Tuesday, October 12, 2010


11th and 12th October 2010

My stomach was churning with butterflies when I awoke on Monday morning, I had mixed feelings about returning to school for Term 4, I was filled with excitement to actually be attending school for the year, yet I was also nervous,as school does pose some difficulties for me.

The weather was overcast and on the walk to school light droplets of rain fell intermittently from the heavy grey clouds. Chapel was first, which I think was an excellent way to begin the Term, we sang a song which always lifts every ones spirits and then we heard about David and his psalms. He was a lonely Shepherd with no one for company apart from his sheep and he was a talented musician. He spent his hours writing his psalms which he put to the music of his harp. We learnt that when David prayed to God he did not only pray to him when he wanted help or when things went wrong, he also prayed to him in wonder and awe and in times when he was filled with happiness. We too can learn that prayer is a very special gift and you don't have to only pray when you want to ask for your life to be made better, praying for joy is a wonderful thing to do.

After Chapel it was time for PE, I was filled with enthusiasm, I always enjoy PE, however the class were doing the twenty metre beep test, which is a running test to see what an individuals endurance is. Even though I could not participate my teacher let me record the class results. While we were on the oval it began to drizzle with rain which made it quite miserable and cool. The class are going to be doing gymnastics this Term, this will be difficult for me to participate in, so I am a little disappointed.

Next it was time for Integrated Studies, our unit of study this Term is Active Citizenship, I think I am going to thoroughly enjoy this topic especially because our assessment is to do an oral presentation on raising awareness about an issue in our society, I have chosen to talk about raising awareness about Brain Tumours, I am hoping that this will help my class mates further understand what it is all about and how they can help me to help others. We also had to write a list of words and what we thought they meant and then we had to write a reflection on what it means to us to be an Australian Citizen.

When I signed out in the front office for the morning the ladies commented on how well I looked, that made me feel really terrific. I was tired from the morning session and my heel had been distressing me throughout the morning but as I have stated regularly I am trying extremely hard not to let it get to me.

I had a rest when I came home and a welcomed warm drink and morning tea, after resting for an hour I then felt like reading a book and that is exactly what I did until it was time to return to school for the afternoon session.

In the afternoon we returned to school for double English, we are reading the novel Born to Run by Cathy Freeman, I would rate this as the best class novel I have ever had to read, I think it is because I have an interest in athletics. We are also going to be writing a script for a part of the book that we would like to turn into a short movie. We are also doing poetry which is something that I relish in. I was quite fatigued by the end of the school day and could hardly wait to return home for another rest, I am feeling very positive about this Term and think I will be able to cope with the work.

I was able to use my FM Transmitter with my teacher, she has used one before so felt comfortable with it, I found it did make a difference and it was like having her right beside me explaining everything, the only time I had some problems was when the class noise level became louder, I then had to adjust the volume much higher than the audiologist and I had originally anticipated.

Whilst watching the Commonwealth Games on television I had the most torturous pain in my right heel that left me feeling sweaty and in tears. It came on suddenly and I was not even doing anything, just sitting there watching the television. Mum massaged it and applied ice, then heat as well as giving me a stronger pain killer, it eventually eased but was still rather painful when I went to bed.

I woke a few times throughout the night with my heel and ankle in pain and also to go to the toilet a couple of times, sometimes my bladder seems to be a little weak and I have to go to the toilet often, I am not sure if this from my chemotherapy.

Today I did not have school, so I could rest in bed a little longer. I read, played Upwords, answered some emails and had a sleep today. Mum and I are reading the Cathy Freeman book together and we are over half way through it, I would like to share part of a prayer that is in the book "Oh God, guide me and protect me, illuminate the lamp in my heart and make me a brilliant star....". I did my physiotherapy exercises and rode the exercise bike but could only tolerate it for five minutes because of my heel.

