Wednesday, May 26, 2010


25th and 26th May 2010

We have experienced two of the bleakest, most miserable days over the past couple of days and my pain has matched the weather and I just wish it would ease up and I would feel sunshine and warmth in my days.

Yesterday I woke feeling shocking, I had severe stomach pains, a headache and nausea I could not even stomach my morning cup of tea, even though I did not vomit I was dry retching. I was unable to go to school and it took until lunch time for me to feel any better and it was then that a lovely, delicious warm cup of lipton tea went down well.

Nalani had physiotherapy in the afternoon and we found out that she has damaged her fat pad that sits under the knee cap. She had to have it taped and still has to remain on crutches for a few more days but is able to put some weight through it. She won't be able to run at the ACT Schools Cross Country on Monday which she is terribly disappointed about but she should be able to run at the ACT Club Championships in July. She can start doing some sport in a couple of weeks but it will take six weeks to achieve a full recovery. She is determined that this is not going to stop her, she wants to come back from this injury stronger and faster. I think that she will be able to do this because she is a positive person.

We had two telephone calls yesterday about my book, one was from the Manager of Borders and he is extremely excited about me being in-store on Saturday because Canberra does not get many 'famous' authors to come in store. He is hoping that many people will show up to make the day a huge success. If I can sell out of all my books then that is a huge donation to the Sydney Children's Hospital Brain Tumour Fund, they are also going to have collection tins for people who may not want to buy my book but would like to make a donation. My hope is that hundreds of people will show up and then together we will be the ones who are helping others and making that difference to their lives.

The next telephone call was from Canberra Weekly Magazine which you see in front of your local store or shopping centre. They are doing a feature story on me because they think that I am an inspiring person and they would like to help me sell more copies of my book and to raise awareness about my story and brain tumours. They are coming to take photographs and do an interview on Thursday afternoon and then the story will be published on 31st May.

In the evening I started on three paintings that I am doing, painting is relaxing and helps you forget your troubles. I was still so sore and did not feel anywhere near 100 per cent but when you sit around and dwell on things it does not make it any better so it is much better to do something productive.

Rain, Rain, Rain it poured down overnight and into the day today, then the cold winds came in a flurry and made the day so icy it felt like we were in the Alps. I was so sore overnight and had to have pain killers during the night. I feel tired today because I did not sleep well and then my eyes flicker.

I had my physiotherapy appointment though this morning and I knew that Rhiannon would be able to give me some relief. I told her how my knee, ankle, buttocks, hip and spine were all painful and she went to work loosening all the tight, stiff muscles to provide that hint of relief. I had a lovely heat pack on my back after she finished with it and then ultrasound on my knee which was extremely sore today. I did some sit to stands a little wobbly but not too bad and then a little walking and trying to turn in two steps. I had a couple of anxious moments when I toppled and found it difficult to coordinate the turn but I made a good effort. I was really exhausted as I sat down, I felt like I had just competed in the Cross Country and my heart was racing. I am so unfit! We also gave Rhiannon the paper work to look that she can fill in to help me receive my classification as a disable athlete. When I return from Sydney I have another appointment with her. I am so lucky to have such a terrific physiotherapist she has helped me so much on this journey and I know that into the future she will be there to continue helping me become stronger and able to achieve more.

We collected the keys for our new home at lunch time and had a quick look, it is different to where we are now, it is a home, it is single level, it is not as big but I think we will be very happy there.

I have a very sore, scratchy throat today so I have been sucking strepsils and having plenty of fluids, this time of year is when many illnesses appear because of the weather and we spend more time locked up with windows shut.

Only two more days until we move into our lovely home I am still hoping that it will not be raining on moving day, that will make it a little slower, the removalists are coming between 8am and 9am to start the uplift, so it should all be moved into our new place by lunch time on Friday.

As a glint of sun creeps through the grey clouds outside I smile, maybe tomorrow the sun will warm all of us and remind us of the wonderful things we have in life.


m_monicascott said...

