Sunday, May 2, 2010


1st and 2nd May 2010

On a bright and clear Canberra morning we headed off to Stromlo for running training. Stromlo is the Cross Country track in Canberra and although it seems quite flat it is deceiving because there are actually some hills that really can be difficult even for the seasoned runners. Nalani is coming back from her calf sprain so she did some jogging intervals while Jarrett did 1km reps. The sun felt so marvellous on my aching bones and I almost feel asleep because I had had a dreadful night sleep with pain all down my right side as well as feeling a little dizzy in my head.

After running training we went to visit my Uncle James and Aunty Kate. They were talking about my book, the launch and how terrific it is that I am doing fundraising by myself for a cause that I really believe strongly about. Aunty Kate made some scrumptious blueberry muffins for morning tea from a new recipe book she bought. My Aunty Kate is an excellent sweets cook, her cheese cakes are incredible!

I came home and decoupaged a heart shaped box I am going to give it to someone very special but I can't tell you because it will spoil the surprise. Then we had a visit from our GP who was unable to attend my launch but really wanted a copy of my book. We chatted for some time and he mentioned that with me being unable to eat much food it could actually be that my enzymes were affected from the chemotherapy because it was at such high doses and if the enzymes are not working properly then it means that I would not be processing my food through my body correctly. He wants me to mention to my oncologist this and suggested that even perhaps an enzyme supplement may be of benefit to me.

I was excitedly awaiting a special visitor later in the afternoon, it was Gavin and his beautiful fiance Gill, she looks like a movie star or a princess. I was so worried about him after his motor bike accident and it was so terrific to be able to give him a big hug. He does not look too bad but I could tell that he was still in a bit of pain and found things like talking and moving difficult. I don't think he likes not being able to eat decent food and only survive on soup at the moment. He is such a special person, he is one of the miracle men behind my book and I can't believe that this happened to him. I again question why terrible things happen to all the really wonderful, kind and caring people. Then I am reminded that only the strongest and most special people are given these journey's because it makes us better people. Gavin and Gill were telling us all about their wedding that is going to be in July. I think that they will be very happy together and will have many rainbows in their lives. I think that even though my journey is devastating that I am so fortunate to have travelled it because I have met the most phenomenal people, like Gavin, Tess, Paul, Ben, Liam and many others.

At night we watched Enchanted, I really love that movie. I went to bed extremely tired and sore again on my right side as well as having louder ringing in my ears than usual. But I had had a really terrific day.

It was another sunlit day in Canberra this morning and an exquisite morning to go for a walk while Jarrett was doing his running training from the AIS. As we walked along and I was in my wheelchair, I had some dreadful shooting pain going through my right knee. I find when I have so much pain all the time that it really zaps a lot of energy out of me.

After coming home from running training and taking a dose of panadol to ease my pain we headed off to the shops to finish off Dad's Birthday shopping and do Mothers Day shopping. Last year Mum and I were in Sydney for Mothers Day and I remember Mrs Galloway coming to visit us and then going to the shops at East Gardens.

In the afternoon I worked on a memorable project for my Dad for his Birthday, it is a photo frame and I have used my scrap booking materials and placed two photographs on a background with rainbow colours on it and then put a butterfly and flowers on it. On the outside of the frame I have put some really cute circle puffy stickers. Then on the back I wrote a special message to Dad. I really hope he will be excited to receive it on his Birthday on Friday.

I helped Mum make vegetable slice for dinner tonight, I am getting to be an expert at cracking eggs now!

We had more orders for my book online over the weekend and I am so thrilled that many people are ordering more than one book. We have now sold over four hundred books, another four hundred are coming next week and then Borders and Angus and Robertson have one thousand between them and they are supposed to be starting to have them in store from next week. We are looking at having a reprint done and hopefully we will sell all the copies of my book that are printed. My book is reaching far and wide because people are sending it to South Africa, America, England and Canada as well as all around Australia. I hope that we can raise as many funds as possible to go to the Sydney Children's Hospital Brain Tumour Fund. Once my book is all sold I guess I will have to start thinking about other ways that I can help.

