Thursday, April 22, 2010


22nd April 2010

I woke this morning and felt a little empty, my book launch was over, it had all happened and it had been so magnificent but I did have one more wonderful thing to look forward to, seeing Tess before she returned to Sydney. She has been a marvellous, caring, extraordinary wish volunteer and I have become extremely close to her and I feel so fortunate to have met her. We are going to keep in touch with each other which I am so pleased about.

Tess arrived and we talked about yesterday and what a stupendous and magical day it had been then I gave her the signed posters for the the businesses that helped with my marvellous book, I hope they will really like them. Tess took a photo of me with the picture frame that Mark gave me of Benji Marshall and me, she is going to give it to Benji Marshall with the book that I signed especially for him. Tess' sister Gloria has a box of my books to sell at her work, Tess thinks that she will sell them in one day! It was then time for Tess to leave which was a really melancholy moment for me but I know that we will keep in touch forever.

We printed off all the online orders for my book and started to carefully pack them into the envelopes ready for posting. They have now all been posted in the mail box ready to get delivered and people should receive them shortly, it was so much fun and wonderful to be doing this today and I could not believe how many people had ordered my book from all around Australia.

This afternoon we had a telephone interview with Naomi from The Chronicle, Mum spoke to her first and then I did, she asked me some really excellent questions which I really enjoyed answering. I had to ask her to repeat some questions a couple of times because my hearing has been terrible today perhaps it is because I am a little tired as yesterday was such an enormous day. The story will appear in next weeks Chronicle, it is fantastic because it will continue to raise awareness about Brain Tumors, my special goal in life.

I played a game of Upwords and watched Cinderella II DVD with Nalani but Jarrett thought that was lame so he listened to his music instead. Life was pretty well back to normal today instead of living like a celebrity like I did yesterday.

My right knee became very painful and swollen this afternoon and then the pain went down into my ankle as well and then when we were at running training appreciating the glorious Autumn afternoon and doing our laps of the oval the pain began to shoot all up and down my leg and I was in tears. I had to take a pain killer to try to ease it but even now it still hurts and I feel extremely uncomfortable with it but by trying to keep busy I am hoping that it will distract me from the pain. Distraction is a great technique to use to help you through some difficult times and I have used it many times lately.

My eyes are drooping and I feel very tired, I will have my cup of tea and go to bed and hope that tomorrow morning I will wake up and the pain and tiredness will disappear.

Thank you for the many comments that you have placed on my Blog, I have felt so humbled by them and appreciate your gracious words. I so look forward to logging on and checking to see what you have said and please know it brings me hope, strength and a brilliant smile on my face.


Tracey Hawkins said...

Dear Dainere, you walked the rainbow and found the pot of gold:)
Wow, you looked so beautiful for your launch and a limo ride there to boot! I'm so jealous:) Maybe you and Tess can organize my next launch so I don't wear my pyjamas ha, ha.
I forgot to mention the 'flop, what do I do now stage' after a launch. My advice is to get cracking on the paintings and poems! Book two. talk soon, Tracey Hawkins x

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere

I was so sad saying goodbye to you today too.

As I promised, we will always stay in touch and I'm sure we will spend many more fun times together. You know I like to surprise you so look out - you never know when I might just appear!! Canberra is not THAT far!

I look forward to seeing the article in The Chronicle. It sounds like you really enjoyed the interview. Just wait until wonderful Carol interviews you - I think that one will be the best!

I hope the pains go away overnight and that you feel refreshed and ready to have some fun during the rest of the school holidays.

Talk to you soon gorgeous girl.
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

PS I think we should definitely organise the next book launch for Tracey! We could really have some fun!
Tess xxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi dainere

you get to meet so many people. I wish I could
meet people like that in my everyday life!
Your so lucky you are in the news paper again!!!!
I will keep an eye out for when they come into the shops!
I look forward to seeing you at school!!!!
Take care


Anonymous said...

Hello Dainere,

On Wednesday, you looked like a princess and spoke like an accomplished public speaker - everyone in that room was in awe of your poise and grace. Your family is rightly proud of their special little girl!

I look forward to reading your updates and hope that the coming days bring you relief from your current pain and discomfort.

Keep up your creative endeavours - painting and poetry are great therapies!!

Love always,


Anonymous said...

Dainere - You shine so brightly and have inspired so many throughout your journey. We wish you all the best. With love, from a young Canberra family who think you're amazing :)