Monday, April 26, 2010


25th and 26th April 2010

Yesterday I woke up with dreadful pain all down my right side, I also had pain in my left knee and ankle, I don't know what is going on! I am trying to stay strong and settle the pain with hot water bottles and panadol. Despite the pain I went to running training and we went for our usual lap around the AIS, I found that the lovely Autumn sun warmed my bones and eased some of the pain.

After we came home from running training I did sudoku and helped Mum and Dad chose some photographs to order from our special session with Luke the other weekend, it was so hard to choose because most of the photographs were grandiose! I also watched a DVD and it was Barbie Thumbelina, it must of made me exhausted because I fell asleep. I slept for over an hour and Mum gently woke me up to go to Church, in the Church bulletin there was a mention about my book, that was a tremendous surprise. From sitting in Church I found that my knee became stiff, stuck and deeply painful. So I went to bed with the same pain that I had woken up with.

Today I woke hoping to be pain free but tragically I was not, the pain throbbed through my right knee and ankle. However I did not want to waste the day feeling sorry for myself, remember I want to make the most of every beautiful day. Dad was at work because today was a race day, so we decided to go shopping for his Birthday presents, his Birthday is on the 7th of May. When we were at the shops a lady approached me and told me that she had been to Angus and Robertson to see if they had my book and they said it would be in within the next week or so.

I am now getting everything ready for going back to school, I am nervous but excited at the same time. There was some dreadful news that we received over the weekend and that was that Gavin who was one of the miracle men behind my book was involved in a motorbike accident, he has broken his jaw in several places. I have been praying for him and I hope for a speedy recovery because he is such a special person to me. Luckily he had that king sized meal at the lunch after my book launch because now he can only have sloppy food - Poor him!

Chris the ABC Stateline journalist has given me the direct links to the two stories they did and thought I would like to post them on my Blog so you can all watch them, Chris is another fantastic person and he told my story so beautifully. The links are: and

' You're unique and one of a kind, you can make your life what you want it to be by just taking one day at a time'.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere
We are sorry to hear you have had so much pain and hope that it will settle down quickly for you. Maybe you need a bit of physio to help it along.

We watched Stateline and were so impressed with your speech, you spoke so clearly and beautifully. We saw all the family and everyone looked lovely.

You will probably be a celebrity at school. Enjoy every minute because you deserve it.

We have been reading your blog every day and you have won so many hearts and we are sure made people think how precious life is.

The weather in Canberra we notice is getting pretty cold so that may very well account for all the pain you have been getting. Perhaps you will have to come and visit us for some of the coldest month (July or August) as it stays pretty warm in Queensland.

Thinking of you anticipating our copies of your book arriving sometime this week.

All our love
Nan and Pop xxx ooo

Nalani said...


I finished reading your book today and I just wanted to say that you are such an inspiration to me. You have made me reflect on what aspects are really important in life and how to be a stronger, better person.

Through travelling your journey and reading your book I have written a song about how inspirational you are.

I will keep reading your book over and over again as I believe it has changed my life in so many ways.

From all that you have been through you are just such an amazing girl that has courage, strength, determination and hope.

I am with you on your journey 100%, all the way as we travel in search of your rainbow.

I love you heaps!!!

Lots of love forever
Your sister,

x x x

Anonymous said...


I hope your book comes to Perth!! I am Emma's sister Laura. Emma is one of Nalani's best friends. We are so keen for your book here, and tomorrow I am going straight to the city to see if it has come out.
Word's can't describe how amazing and beautiful you are. I read your blog as often as possible, and have been keeping up with your journey. It keeps reminding me of what is truely special in life. I have just posted the article from Stateline on facebook, and am telling all my friends over here that they should have a look at your blog sometime. Your an inspiration to everyone. So keep doing what your doing.

Love Laura XX
(Ex Burgmann girl and Emma's sister :D)

Dianne said...

Dear Dainere,

I have just watched the Stateline update from last week, their coverage of your book launch was lovely and brought a tear to my eye.

You must be happy to be at school to catch up with your friends after an exiting holiday break leading up to your launch and then the buzz of the cameras and crowd of adoring fans on the day, something we all will remember for a long time.

I'm sorry to hear you have had painful joints, this change of weather is having an impact on you. I landed back in Canberra yesterday from Qld and felt that Winter had indeed arrived. Keep your hot water bottle nearby.

Poor Gavin, tell him to buy some muscle building protein and carbohydrate powders from the body building shops like GNC or Planet Geoffrey had his jaws broken and after 10 weeks of supplementing his pureed soup and shake diet with these he did not loose much weight at all, something he could not afford to do.

Take care and keep warm

Lv Dianne xxxxx