Wednesday, August 18, 2010


16th to 18th August 2010

As the crystal blue sky outside has turned to a dismal grey and the clouds are heavy with rain that looks like it will come tumbling out of them any second now I am typing this entry with just my left hand. My right arm is in a sling to give it support and some relief from the throbbing pain that is running up and down it, the story of how this happened all unfolded on Wednesday when I was at school.

Winter was still definitely with us on Wednesday as the clouds that hastily floated across our skies were snow clouds. Again I found the courage to go to school all rugged up with even a blanket and heat pack as my accessories. The wind was so icy, I felt as though my face was turning into an icy pole as we walked briskly down the path and into school. We had Chapel first and we heard the story of Rahab, the prostitute who let the Israelites hide in her home. She told them that she knew that the Lord had given them the land and that everyone in the Country was terrified of them. She promised to keep their secret and in return her family would not be killed, she tied a red cord to her window so she would stay safe. After it was all over she was promised that she would be treated well, which she was. So she went from being a person who was not accepted to being one who was accepted. Then we were told that we all need others in our lives to help us through events that occur in our lives. Through my journey I have often thought that it is my responsibility to travel it but I know I could not have made it this far without the amount of support from family, friends and even strangers who have become such an important part of my life.

After Chapel it was then time for PE, we were doing discus, shot put, javelin and long jump, the wind was absolutely freezing up on the oval where it is open, I threw the 2kg shot put and the discus and was so relieved when it was time to return to class because even with heat and a blanket it was still way too cold for me. My last lesson for the morning was Integrated Studies and we were given three quotes on the board and we had to reflect on what we thought the quote meant in our lives. I chose one by Helen Keller about one door of happiness closing, staying in the dark and not realising that there was another door to be opened. I could relate my journey to this and behind the new door was a rainbow in the distance. I was given an audio copy of The Giver to make it easier for me to read through it as I am finding it difficult to read by myself and Mum has been reading it to me.

We collected Jarrett at the Front Office, to take him to a sport massage appointment so that his muscles would be all loosened and ready for his race on Saturday. It was sleeting when we dropped him back at school and I felt sore and exhausted. I enjoyed a warm cup of tea and a soothing heat pack. Before I knew it, it was time to return to school for the afternoon session, double English. I worked on one of the reading tasks, I was rating each chapter and then made a line graph from the ratings I had given each chapter. We have to do a draft first and then we do a good copy in our publishing book. My body began to feel so fatigued and then next thing I knew Mum and my teacher were asking me if I was okay. What had happened was that my eyes had dilated, my head had dropped and I had totally switched off from the world, it was a seizure. When I came back, I found that my right arm was just hanging, I had no movement in it and it was also painful and all I wanted to do was lie down and rest. So Mum took me home as quickly and quietly as she could so not to upset anyone.

Once at home I lay down and I rested, I felt unusual, I can't really describe it at all other than it was like I was not in my body at all, I so desperately wanted to cry, but nothing would come out only little sobs. Mum put my arm in a sling to give it some relief from hanging randomly at my side, it helped. I think Mum was really worried and upset by what had happened, she told me that it was nothing to worry about but it does worry me just a little.

My night was restless yet again but as I did not have school I had the opportunity to rest longer in bed in the morning. I made a list of what else I needed to pack for our trip to Brisbane, played solitaire on the computer and listened to six chapters of The Giver on the CD player. My arm still had limited movement and was painful as well as my continuing pain in my right knee, ankle, foot and hip. This appears to be just a new challenge for me to overcome, I guess in a way it is like my journey is a path and sometimes the path goes off on a detour. I will get back on track though, I always manage to with my determination and courage and as long as I have those I know I can be strong.

Mum and Nalani had to go to the doctors in the afternoon, the doctor was concerned about me and thought the sling was an excellent idea. He wants to organise some extra bloods to be done prior to me returning to Sydney, at least when I have them done here, he also gets the results so explains everything to me extremely well, he doesn't try to hide things from me. Nalani had to have a lump under her big toe examined, it turned out to be a wart and she had to have it frozen, then in two weeks she has to go back to have what is remaining sliced off. Mum just had to get scripts and when I go for my blood test ready for our return to Sydney, Mum has to have blood tests done also. I wonder if she will be as brave as I am. We had running training in the afternoon and I decided to watch Cinderella II on my portable DVD player.

Rhiannon had called during the day about a man from Mobility Matters coming to visit with some walking frames on wheel, also called rollators to try out to assist with my walking. We thought that the Friday when we return from Brisbane would be a terrific day to have him over. This will be fantastic because they may help me to gain some mobility around the house and maybe more mobility in my daily life.

I also received a letter from School, one of my artwork has been selected to be considered to be placed on next years Middle School Diary Cover. I felt so honoured to have mine selected and even if it is not one of the ones chosen for the diary, it is exciting to think it was even considered.

