Monday, May 31, 2010


30th and 31st May 2010

On a wet Sunday with huge puddles that flooded the stones in our backyard, I tried to keep cosy and warm inside. The rain continued to tumble relentlessly from the dark clouds that filled the sky, I played playstation with Jarrett, then found myself dozing off to sleep. I woke feeling refreshed so I decided to tackle the rest of my maths test, it was difficult and it tired me out but I finished it and I am so proud. I watched MasterChef and was shocked when Matt Preston threw Aaron's pasta on the ground - but after the commercial break he said he threw it because it was magnificent and he didn't want anyone else to eat it. I woke up sore, had pain most of the day and went to bed with discomfort.

Today was supposed to be ACT Schools Cross Country however it was postponed because of the horrific weather, I was so disappointed because I was looking forward to seeing Jarrett run. One word to describe the weather today is glacial. My bones ached constantly and when I tried to take a small step I collapsed, my legs just did not want to hold my body up today. Mum and I had to pay some bills today so we waited until the weather improved but I was so rugged up and I felt like an Eskimo trying to survive in the Arctic. We hurried home to the warmth of the ducted gas heating to defrost our cold bodies. I worked on a special picture to give to Kevin, the Manager of Borders at the Canberra Centre to thank him for letting me be in-store selling and signing my books. I think it is important to thank people who help me along my journey and give them something to treasure in the future to remember me. I was having a delightful, warm shower when I suddenly and unexpectedly had a sharp, agonising pain in my right hand it reduced me to tears and I screamed. Mum massaged it, applied heat and ended up bandaging it to try to give me some form of relief. It is still extremely painful while I am typing this but I have a left hand that works so I am using it, not as expertly as my right but it does.

I had a sensational email from Denis from International Brain Tumour Alliance, he is going to Vienna for a conference and they have a display there, he is taking my book and some flyer's with him, he is also meeting with support groups on his journey there. This is massive, my book could now really reach people overseas, spreading the need for further research and inspiring other people world wide. This is like a rainbow that stretches the longest possible distance and will give light and hope to so many children in the future. Gavin and Ben are organising the flyer's and paypal to receive international payments, we may get a mammoth rush of orders for my book.

Tomorrow I have school and will hand in my Maths test, hoping that I did well on it. Wednesday is a day that I truly look forward to it is the day of my appointment with Hearing Australia and hopefully they will be able to give me aids so that I will be able to hear.

'We can wash all the worries away with hot soapy water then dry them with an optimistic tea towel'


Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere,

The cold weather does not really help with the pain, hope your not in too much pain tomorrow at school.

I think that you will do really well in your maths test :D

You inspire me each and everyday!
x x x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere,

Wow - what a great e-mail to receive!! Your book really will become a world-wide rainbow of hope.

I do hope that you get some hearing help on Wednesday - that would make life a lot easier for you.

I'm sure you will do well with the Maths test - enjoy your day tomorrow.

Lots of love and warm hugs,

Anna xoxo

Dianne said...

Dear Dainere,

It has been horribly cold but good to see the Sun out today and tomorrow it will be back. Have you found a sunny spot at home to curl up with Tinkerbelle? A warm spa would be good for your aching bones.

I'm happy to hear the X-Country race has been postponed now until 22 June, this means that Jarrett will get to run the champs after all...Lachie said it would not be the same without Jarrett. And now Nalani will have a good period to recover and hopefully run as well.

I was hoping to catch up with you on Monday, but will have to wait until after you get back from Sydney. We have a little housewarming something for you.

It is exciting to hear that you are about to become known overseas, however, I think it likely that the news is already getting around about your tireless efforts to raise awareness of brain tumors.

Stay warm and well and good luck with your maths test.

Lv Dianne xxxxx

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