'We all have a magnet in our hearts that will attract true friends. That magnet is unselfishness if we think of others first then we can learn to live for others each and every day of our lives'


Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere
How lovely that you had such special visitors this weekend and that you also went visiting with Uncle James and Aunty Kate. It sounds like Aunty Kate is a very good cook. I hope you ate one of those delicious muffins to help keep your strength up!
I'm sorry to hear that you are having so much pain and I do hope the warm sunshine helps you to get a better sleep tonight.
Have a great week and I will email you again soon.
Lots of love and big hugs
Tess xxxxxooooo
PS I can't wait to hear your interview with the wonderful Carol! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere
We are so jealous about missing out on Aunty Kates' Muffins, as we know just how delicious her sweets cooking is too. We especially like her cheesecakes.

You certainly have had a busy weekend and it was very nice of Dr Michael to visit. Gill, Gavin's fiancee must really be beautiful. Hopefully Gavin will be able to enjoy a big meal on his wedding day.

It is incredible that your book is travelling all around the world. What a famous author you are. Do you plan to translate it into any foreign languages???

We, like Uncle James and Aunty Kate, are also very impressed with your fundraising efforts and also very proud of you. Not many young people who have suffered as you have, would be out there helping others.

I have finished reading your book and Pop has almost finished. Even though we have travelled this journey with you from the beginning, after reading your book we have been even more inspired by your courage and determination. We hope that the rainbow you are seeking is not very far away.

All our love
Nan and Pop xxx ooo

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere, Well I don't know how I had missed your appearances on TV and the newspapers, but I had! When I saw your book in Deakin IGA by the checkouts I had no idea who you were or what it was about, but I thought it looked lovely and it's title was so inspirational. I decided I would treat myself! I had no idea what a fantastic book it was going to be. I have always been aware that childhood cancer is an extremely scary and horrible disease, but your diaries have really illustrated what a complicated, frustrating and very scary journey it can be for you and everyone who loves you - I think your mum is the best ever!! I believe your book is invaluable and that everyone should read it. I wish you every good thing possible and hope you will be going for a second print run on your book very soon. Well Done Daniere! You are an amazing girl.
Claire. x

Anonymous said...

Good morning Dainere,

Thank you for keeping us all updated on your progress. You continue to amaze us with your strength and resilience.

I am so sorry to hear that you are experiencing so much pain and discomfort. Keep looking for those warm, sunny spots which warm your bones and lift your spirits.

It was great to read that you have received some special visitors over the last few days. I'm sure that the lovely Gavin was quite sad to miss out on tasting some of your delicious cooking......!

Stay warm and comfortable beautiful girl,

Lots of love always,

Anna xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Hey Dainere,
Thought I would let you know that I saw your book in Angus and Robertson when I was in there today.

Thanks for your lovely comments on Aunty Kate's cooking.

Keep smiling and stay strong.
Uncle James and Aunty Kate

Barniie said...

Hey there

i think you are such a brave girl unlike me im 13 and have a phobia of needles! i think i couldnt go through what you did and you dont even feel sorry for yourself. that it truly amazing
:) you are beautiful girl on the inside and out keep up that positive attitude!


dianne said...

Dear Dainere,

What a lovely Autumn weekend it was, the colours are really lovely around the city. Have you done any Autumn paintings as yet?

Your book is selling really well, you are fast becoming a really successful author. I would love to see a sequel of your art & poetry one day.

It was good to catch up with you, at the AIS yesterday. Lachie did some discus and high jump training to see how he would go and did quite well. We then went to the Stromlo track to show his friends the course. Will you be able to attend the ASC zone or ACT Champs to watch Jarrett?

Wish Dad a happy birthday for me.

Lv Dianne xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

I've just had a chance to log on and read your blog - for the first time since last weekend (when we came to Canberra).

It was really lovely to meet you and your family. Thanks for your kind words - you are such a sweetheart! I only hope I can look like a princess for Gavin on our wedding day in July!

We promise to send some photos of our wedding in Borneo and to tell you all about our big day when we get home. The date is fast approaching - less than two months to go!

Take care and keep smiling,

Love Gill X