Today the sun shone and I felt so exhilarated by it, the sun truly does lift your spirits even when you are in pain or feeling miserable. It was so much warmer heading off to school this morning although I did still have a heat pack on my swollen, aching right knee. My right arm is still immobile and painful but the sling does provide some relief for me. The roll was marked and some of the students in the class read thoughts they had written in their journals from yesterday and then it was time for electives. In French we went over likes and dislikes in food and then listened to people speaking in French, ordering food at a Cafe. We had to write down what they had ordered in English. A couple of the people on the audio mumbled rather than speaking clearly so this made it quite difficult to translate. I am enjoying French but sometimes it is rather difficult to get your head around the language. After French was Textiles and we were doing paper weaving this time, even though I had the use of only one hand I managed to weave two patterns. One I went in and out of each slot and then the next one I did a pattern of two then one.

It was then recess and I was glad to be finished for the day as the wonderful sunshine from earlier in the morning had made way for dark grey rain clouds. On the way home we walked across the road so Mum could vote, as we have a Federal Election on, on the weekend and of course we will be in Brisbane. We came home for a warm cup of tea and then even though I felt like resting I knew I had to get footy tips done. Pop is winning at the moment on 90, I am on 88 and poor Nana is lagging behind on 80. With only three weeks left unless Nana has a fantastic few weeks and Pop and I perform badly, I think it will be between Pop and I who will win.

The rain is tumbling down outside right now and the house has become rather cold even with the heating on. It is not bothering me too much though because I know that tomorrow we will be heading off to sunny Brisbane leaving this dismal weather behind for a week.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that the pain is worsening Dainere :( But Brisbane and its warm warm weather will be something to look forward to. Have a super dooper trip and hopefully you'll get some relief up there. Jim (from mobility matters) and I will be coming over to your house on Fri 27th at 12.30pm to trial a few rollators for you! Make sure to tell your mum! xx Rhi

Ali Davies said...

Hi Dainere,

Just back from a week camping with my husband and son so just catching up with your blog.

Sorry to hear about the situation with your arm. You have so much to deal with. Hope the trial with the rollators in some way are able to help you.

Great news about one of your pictures being selected. Good for you and good luck with it.

Must dash for now, got to get my son ready for soccer camp.

Take good care


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the trip north Princess, hope you get nice and toasty warm.

Thinking of you as you trip north. I heard back from Janine today from SCHF and she is sorting out the letter of authority to raise the funds for the reprint of your book! So we are under way.

I am talking to a few other people and the amazing Cate at Planet You - we will get cracking on this now and hopefully we will have more good news by the time you make your way to Sydney.

Can not wait to see you and the fam when you are in Sydney in a few weeks.


Talk soon Princess

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

You must be so excited!! Hope you have a wonderful time in Queensland. Best wishes to Jarrett - hope everything goes really well for him.

Exciting news about your art work being in the final selection for the Diary cover. It certainly is a great honour... well done!!

Poor Nalani, hope her poor foot isn't too painful. Also that when Mum has her blood taken that it doesn't hurt too much and I'm sure she'll be brave like you.

The rollators sound like a good thing to try. It will be something to look forward to when you come back from Queensland.

Good luck with your footy tips. You and Pop are really close. Only a few weeks to go now... Do you think Nan can catch up??

Once again, have a wonderful time away and keep nice and warm! It shouldn't be so hard up there!

Thoughts and prayers,


Anonymous said...

Gosh you are a brave girl. You write so beautifully and take us all on your journey. I just wish we were able to bear some of your pain. I live in Brisbane and at the moment it is lovely and warm. The sun up here should brighten your spirits. Take care and keep up the beautiful writing. xxx

Anonymous said...

Sorry we have not commented for so long. I have been busy organising enrollment for my Certificate III in Companion Animal Services at CIT next year. I am going to TOD (Tertien whary open day) to get all the information and enrollment forms I need! It is really exciting!
You don't sound like you have been feeling too well at all! You are so brave to keep going even when the pain is almost unbearable. We are so proud of are showing people that even when life throws lemons at then, make lemonade! Andrew's brother is even starting to enjoy life more after reading your Blog! You have inspired him to get out and enjoy life even though he is in pain! You are incredible! He is very thankful!
We really enjoyed seeing you! How is Tinkerbelle? Has she destroyed the toy I got for her yet? Let me know when it wears out and I will get you a new one!
Did you watch Cinderella on the DVD player we got for you?
Anyway, I have to go now...we are going to stay at Kirk's house for a few nights to keep him company!
Take care, speak soon,
Lots and heaps of love,
L and Andrew XoX

Anonymous said...

*Tertiary* You knew what I meant! The computer was going crazy!

Grace said...
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