Wednesday, April 28, 2010


27th and 28th April 2010

After such an exciting school holidays with my book launch it was extremely difficult going back to school. It was an arctic Canberra morning as I headed off for my first day of Term 2. To my surprise not very much was mentioned about my book, I had thought there may have been a rush of people hoping to buy a copy of my book. At School the teacher told us the sort of work we are doing this Term, she also spoke about wearing the Middle School winter uniform correctly, I laughed to myself when she talked about girls who roll their skirts up and then how it makes them look silly because then the pleats stick out and gives them a big bum! We then had Science, we are learning about matter and how the universe is made up of particles. We are going to be working often in the science lab doing Chemistry experiments. That will be disastrous for me with my hearing difficulties as there are dreadful acoustics in the lab but you know me I never give up so even though it will be a huge challenge I will rise to meet it. We got some science homework and that was to do a title page for this term called 'What is the Matter?' Next it was time for English and our class went to the gigabyte cave to use the computers to practise some questions for NAPLAN, this is a national test for all students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 and will be held in week 3 at school. My last subject for the morning was Maths, we are learning all about directed numbers which I found pretty easy.

When I came home from School we received some totally awesome news and that was that our application for a house that has no stairs was successful - hooray! Maybe now I will be able to move about more easily in my wheelchair and to and from different rooms, it is also close to school. We will be moving at the end of May and now I can hardly wait.

I also heard that Borders Books would like me to do an in-store book signing to promote my book and help raise funds for Brain Tumour Research. The date that that is going to happen is Saturday 29th May in the Canberra Centre Store. It will be amazing to meet more people who want to read my book and will hopefully be inspired by my book. I think it is a wonderful opportunity also to thank people for supporting my book and my cause.

We went to running training in the afternoon and it was still shocking weather so I stayed in the car and signed some more of my books and did Sudoku. Jarrett was running the training session because his coach had a meeting, he was worried at first because he was the only boy and there were six girls, as a joke Nalani told him he could think he was Justin Bieber having all the girls run after him! I don't think Jarrett found this amusing because he does not think very much of him and neither does Nalani, Jarrett certainly would not want to be like him. He was relieved when one of the older male members of the squad showed up, they were still out numbered but at least there were two boys there.

Tess' brother in law Tass came to visit and he took two boxes of my books to sell at his work, he had already sold ten of my books, this is fabulous and I am so lucky to have people supporting me by selling my books in their work places.

I wrote a special poem to Gavin to help him feel a little better and I was over the moon to hear from him to say that he was coming to Canberra this weekend with his fiancee Gill. He also sent me an email to tell me that my book is in Insight Magazine.

I was in extreme pain in my right knee, ankle, hip and spine yesterday I think the weather is not helping me. Even though I took the maximum dose of panadol that I could in a day and used many hot water bottles nothing seemed to ease it and it seemed to get worse, my pain level reached a nine and a half out of ten. I had horrendous nights sleep and woke feeling like I had not slept at all however my pain had reduced to only seven out of ten.

Today I had physiotherapy which was a relief because I was hoping it would help ease some of my pain. Rhiannon loosened muscles and I even had heat treatment on my lower spine which felt sensational. Rhiannon then decided to help me try the slope outside physiotherapy, there is a bar there that I could use for support. Going up was not too bad but coming down was terrifying for me, I thought I was going to fall face first onto the ground, I am extremely off balanced. I did it twice and I felt like I had run a marathon. Afterwards my knee was throbbing but it was worth it I had reached another goal and that is what is important. I was then in pain for the remainder of the day but that is what I am used to now. I am beginning to think I will be living on pain killers for a long period of time. I am going back to physiotherapy in two weeks time in the mean time I just have to work on my exercises when I can because there will be days that I am unable to do any because of the pain and swelling.

We had a visit from our friend Manda, she worked with Mum and they are really great friends. Then we went to sign the lease for our new home. The property manager asked me if she could buy a couple of my books, she was buying one for herself and one for her mother for Mother's Day. I also went to the bank and got a cheque for the Brain Tumour Fund for $920 from the sale of my canvases at my book launch, I donated 100% of my sales to them in the hope that every little bit helps.

I promised you that I would include the special messages from The Master Chefs and Benji Marshall on my Blog, here they are:

The Master Chefs Matt, George and Gary said -

Dear Dainere,
Congratulations on becoming an author at such a young age! We can't wait to see the book, Gary and George are already teasing me about it being far better written than any of my reviews!!!

Also we are all so sorry that we can't be there to share your big day. We have to be overseas filming on the day but we'll be thinking about you!

Now off you go and join Julie's book in the best sellers list!!!!

Matt, George, Gary and all at MasterChef.

Benji Marshall said -


I just wanted to write you a message to wish you all the best for your book launch. Meeting you in Canberra was a very touching moment for me and gave me great inspiration for the season and for that game. You are a very strong person and so are your family, much stronger than us footy players will ever be.

I really wish I could be there to support your launch as I know you said I am your hero, but the truth is you are mine. You are a real inspiration to me and I'm sure an inspiration to everyone who knows you.

Good luck Dainere, I really hope it goes well.

Stay strong.

Benji Marshall xo

I am so touched by their words and will treasure them in my heart all my days. They have all inspired me on my journey yet they are telling me that I am an inspiration.

'Your light will shine more brightly in the world when you reach out to love others and then our world will never live in darkness'.


Anonymous said...

Hi dainere

you are so amazing!!!!! You are my role modal!!!!! Your book is awsome it brought a tear to my eye when I was reading all the bad things that has happened to you. On the other hand it made me laugh when you said about the mean girls at your old school!!!!!!! I think they would be a bit jealous of you being on the tv and meeting all the people you have!!!!
I'm sorry to hear that you have had a bit of pain I hope it goes away!!! It's really good that you still go to school even for a sort amount of time!!!! The other day I was speechless in maths. I had no idea what I was doing I didn't get it at all!!!! Then you had to answer a question and got it right!!! I was like wow!!!! but it's all ok now because I understand how to do it!!!!!
Hope you feel better
take care!!!!


Dianne said...

Dear Dainere,

I am so pleased you will be moving in to a house with no steps, it will be good to move around easier in your chair.

What an amazing amount of money your raised from auctioning your paintings, people are very generous and know good art such as yours. The publicity from your book signing at Borders will be great for sales.

Keep up the good work with your exercises, and keep warm to avoid stiffness.

I hope to see you on Sunday,
Take care.

Lv Dianne xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,
Ihave just finished reading your book and wanted to keep reading more so i have just got on your blog.. You are are very amazing young lady. My Best friends daughter was diognosed with Medulloblastoma two years ago she was 18months old at the time and will turn 4 in september so your book really hit home. When you explained all the medications and tests it was like my girlfriend was telling me about her daughters treatment.I came across your book as my husband now works for the company Geon and at there last meeting your book was spoken about. Take care and all the best i will be passing your book onto my girlfriend and then telling her to add to your blog. I wish you all the best and will be praying you get to that rainbow ...Tania