Friday, August 13, 2010


12th and 13th August 2010

How miraculous it was to wake this morning and see the sun shinning ever so brightly through the window. A smile came to my face and made my heart soar even though I had spent another sleepless night in pain and generally feeling so uncomfortable.

Yesterday had been another despicable day weather wise, woefully damp, icy winds and dark, gloomy grey skies. I had not slept well and when I had finally fallen asleep without disturbance it was the early hours of the morning, so when it was time to go to school, I was still sleeping. My body needed to rest to try to recover so I did not go to school and with the weather being so horrific it was the best thing for me to stay at home in the warmth.

My pain I rated at a six out of ten in my ankle, a six out of ten in my foot, a seven out of ten in my hip and the worst was my knee being an eight out of ten. I used heat packs, panadol and dencorub to try to ease the discomfort that I was having.

I had to get my Integrated Studies research completed so I worked on that for a while but became really fatigued so I had to stop and rest before I could do any more. Eventually I was able to finish it but I felt like I had just competed in the City to Surf race. I think that my brain just gets really tired and to try to push too hard causes so much stress. Actually when I finished my research I think I felt as frustrated as the land owners must have felt at the peak of the feral rabbit epidemic.

Some more rest helped me to revitalise enough to have a game of Upwords but I had problems making words because I must have been still fatigued from doing my homework. I then helped Mum make vegetable slice for dinner, I really love eating vegetable slice it does not upset my weak stomach. I had French homework to do as well as writing a Haiku and Cinquain for English. By the afternoon when it was running training I just wanted to go to bed but of course I couldn't. While we were at running training we had a call from Liz to let us know when they wanted me back in Sydney. I have to go up to Sydney on Fathers Day and have appointments on the Monday onwards. My MRI is on the Tuesday and they have scheduled my Lumbar Puncture for the Wednesday. I also have to see the neurologist, oncologist, orthopaedic specialist, pain clinic, physiotherapy, endocrine team and social worker. It will definitely be another busy week but hopefully the appointments will be more spread out than what they were last time. Depending on results she said that I may have to stay for ten days this time instead of seven, there is some concern about abnormal cells that showed in my last lumbar puncture. Remember though that I am optimistic and I am sure this will only be another hurdle that I am going to be able to jump.

My knee throbbed constantly as I sat and watched some television and played my Nintendo Ds game before having my cup of lipton tea then going to bed. In bed I just could not get comfortable as I had the usual pain as well as a new pain across the lower part of my spine, lying on my left was uncomfortable and my right was even worse, so I settled for my back as the electric blanket was on and providing heat to soothe it.

Another restless night but with the sun shinning today it made me feel much warmer not only on the outside but also on the inside. I did not have school today but worked on some more French and finalised my poetry. I played Upwords twice played Athens Olympic Games on the Playstation because I could elevate my knee whilst doing this and watched Pocohontas II DVD.

Tomorrow Jarrett is racing at Stromlo in his last race before Nationals, if he runs well he has a chance of winning the junior male distance runner of the year, that would be incredible for him and so well deserved, he always shows so much dedication and enthusiasm towards his running and he has many long term goals to represent Australia one day.

It is now only six days until we fly into sunny Queensland, I am hoping that the change of climate will assist my aching and tired body, even if it is just a little, that would be better than nothing.

Here are my poems that I wrote:

The rain
beautiful sight
reflecting Gods beauty
helping our precious Earth
soft tears.
golden and bright
enlightening our days
with warmth on our delicate face
Gods light.
Tiny rain droplets
fall gently from the grey skies
refreshing our Earth
Dazzling rays of sun
reaching out to touch our lives
the joy of sunshine
May the sun keep shinning on all your lives and fill your days with every happiness.

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