Thursday, May 13, 2010


12th and 13th may 2010

If you could take an eraser and rub out an entire day, that is what I would do with my Wednesday. I had the most agonizing pain throughout my whole body and it made me cry because nothing seemed to help it. I was hoping my physiotherapy appointment might help me, I went into the room with Rhiannon and when I tried to stand, the pain was absolutely horrific and I just collapsed. Rhiannon was so caring and she decided to use the ultrasound and some massage to try and give me some relief. I find that the ultrasound seems to help me and by the end of my appointment even though I was still in dreadful pain I had received a small amount of relief.

A ray of sunshine in my day was when Tess called. When I am in Sydney for my testing I am going to be doing an interview with Amanda Keller and Brendan Jones on WS FM they are extremely interested in my story. Although many people in Canberra know about my book and what I am hoping to achieve, it has not achieved the same momentum interstate and through this interview that is what we are hoping to achieve. If I can let more people know about my story and how I want to inspire and help others then the end result will be more awareness about Brain Tumours as well as those much needed funds.

My day was also brightened by a telephone call from Gavin who always makes me smile and Manda who we saw for her Birthday, she is a very special friend to Mum and I. I also received some wonderful emails from people, they must have sensed that I was having such an atrocious day.

I went to bed feeling disheartened by the pain I had throughout the day and still had but when I thought about all the people who are thinking of me and encouraging me that gave me an immense amount of comfort as my weary eyes closed.

After yet another restless night which is now what I consider normal because I know nothing else at present, I found that my pain had eased which caused me to take a deep breath of relief. Today I was able to buy some thermal wear to try to help keep the warmth in my body in the hope of reducing all the pain I have been having, I so hope it works.

Then after lunch when the sun was high in the sky and shinning in all its glory Mum and I went to school to do one last walk over the Cross Country Course. My whole class and my PE teacher walked it also and there are some places that I have to go a different way because it is just not accessible for a wheelchair but I can tell you that as we went around I felt such an excitement fluttering around inside my body. Doing the Cross Country has been a goal I have aimed for since missing it last year. I think that I will be able to walk around five meters assisted by Mum across that finish line and that will be a golden moment for me. I will hold my head high with pride, this is something I have wanted to do for myself but I am also doing it for my School House Guraguma which means 'The Wind' by me competing then I am gaining points for my house, I think it is important to contribute as a team to your house. I will then look ahead to next year because I am setting myself the goal of actually jogging the whole course and I know with determination, perseverance and courage that is going to happen.

Later in the afternoon my pain returned with a vengeance, hot water bottles, pain killers and deep heat hopefully will alleviate it ready for my big day tomorrow. Even if the pain is severe it is not going to ruin my day, I will fight it and I am going to be the victor.

My brother has a tee-shirt that says nothing is impossible and I think this is another great mantra to say to yourself whenever you think something is just too difficult to achieve.

I will give you a full race report on my Blog tomorrow and I think this is an event that will go down in history for me and be the beginning of bigger and better things to come in the future!


Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere

You know I will be cheering from here!I hope someone will be taking a photo of the finish line because I would really love to see you and Mum walk over that line. Stay strong my superstar and I am praying that the pain just stays away!

Love always
Tess xxooxxooxxoo

Lydia (Adelaide SA) said...

dear dainere
i received your book today and i cant wait to read it. i have been praying that tomorrow is a great day for you and i know you can do whatever you set your mind to. you seem to be that kind of person. i will wait with anticipation to read fridays blog. you go girl lots of love lydia (adelaide)

Anonymous said...


Wishing you all the best for the cross country today. I wish I could be there to see you cross the finish line but as you know the races are on so I must be there.

Looks like the sun will be out once this fog lifts so hopefully this will bring you some relief with your pain

Love Jenney

Anonymous said...

Good morning Dainere,

I feel so confident that it will be a terrific morning for you. So many people are willing you to complete that course in the way that you would like - use us all as your wings to fly!!

Lots of love and big warm hugs,

Anna xoxoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere, I have just finished reading your book "You Have to Go Through a Storm to Get to a Rainbow". I am a Mum of three little girls, I am just so in awe of you and your Mum. You have been through SO much. If my girls (aged 7, 6 and 3) are half as couragous, strong, selfless and beautiful as you I will be one happy mum. Your Mum and family should be so proud of you!!! Your book has truly touched my heart. I have NEVER been so moved by reading a book as I have been reading yours. When my girls are old enough, I will encourage them to read your book and hope that they too will be humbled by you.

Thank you for sharing your amazing story and give your Mum a huge hug, she is an amazing person and a wonderful Mum. It is a hard job being a Mum but what she has done is just incredible.

Thank you Dainere - you have changed my life (I mean that quite seriously) - Love to you and your family Kerryn xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo