Saturday, May 8, 2010


7th and 8th May 2010

I woke up and wished my Dad a very Happy Birthday and gave him an enormous hug and a kiss because last year I was in Sydney having my radiotherapy when it was his special day, it made this year special to share it with him. I missed so many special events last year while I was having my treatment and you can't go back and make up for it so I wanted to make sure I could make this year extra special for him.

Even though I had abysmal pain all down my right side and into my lower spine I had decided that I was making my Dad his Birthday cake and nothing was going to stop me. I had decided to use lots of little patty cakes and build a tower to make them into a large cake. I made strawberry patty cakes, very sweet but mouth watering, I iced them with strawberry icing and sprinkles. As I placed a Happy Birthday sign and candle in the top patty cake I felt really proud of what I had achieved and I was sure Dad would love it.

We had a man come to do a quote for moving us and whilst he was going through the house, he realised who I was, when he was leaving he said he had to shake my hand because felt honoured to have met such an inspirational young lady. He then said it had made his day to meet such a celebrity and he wished me all the best for the future. How astonishing to have a stranger feel that way towards me but what he said truly warmed my heart.

Nana and Pop called and I had a chat to them, at the moment Pop is winning the footy tipping this year, but it is only early days yet. He already thinks that he is going to win but I think I am going to be like the Wests Tigers when they came from behind in the came against The Raiders and won.

Even though I felt miserable with pain I tried to put it behind me and I rode the exercise bike. As my feet went up and down on the pedals I let my self release all the frustration I was feeling and I was able to ride 2km in just over ten minutes. Unfortunately I paid the price for pushing myself through pain and my knee ballooned up to almost the size of a water melon, that is actually probably an exaggeration but it was HUGE! Then I could not even put any weight on it at all and when I tried it I felt like a wilting flower drooping to the ground.

I did my Mathletics and I have gained another Bronze certificate, I really love doing my mathletics it was something that helped me keep up with my school work when I was in Sydney last year and I find maths quite easy even though I have missed so much school and I think it is because I was able to do the Mathletics whilst being so ill.

We had pizza from the Palmerston Take Away because Dad loves how they make lovely, fresh pizzas there and then it was time for my cake - Dad absolutely loved it and so did the rest of the family. I think Dad had a really wonderful Birthday and that perhaps my cake was the highlight of his day.

I had the most horrific night sleep last night, I was in so much pain and even though Mum tried everything, nothing seemed to ease the pain and then my knee stuck and she had to massage it to release it. She gently stroked my head and I think that is what finally helped me sleep, as well as been just totally exhausted. This morning I was still in pain and felt so tired and when I looked in the mirror I had bags under my eyes. Mum said we looked like twins because she often has those.

Running training was at Stromlo today and Nalani and Jarrett are getting themselves ready for the Cross Country at School on Friday. The are really looking forward to it just like me and they are hoping that they will get the chance to cheer me on at the end of my age group when I try to walk. I will definitely be there cheering both of them on as loudly as I can, I am so proud of both of them and I think they are the best brother and sister in the whole wide world.

Our house was on exhibition for rent today, Mum made sure it looked wonderful as usual, actually when we have had visitors they have said our home looks like a display home. I signed some more books ready for Tuesday's assembly at school and wrote some thank you letters to people who have written to me. I think it is really important to acknowledge people's kindness with a special letter. I helped pack some books that people had ordered online, we had five in one day, I really hope they enjoy reading my story.

I am now resting because I am a extremely tired still from my dreadful night sleep and my right side is still aching. I think I am going to get used to it just like the continual ringing in my ears, it bothers me but I live with it.

To all the Mums I wish you all a very special day tomorrow. My mum is an extraordinary person who has been there for me through everything and I love her very much, the verse I have included is one that Tess sent to us and I wanted to share it with all of you.

'A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials, heavy and sudden fall upon us. When adversity takes the place of prosperity. When friend's who rejoice with us in our sunshine, desert us when troubles thicken around us. Still will she cling to us and endeavour by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness and cause peace to return to our hearts'.

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Dianne said...

Dear Dainere,

What a big weekend you have had, Dad's birthday and Mothers' day yesterday, lots to celebrate together and be thankful for. I hope they both had a great weekend.

As Friday is coming try to rest your legs for the last stage of your cross country. It will turn really cold on Wednesday so stay rugged up and warm. Best of luck to Jarrett and Nalani with their races also, I look forward to hearing about all your races.

I hope you are sleeping well soon, do you have an electric blanket to help warm your bones?

Good luck with your assembly and book launch at school, the exitment will be shared with your peers and hopefully they will develop a greater appreciation of what you and many others have had to deal with. Stay strong :)

Lv Dianne xxxxx