Anonymous said...

HI Dainere, what a shame for Jarrett, you are such a close knit family it is lovely to hear of all the nice things you are able to do together. Love and best wishes stuart xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

What a busy time you have been having! So pleased that you had a lovely time with Nana and Pop. Those ear rings sound special (clever Nana!). And Chifley sounds a cute little fellow! How did he get his name?

So disappointed for Jarrett, but, as you say, he has a long career ahead in running. He was very courageous to continue his race.... bravery must run in the family! Hope he has a great day at the relays.

You have had a good time sight seeing and shopping, etc. Australia Zoo would have been fun for Jarrett. Have you been able to go for a swim??? Glad it is warmer up there for you.

Hope you picked the Tigers today... another good win (but a "nail biter", not until the last minute). And fancy the Raiders beating the Dragons. Hope you picked them, too.

Hope you continue to have a good break and best wishes to Jarrett.

Thoughts and prayers,