Saturday, April 17, 2010


17th April 2010

Huge news Woohoo! Last night when I was having my cup of tea before bed, I received a very exciting telephone call, it was Dad and he put some very special people on the line who wanted to say hello. It was Short Stack, how amazing, awesome, terrific is that. Andy, Shaun and Bradie all spoke to me and they were so cool and really friendly, then Liam spoke to me also because he is the touring member with them and he was fantastic also, he said he is so looking forward to seeing me at my book launch. How kind is that of them to take the time to speak to me from their concert, I feel so lucky to have that happen.

Nalani had a fantastic time at the concert with her friend Catrin, they got to have photographs taken with them and then they got to go back later and talk to them. Nalani said they are so friendly and are the coolest guys ever. She loved their concert and felt they were just as fantastic live if not better than their album. She is still talking virtually non stop about it today. They signed her tee-shirt for her and she reckons she is never going to wash it, that could be a bit gross! They sent home a signed book for me and a Short Stack makeup set, which was so generous of them, I feel so special. Dad got to meet them with the girls also because he was looking after the girls, he really enjoyed the concert and thought they were really talented and was really impressed with them.

I was disappointed though last night because my team The Wests Tigers lost to the Bulldogs, they played well but both teams seemed to make lots of mistakes and the Bulldogs are such a big team compared to the Tigers. I hope that they can come back from that little disappointment and win next. Go the Tigers!

I woke this morning and I could not bend my left knee at all it was like it was fused in one position and it was painful. I had to take panadol and have it massaged and it was still not right, I had trouble getting dressed and could not stand at all as when I did the extra pressure made it excruciatingly painful. We went to running training as Mum thought the sunshine would help it and amazingly it did as the sun warmed my knee it started to loosen up and then I was able to bear bending it. It is still a little stiff and painful but it is a whole lot better than this morning. Usually it is my right knee giving me grief, I have not had too much trouble with my left mainly during chemotherapy it was painful.

I have been typing signs up for my paintings for the book launch and practising my speech, I hope it will sound great on the day. It is all getting so close only four more days, that is very exciting and I can hardly wait. All the special people who have travelled my journey with me and those who have been so extraordinary in making my dream of a book a reality will be there. Some special people are not able to make it but I know that they will be there in spirit.

I saw on the 7pm project that Julie Goodwin who won Master Chef is the top selling Australian author at the moment with her recipe book, it looks really lovely and she is so happy, it is a dream come true for her. I wonder if my book could be the top selling book in Australia, to have my story being read by so many people would be incredible and the more people that buy my book then more proceeds go to The Brain Tumour Fund.

Now for some magnificent news, two boxes of my books, that is sixty books were delivered to us late this afternoon. It was unbelievable, I was so excited and they look fantastic, I took some photographs of me with them and I have started signing them ready for my launch. It is all starting to hit me that this is actually happening, I can now really make a difference for so many other people.

Speaking of helping other people, we had a telephone call from Brain Tumour Alliance Australia they only formed in 2008 and they have had calls about my book and where to get it, they are very excited about me raising awareness aboutBrain Tumours because it is often the forgotten disease and they think that I can make a difference. That is exactly what I am trying to do and maybe now people will think to raise funds for Brain Tumour Research when they are holding events.


lil_mizz_ally said...

Hi dainere

were will your book launch be? I would love to come watch!!!
You are so amazing!!!!
You should pubilsh your speech on this after the launch!!!! I would like to
read it!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey gorgeous girl! How exciting, they look fantastic!

Maybe one day I will write a book, too!



Anonymous said...


i think what you are doing is inspring <3

how lucky are you!! you got a phone call from short stack, i would love a phone call from them (:

i would love to go to your book launch.

xo, sarah