Monday, May 24, 2010


23rd and 24th May 2010

It was a crisp start to the day on Sunday but the sky was clear and we headed off to running training at the AIS. Jarrett was the only one that could train as Nalani was hobbling along on crutches because of her knee injury. However we still all went for a walk around the perimetre of the AIS, Nalani said she needs to keep fit so came along on crutches, I wonder if there is a category for an athlete on crutches, but she is determined like me.

When we reached the entrance to the AIS building Nalani said her arms were aching from using the crutches so she waited while we got the car and picked her up, I was so proud that she is not giving up and that she still wanted to be active even though she is injured.

The rest of our Sunday was spent organising the last of our packing and cleaning ready for Friday. The house echoes at the moment because the rooms are fairly empty as we have most things packed up on the second level in the living area.

Today is a miserable day, it is so overcast and it is freezing cold. Rain has been forecast for the next few days and I think that it will come tumbling down within the next hour or so. On days like this I too feel miserable, I prefer the sun shinning through even if the air is cold because the sun reminds me of happiness and love whereas the clouds remind me of sorrow and pain.

The pain in my knee, hip, spine and ankle is terrible and even with warmth it just does not seem to subside. I have also had some dizzy spells today and they make you feel really disorientated and just plain weird but I try not to worry or dwell on it because tomorrow is another day and hopefully that will disappear. We had to pick Nalani up from school early today as her knee became sore and swollen during the day.

I have been deciding what to wear to my in-store book signing at Borders on Saturday. I don't think I will be able to wear a wig because as my patches of hair that are growing are quite spikey now and when I wear a wig my head becomes so unbearably itchy that it drives me crazy. I have noticed that some of my hair looks like it has a curl to it which I am excited about but it is not soft like it used to be it feels quite coarse and it is much thinner. I still have my lovely, shiny bald patches and I don't think any hair is going to grow in these spots but I am sure as the hair I do have grows, it will cover these spots.

'Minutes are like grains of sand that slip all too quickly through our fingers, we need to cherish each and every memory of everyday in our lives'


Anonymous said...

Hey Dainere,
Moving must be hard for you being in pain all the time! But you are brave! I am half way through your book that I got yesterday and it is amazing!I am inspired how you are living life to the fullest, not sitting there feeling sorry for yourself! Not many people can do that! I think that your book is a must read for all people that are travelling on the same journey as you...It will give them courage to carry on and remind them that they are not alone...there are others out there who know exactally what they are going through. I think you are incredibly selfless for donating 100% to Brain Tumour research! You are helping find a cure...or treatment that is not so hard on your body, that won't leave permanant damage or make you so sick!
You really inspire me and I am so proud of you!
When is the sequel to the first book coming out?! I can't put it down!
Take care, look forward to reading the next installment...Love Love XoX

Anonymous said...

I was in Albury for the weekend and walked into Angus and Robertson and there on the main counter was your book. They said that had sold quite a few. Congratulations

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere,

I'm so sad to hear that you continue to be in so much pain; I'm especially sad to hear about the dizzy spells. I do hope that you can find some way of relieving these symptoms.

I agree with you about happy sunny days and sad overcast days. Those overcast ones make us work so much harder to find the little "happy sparks".

I am sure you are very excited about the book-signing at Borders this Saturday. What time will you be there? I do hope that lots of people come to meet you and to buy your book.

I'll be thinking of you all on Friday as you move houses. That is going to be such an exciting day for you; it will be the beginning of much more independence for you when you can wheel yourself right around your whole house.

Lots of love and big hugs to you,

Anna xoxox

Dianne said...

Dear Dainere,

I'm intrigued by your curly hair. I have told by other cancer survivors that their hair has grown back curly and a different colour. One of the body's little surprises as you recover.

Good luck for your book signing on Saturday, another exiting milestone for you and your book.

Best wishes for a smooth house move on Friday, the change of house will be great for you and Nalani as well as she is still on crutches! I really hope her knee gets better quickly for her to race next Monday.

Stay nice and warm, the weather is not pleasant.

Lv Dianne xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Dearest Dainere

I am sooooo looking forward to seeing you soon! I am also intrigued by your hair - I hope I will recognise you :).

I can't wait to hear all about the Borders book signing, your picture is all over the windows at the Canberra store I am told. I just received an SMS with a picture of the Borders window from Carla!It says "Meet very Special Guest Dainere Anthoney" - go my superstar!

Love you lots
Tess xxxxxxxxxoooooooo

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere, I am from Melbourne. Saw your book in book shop on Friday, bought it and finished it on Sunday . You are a. Incredible inspiration. I was so entranced by your book - thankyou Dainere you have completely changed my lifed for the better - forever. Tale care xoxoxo

lizabaker said...

And of course, ready to hire a team that deals with furniture removals. :)