Wednesday, April 14, 2010


13th and 14th April 2010

Like the most special flower in the garden I can grow stronger and more beautiful every day and like a sunset I can add brilliance to every place.

We had an exceptionally cold night overnight and I had woken during the night feeling cold and once you are cold not matter how hard you try it is difficult to get warm again even if you have cuddles and hot water bottles. In the morning when I woke up again I found that my right knee and ankle were so sore and swollen this is so frustrating and the worst part is, is that it makes doing my physiotherapy exercises really difficult and they are what will help me gain more strength.

Nalani and Jarrett had haircuts today and as I sat in the hairdressers watching them having their hair cut a wave of sadness came over me, it has been so long since I have had my hair cut and it will be a very long time before I have one again. I felt like crying but I had to hold it in because the people in the hairdressers would not understand. I think I have said before that I have some hair growing back, some parts are thicker and some are extremely thin and then I have these three large bald patches where no hair is in sight. I don't think I am being vain but I miss my really long, curly hair and I used to love having it brushed and have pretty ribbons and clips in it. I can do that with my wigs which are very lovely but it is not the same thing.

After haircuts we went out to Federation Square to the Bead Barn, I am making some extra special book marks for my book launch, they are a surprise so I can't tell you what they look like just at the moment. It had by then turned into a lovely Autumn day so we sat out in the sunshine and had a hot chocolate.

When we came home I received the most spectacular news that made me wish I could jump in the air because if I could I would have reached the ceiling - Gavin had emailed us to let me know that all my books have been printed and they were being delivered to him. I am now a published author, who would have thought this would actually happen? I can't believe it, how lucky am I? How wonderful are all the people who have helped this wish come true? Gavin had even taken photographs of the books being delivered and when I looked at them, I cried with joy. Now once my book is launched next week I can be one small person who can make one large difference through my story.

We had running training in the afternoon and we went around the oval twice and then the weather started to cool down quite rapidly and this made all the bones in my little body ache even though I was all rugged up. I might have to get some thermal gear to keep myself warm in the winter or I am going to be a little ice block.

I also made a delicious Golden Butter Cake ready for my special visitor that was coming the next day. I did Sudoku puzzles and worked on my paintings which are going to be auctioned at my book launch I am hoping to have a picture of them all on my Blog by the weekend so that you can all see them.

Today was when my special visitor was coming when the doorbell rang I was filled with nerves and excitement and in came Tracey Hawkins the children's author, she has written books like Max Meets a Monster and Martha's Journey. Wow, she is so astonishing and was able to tell me so many things about being an author, having a book launch and where she gets her inspiration from. She talked about the different books she has written and I am in awe of her and her stories. She told me I should write another book and thought that maybe one using my poetry and my own artwork would be a good start. I am going to keep in touch with her, how wonderful is that? Tracey gave me a signed copy of her book Martha's Journey and I loved her special message, it said "Dear Dainere, Martha's Journey is vastly different from your own journey, yet you both share strength and maturity others can only dream of''' how special is that, I will cherish the book and words always.

I also had a telephone call to do an interview with 2CC Drive Program, I spoke to the radio announcer he wanted to know about my story and about my book and it was on the radio at 4.20pm this afternoon. It is only one week today until my book launch it will be a day for me to always remember and treasure. I think though that I may get a very tired hand from signing all the copies of my book but boy will it be worth it. I hope that all the 2000 copies will sell out within a month, what do you think? Please everyone buy a copy and help me inspire, give hope and raise those funds for the Brain Tumour Fund.

Tinkerbelle had to have her little operation today so that she will not have kittens. She came home just now with a Certificate of Bravery from the Vet and all the nurses that looked after her had signed it and one of them wrote I love Tink. I think that Tinkerbelle must take after me, being brave at the Vet and with having her operation, I am so proud of her.

My right eye has been flickering all afternoon and I have had a little pain in my right hip but I think that could be because the weather is cooling down again. Take care everyone and thank you again for your positive comments they really do brighten my days.


lil_mizz_ally said...

Hi dainere!!!!!!!

I am so looking forward to your book launch I have put in my calender so I can count down!!!!!!!! When school starts back I hope I can get to know you better!!!!!! Your an amazing girl!!!!!!!

Lots of love Alicia

Dianne said...

Dear Dainere,

The cooler nights and mornings would be making you feel uncomfortable, the thermals sound like a good idea for your slight frame. It is time for the beanies and slippers!

You sound like you are having the most amazing time - authors dropping by, radio station interviews, how exciting for you all.

I put Lachie on the plane to Brisbane for the ALAC Nationals on Wed at 9am, then I will come to your book launch straight after.

See you soon

Lv Dianne

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere
Only six more sleeps to go! I can't wait!
Lots of love