Tuesday, August 31, 2010


30th and 31st August 2010

The marvellous sunshine we had on the weekend continued to grace our skies on Monday as Mum wheeled me to school. It was spectacular to not feel so cold going to school, although I still had a heat pack as I had dreadful pain in my right leg which had tormented me during the night and I was hoping the heat would assist the pain. My first lesson for the day was Chapel and we learnt all about Ruth and her faith, again we were reminded that sometimes in our lives our faith is tested but we should know that God is always there for us. I know this through my own journey, I have questioned God but then I now know the answer and that was that my journey was given to me so I could help others, it is not an easy journey at all and there are days that I truly wish I did not have such an immense burden but this is my path and I am determined to make a difference.

Following Chapel it was my favourite lesson and that was PE, it was fantastic to be out on the oval enjoying the rich Vitamin D that the sun provides us. I spent the lesson throwing the javelin, it is challenging to do in a wheelchair but I managed and each time I seemed to be able to throw it a little further. I am so excited about the Athletics Carnival on Friday, it is on these occasions when I am able to achieve something that I thrive. I may not be able to do the field events in the same way that I was able to before my Tumour but through being determined I have been able to overcome obstacles to do it in my own unique way.

Then I had Integrated Studies and we learnt about groundwater, how it is found in wetlands and different things that can effect it. Mum took the notes for me because I just could not keep up, my hand simply does not write fast enough. We then came home, I had my warm and refreshing cup of tea, rested for a while and then finished off my Father's Day card for Dad.

Before I knew it, it was time to return to school in the afternoon for double English, I took my computer with me thinking we would have to do a writing task but I was then surprised to discover that we had to draw a character from our novel, draw clothes on them that were described in the book and then write an evaluation about the use and description of clothing by the author. I attempted to draw but my hand became so fatigued even swapping from left to right so Mum lightly sketched it and I went over it. We also had to discuss the personality traits of the character in a group, even though I have my hearing aid, when I am placed in this situation with many people talking, I only hear some of the words that are been said.

Something very exciting from school on Monday is that I was given five diary stars, diary stars are given to you by teachers for good work, good behaviour, signed diaries, handing in work and for good work ethics. When you get four diary stars that then earns you a House Point Card, they are worth ten points for your House, my House is Guraguma, at the end of the year the House with the most cards wins a House trophy. It is not just House Point cards that earn points it is also things like the Athletics Carnival, Cross Country and Swimming Carnival. I hope I can earn lots of points for Guraguma at the Athletics Carnival.

In the afternoon Jarrett and I had a doctors appointment, I had to get a blood test form ready for when I go to Sydney next week, my doctor added a couple of extra tests that he wanted checked and he will discuss the results with me when we come back from Sydney. Jarrett saw him to talk about his asthma attack, the doctor was extremely concerned about him and immediately contacted a paediatrician who specialises in asthma, the paediatrician thought it was urgent that he saw him as soon as possible and he was given an appointment for Wednesday. Jarrett may have to have a lung function tests and maybe some other tests also, he may also need his medication adjusted. I hope that everything will be okay for him, he needs his asthma controlled because he is such a magnificent runner and asthma should not stop him from doing something he is really talented at.

I did some knitting at night and went to bed with pain all along my right side that caused me to wake often throughout the night. I continue to wish that one night I would have a decent night sleep and wake up feeling wonderfully refreshed and not in pain.

This morning, the last day of Winter, the sun was luminous in the crystal clear blue sky, I did not have school today so I was able to rest in bed a little longer than when I have school. I did some knitting, played three games of Upwords and did some reading. In the afternoon it was running training and for the first time in ages, I was able to go outside because it was not too cold and I practised my discus and shot put, I am delighted to say that I threw the discus 4.31m and the shot put 1.72m that is an improvement on my weekend throws. The sun then began to go down and I had to sit back in the car until Jarrett was finished his training.

We still have not received a schedule of appointments for Sydney, we had to book some accommodation and were lucky enough that there was a room available at a place within walking distance to the Hospital. We had a telephone call from the Occupational Therapist from Canberra who is going to come and visit when we come back from Sydney to see how they can assist me at home and school.
Today I have included a photograph that was taken by Anna who is over in Greece at the moment, it is a picture of my book, which is in the right hand corner at the Acropolis, how splediferous, my book travelling overseas to one of the most famous attractions!


Dianne said...

Dear Dainere,

I have been reading your blog entries with a smile. It was exiting in Brisbane; we did get warm sun on the skin on a couple of occasions, but I suppose it isn't real cross country without some rain.

It is Lachie's 15th birthday today as you know but we have had trouble getting used to being at home for it! Thank you for the e-card you all sent with good wishes, he did appreciate opening it before school today.
The last 5 years we have been away with him running the cross country relay on the big day. As it turned out his school athletics was held today, postponed from 20th, and not having missed it while away running he got to do 8 track & fields events. A tired boy this evening!

I read about your field event training at the AIS with great excitement, you will have a good day on Friday at the Burgman carnival I'm sure. Best wishes to Jarrett as well for his running.

Tomorrow is Spring and a lovely day is predicted. Enjoy the sunshine.

Lv Dianne xxxx

Anonymous said...

Dainere, the rollators are in stock and will hopefully be delivered to your hosue before you jet off to Sydney. I will be in touch xx Rhi

mbarnes said...

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Ali Davies said...

You have a remarkable attitude and mindset which shines through in your writing. Brings to mind this quote:

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference - Winston Churchill

And you with your amazing attitude are making a big difference.

Enjoy the transition into spring and the better weather

Ali x

Anonymous said...


Way cool about your throwing distances improving, even since the weekend. Must have been the arrival of spring.

Congrats too on getting those diary stars. Well done.

Good luck in Sydney - hopefully your appointment schedule is not too hectic but not too spread out either.

I am thinking of Jarrett too, hopefully he's not too worried... he has you as his inspiration.