Daniere I have just finished your book (a signed one - very special) My daughter Charli is in your year at school and was very excited to get it yesterday. This is without doubt the most inspirational book I have read, you have a very special gift for writing. Thankyou for sharing your journey with us and for reminding us that we do need to remain positive and find our rainbows through the storm.

I hope you feel better and the sun does shine on you tomorrow. xxxxxxx Monica

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere
Reading your blog today reminded us of our days in Canberra and how miserable it could get. We have had some pretty bleak weather too except for today when the sun shone through.

Your new home will probably make you feel a lot warmer as it is much easier to to keep a single level home at an even temperature and it does not get shaded by others in a complex like your present one does.

We think your new home could be the start of wonderful new beginnings for you.

So pleased to hear you are keeping up with your painting. You do such a lovely job. Have you started on a new book yet? Maybe now it is time to start thinking about that.

You have sold so many books already we hope you have enough to sell at the book signing. We also hope the sun shines through on that day and that the rain stays away.

Sounds like your physio did help quite a bit. Do you go often?

Hope Nalani gets better soon.

Lots of Love
Nan and Pop xxx ooo

Lysette & Andrew Falvey said...

My Brave Little Sister
Dainere Monique are my baby sister...yet so've had to grow up so fast...I curse the cancer inside of you...I adore your radiant are incredibly have inspired me... live every day like it's my last...tell those close to me...just how much they much I love will get to your Rainbow...with all the people who support you...who love you...are here for you one hundred percent...your journey has not been kills me to see you in pain...I wish I could take it away...I cry myself to sleep at night did not deserve to be given this is an extremely rocky are selfless and kind hearted...loving and seems so unfair at times...keep your head high and stay strong...keep pushing on...I know you can do it...I will support you through whatever life throws at you...and I know that I will be meeting the end of the magnificent rainbow...the one that will appear once this horrendous storm...has disappeared! (This is parts of a rough draft poem I am writing about you...It makes me cry when I am writing it, when I am reading over it...I will do a final copy and post it on this Blog. I also have a collection of inspirational quotes which I will also post Online...or email them to you!) You are an inspiration to all and I am so proud to call you my little sister!
Lots of love Lysette and Andrew (Who cares about you just as much as I do...) XoX

Anonymous said...

My Little Soldier
Dainere Monique are my baby sister...yet so've had to grow up so fast...I curse the cancer inside of you...I adore your radiant are incredibly have inspired me... live every day like it's my tell those close to me how much I love will get to your Rainbow...with the support of all those who care...and with your will beat this demon inside of you...I hate to see you in did not deserve to be given this journey...if I could take it all away...I would without a second thought...I know the Rainbow may seem...out of reach and out of sight...but you will get through all the dark clouds...and once you reach that will no longer will be a survivor...(This is parts of a Poem I have written. It makes me cry...I know you are a strong little girl and can make it through this...I will put up the finished Poem shortly along with some inspiring Quotes, which I will Publish on your Blog or Email them to you...)
Andrew and I love you so much and are here for you...forever...Love Lysette & Andrew Falvey XoX

Anonymous said...

They are two different versions...the first one I have added a bit more will be able to tell the difference...if you can delete comments, please delete the last one from me...the shorter one...sorry XoX The one under Lysette & Andrew Falvey is the latest longest version I am so sorry Geeze technology plays up quite often it is so annoying when it does! I love you sister...XoX

Dianne said...

Dear Dainere,

Tonight I feel your pain as the cold wet weather hangs around. Wrap yourself up in a big blanket with a hot water bottle. I admire your bravery when you say you 'just push through it'

When you are in the new house, find a nice sunny spot and share it with your little Tinkerbelle.

Think about happy thoughts and the warmth that comes from the love of those around you, also the fact that many of us wish we could swap places with your pain.

Take care of Tinkerbelle though the move, I hope she likes her new house. My funny fat little ginger moggy, Ruby, is really cute and cheeky. A far cry from the skinny shy little cat when I rescued her from the RSPCA. She is really giving my old Birman, Zac, a fun time!!

See you on Monday at the ACT Champs.

Lv Dianne xxxxx