My Sydney doctors were supposed to contact my paediatrician to let him know what tests they wanted him to do and then he was to contact me to organise an appointment, we heard nothing either yesterday or today so I am not sure what is happening, I find this very frustrating, I guess that is what happens when you have doctors that are Interstate.

We had running training in the afternoon and as we drove we had a shower of rain which came out of nowhere, the smell of the rain was so revitalising and fresh but as quickly as it came, it disappeared. Jarrett ran exceptionally well during training and had no problems with his asthma or vocal chords. He is racing on Saturday night, it is the beginning of the Summer Competition, there is just one problem, it is only supposed to be twelve degrees here on Saturday, that is almost like Winter, so hopefully it won't be too cold for him.

'I believe that if we worry too much then we waste a lot of our precious energy, we need to appreciate and enjoy each moment of every day'


Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere , oh how true that is , we should always pray when things are good as well as not so good , life is all about give and take as you know only to well.

I guess you know that you will have no problem with writing about the awareness of brain tumours , as you nd i both know , it hits you like a rock when you are told , well it did me.

When I was told of my second tumour Dainere , Meryl could not be with me and I had a friend from work with me , after My surgean told me , I cried and said to my friend why me . BUt that is what my path of life had planned for me I applaud your choice of subject , well done.

It sounds like you had a great day at school today , ,fantastic Dainere, I am going to get that Book Born to Run .

That heel of yours is being naughty isnt it , hopefully it will go away in time .

Dainere, you have the most fantastic out look , your last paragraph says it all.

Much love and take care
Stuart and meryl xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Daniere,

I've been following you blog and read you book so I finally wrote you a comment.
I'm glad to see that you are enjoying Born To Run, like Cathy Freeman I'm also attending Fairholme as a boarder. My name is Lucy and I am originaly came from Cunnamulla a small country town. I hope your ankle and heel gets better, I belive that you have alot of courage, persistance and a strong heart. That FM transmitter sounds fun it must be cool to have it, after reading you book I decided to make a fundraiser for you and the Starlight Foundation I hope you like the idea. Hope your ankle doesn't hurt you any more.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

It sounds like you have had a good start to Term 4. Your FM transmitter will be a great asset, I'm sure. It's good that you can hear the teacher as if she is right beside you.

It's a shame about PE being gymnastics this term. Perhaps you could do some stretching or strengthening exercises.. but it's not the same as doing what everyone else is doing, is it.

The Active Citizen unit sounds most interesting. Raising awareness about Brain Tumours will be great. You certainly have first hand knowledge and are already doing a wonderful job with your book and your blog. Getting your classmates "on board" will spread this knowledge even further. Great work!

I think you would have written a very good reflection on what it means to be an Australian citizen. We are indeed fortunate to live in such a wonderful, free country.

So glad that your class novel is so interesting to you. And guess what... you are that BRILLIANT STAR!! You do indeed shine brightly, illuminated from within. It is both wonderful and amazing that you are able to share your journey with others... thank you!

Hope you find out soon about your tests, etc. It must be very frustrating not knowing what's going on...

Hoping for a better rest tonight,

Thoughts and prayers,


Carol said...

Hi Miss D! Thank you for the lovely e-card - it brightened my day at work so very much.

We have just had solar panels put on our roof, very exciting as we have a device in the house which shows how much electricity is being generated. We have also inherited a beehive!!! I will email you some photos and maybe bring some honey to your place when they get busy.

I'm sorry to hear that your appointments in Sydney are still not confirmed - how exasperating. I hope the weather is starting to give you some relief. I wish I could bottle the scent from my garden to send to you. We have night-scented jessamine which will flower for the next few months. But you only smell it at night. It is very strong and very beautiful.

Just like you.



Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere,

I am so sorry for you that you have to deal with all of this it must be so painful and so annoying.

We all really miss you at school on days when days you are not here!!

Ella, Hannah.b, Issie, Yana and Aylssa want to give a big shout out of how you have inspired them so much and to me you are my role model!

I miss you alot dainere!!! Get better soon,