Sunday, August 1, 2010


31st July and 1st August 2010

The wind whistling at our backs is what greeted us at running training early yesterday morning, the kangaroos with their joey's in their pouches grazed languidly on tufts of grass. While Jarrett and the squad did their 1km repetitions, Mum, Dad, Nalani and I went for a walk, well I got pushed in my wheelchair, around the 3km loop of the course. I was so grateful that I was rugged up in many layers to keep warm because the wind was hostile as it came howling from the mountains.

I practised my interview questions until Cate and Ash from Planet You came over to do the interview. From the moment they walked in the door I got the feeling that they were extraordinary and friendly people and that put my nerves at ease a little. They brought me an exquisite Teddy Bear, he is one that you put in the microwave and heat and he gives you warmth and comfort for ages, he also has a lavender scent that helps you relax. I love him so much and I decided to call him Ash to remind me of who he came from. After chatting for a while, Cate set up the camera and microphone to do the interview. Both Ash and I were pretty nervous but once the interview started it went amazingly well. Ash asked me questions like what my condition was, how long I had known about it, how my condition affected my daily life, if the public was aware of my condition, about my book and how it came about and why I wrote it and how other young people can help raise awareness. I thought that the questions were some of the best that I have been asked in all my interviews and talking to Ash was almost like talking to Jarrett because they are the same age. Planet You is about empowering young people to make a difference in the world, I will let you know when it is going to be on. Following the interview we chatted some more and found out about their own amazing journey of being homeless for a while because of the Global Financial Crisis, because of their experience they now raise awareness and funds for the homeless. I gave Ash a gift of a special pen to thank him for taking the time to interview me and share my story. As I waved goodbye to them I was so pleased to have met these two incredible people who say they are just ordinary people, doing extraordinary things. Planet You website is

With my nerves all gone, I spent the rest of the day enjoying myself with my family playing up words, play station and watching television. The last thing I was doing was knitting when I experienced a stinging pain in my left pointer finger that brought my knitting to a halt. Later in bed the pain spread all the way up my entire arm.

We're into a brand new month today, the last month of Winter, we went to running training at the AIS planning to go for a walk but the wind was as cold as ice so our plans had to change, so we sat in the car instead, just as well because it started to lightly snow- brrrrrrrr!

I had a warming cup of tea when we came home, then went to Brand Depot to find photo frames, while we were there I found two perfect solar lights for my Fairy Garden, I could not put them in my garden yet because all afternoon it has been pouring rain, we have even had some hail.

My hearing aid is making a difference for me and I hardly notice that it is there, the real test will be tomorrow when I go to school. I have put one of the special stickers on the hearing aid it is delicate black butterflies, I can change the stickers whenever I wish because they are reusable ones, how clever is that?


Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere I follow your blog every day and are still telling girls about u and ur journey. You are a special girl with a beautiful heart. I will b thinking of u tomorrow at school with ur new hearing aid - I hope it makes a difference to ur learning. Keep strong Dainere xoxo

Ali Davies said...

Delighted to hear you have, at last, got your hearing aid.

As you move into your last month of winter, we move into our last month of summer. For Ireladn, it has been a quite good summer weather wise. But our "turn" with the sun is almost over so am sending it with lots of good wishes back to your side of the world. x

Anonymous said...

I love that your hearing aid is hot pink - how cool is that :-)

Ash Ogilvie said...

That was a great interview Dainere and im very touched that you named the bear after me.

also thanks for the pen and card theese are gifts ill cherish forever.

thanks Ash (: