Monday, April 19, 2010


18th and 19th April 2010

It is now only two days until I can make a difference in a small way to people's lives with my book. I am so hoping that all the people that say they are going to buy it really will and I truly hope that they will be touched by it.

We should not take our lives for granted, we all need to make the most of each and every day and in some way reach out to others along the way. I am hoping that through my story people will want to help people who have cancer, especially Brain Tumours which you do not hear much about.

Yesterday I spent signing books for people who have paid such an important role in having my book become a reality. I also went to running training, it was a glorious Autumn day and all the beautiful colours in the bush really lift your spirits. We went out to DFO and I found a gorgeous necklace to wear with my dress for the launch. I rode the exercise bike for five minutes and have been able to tick off that goal on my physiotherapy sheet.

Today has been a very quiet day apart from grocery shopping because I have to get lots of rest ready for the big day of my book launch, I can hardly wait!


Luke Arms said...

Hey Dainere,

So excited for you from up here in Newcastle! I'm sure there's nothing quite like waiting for your first book to launch, especially a book this special! I'm really looking forward to sitting down with a copy of your book and catching up on all the details of your story so far :)

Hopefully some of the people who follow my blog will buy your book too (I posted about you today).

Enjoy the big day!


Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere
It's getting very exciting now! I can't wait to see your beautiful book and more than anything I can't wait to see you gorgeous! See you tomorrow.
Only two more sleeps to go!
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere
We are also getting excited that the special wish you made will finally become a reality in a couple of days.

Pop and I have told a lot of people we know about you and your book. Many of them have said they will be looking out for it so they can buy a copy.

We are also looking forward to receiving our copies. From what we have seen on your blog it looks so lovely and hopefully when in the shops the front cover will encourage people to pick it up, see what it is about and then purchase it.

As time is getting close and you may not have time to read comments put on your blog before the big event, we just want to say that we hope your day is so very special and that you sell a large number of books. Good luck our precious grand daughter.

All our love.
Nan and Pop xxx ooo

lil_mizz_ally said...

Dear dainere

as time comes near I hope everything goes well
for you. The book launch will be a very exciting
for you and I hope you sell lots of copies!!!!
I'm looking forward to my book coming so I can read
all about you and your adventures!!!!
Take care you amazing girl