Tuesday, April 20, 2010


20th April 2010

I can't believe it........tomorrow is my book launch.......my very own special story 'You have to go through a storm to get to a Rainbow'. I have a dream that it will inspire and give hope to so many people not only those that have cancer but to every day people also.

Today I made sure that I had as much rest as I could, I don't want to be too exhausted on the most important day of my life. I did an interview with 2CC as they are going to have it on their morning news so that people know that it is the big day of my launch. Chris Kimble also spoke to us and they are doing a short follow up on Stateline on Friday night, he is so nice I really loved doing my interview with him and he is so genuinely interested and concerned about me.

We are now about to go to running training, but we won't be doing our laps of the oval because we have to go and set up a couple of things for tomorrow and Nalani has to do a sound check because she is singing at my launch. Tess is going to be there and I am going to give her a huge hug, if she had not have persevered with what I wanted as a wish it would have never have happened. This is so important to me and to Brain Tumour research.

We are getting picked up by a limousine tomorrow morning, I think I will feel like a real star but it is not all about me it is my book and helping others. Theodore is coming also, he even has a tuxedo to wear!

Have to fly, we have to get to running training, Jarrett's coach is away and he has asked Jarrett to run the session because he knows what to do and is responsible.

It actually looks like it will storm, there has been some thunder, how amazing is that a storm and then hopefully tomorrow will bring a rainbow. I can hardly wait to share all the exciting news from tomorrow with you all.


Anonymous said...

All the best for tomorrow. I have followed your blog for a little while now, and you are an amazing girl, who I know will achieve so much more. It it not so much how long you are on earth that matters, it matters what you do with that time, and you have done so much in such a short time. Enjoy your day....

Hannah said...

Hi Dainere,

good luck for tomorrow. I was watching BTN yesterday and an story came on and it was about you.I watched it and straight after it finished I searched "you have to go through a storm to get to a rainbow" an dit came up with your blog.you are an amazing girl.

best wishes for the future.

Zengerburger said...

I did that aswell!
After watching one of those BTN Extra thing (I think it was yesterday I forgot sorry) I straight away came to read ur blog.
I hav read all ur posts and told al my friends on fb (I know that u shouldn't go on it like one of ur posts said that u learnt bout it) and my blog!
Just to tell u, I hav a pretty god memory so i can sorta remember what u wrote bout but prob not exactly where!! he he;)
anyway GOOD LUCK with ur launch tomoz
wish I could be there.
and um do u know where it is?
I dont think i heard where it is!!!
ANYWAY (i hav a habit of doin that soz) GOODNIGHT AND HAV A GOOD REST FOR UR LAUNCH!
sorry i cant be there

Anonymous said...

Hi Princess
All the best for your book launch tomorrow
would love to be there
Have a great day ...you deserve it

Lots of kind wishes

lloyd & katisha

Mrs D said...

HI dainere, wishing you all the best for your book launch tomorrow. I hope it is a wonderful experience for you. Rest up and have fun :)

Dianne said...

Dear Dainere,

As I stood in the rain and storm this afternoon at the AIS I also thought of you and your book.
You have so much to look forward to, so much you have achieved and endured.

Your rainbow was clearly seen over the Canberra sky today!

See you at your launch.

Dianne xxxxx

lil_mizz_ally said...

Hi dainere
sounds like you will be having a great time
tomorrow!!!!! I will watch stateline I watched it last time
and you were amazing!!!!
I'm sure your book will be a great hit I have told
everone I know!!!!!!!
Take care and I hope all goes well for tommorrow!!!!


Chloe said...

Hey dainere,
Your book didn't even reach the car before i had started reading it.
Umm,Just a question where can you go to buy the book because i've got alot of people wnting to buy it???.
Hope you enjoy your presents and that your hand doesen't hurt from singing them all!
Lot's of love Chloe Stanley

din said...

hey dainere...
u such a great n wonderful girl...
i wish u will enjoy a happy life no matter what happen...
ur story will be a great motivation to others including me...


briana_commisso said...

Hi Dainere

I hope your book launch went well today. I bet you looked real pretty. I really miss you and hope we can catch up soon. It was nice to see you in church a couple of weeks ago. I have asked my mum to buy your book for me. I think you are an amazing person and very brave. I might be having an operation soon and I hope to be as brave as you. Thinking of you will help me alot. I am always thinking of you and hope you had a great day today.

Love Briana