Tuesday, October 5, 2010


4th and 5th October 2010

I was so miserable when I woke on Monday morning, even though I had regained some use of my right arm it was still extremely weak and painful and my left wrist was a total right off, it was swollen and I was in agony. I feel terrible when I complain, there are people out there who are so much worse off than I am and it is extremely selfish of me to feel sorry for myself. These are the times when I have to summon courage and pull myself out of the hole that my pain has put me in.

I played Guess Who with Nalani and Jarrett and then we went to Belconnen to do some Birthday shopping for Mum, her birthday is on Thursday, I have already made her that special photo frame but she deserves some spoiling. My pain bothered me while I was at the shops but I did not want to complain or let it spoil the day. Fortunately, we were able to find exactly what we were looking for quickly and I would say it was quite a successful shopping adventure.

We watched the Commonwealth Games on television, the Opening Ceremony was full of colour and excitement, I was intrigued by the sand art, it was incredible, those men were so talented. Seeing the Australian team march out into the Stadium made you really proud to be an Australian and knowing that some athletes that we have actually met will be competing makes it all the more spectacular. I hope that Jarrett will achieve his dream of representing Australia one day in long distance running and I will be there to see him marching into a Stadium.

In the afternoon we met Tass and Gloria at Federation Square for afternoon tea, we always enjoy their company. Tass has sold 269 of my books, that is why he earned the title of Number One Salesman, he is hoping to reach 300, that would be a mammoth effort and cause for celebration. There are not many books remaining from the original two thousand, it looks like a reprint will be going ahead before the end of the year, there is a possibility that every school library in Australia will purchase at least one copy. If a reprint of five thousand books is done and all those books can be sold, that will mean $64, 750 will be raised for Brain Tumour Research, to be able to give that much to help other children in the future would be the most wonderful achievement for me. If through my journey and my wish I can actually make a difference in the way Brain Tumours are treated and aim towards an eventual cure how splendiferous would that be! I am still convinced my journey has been given to me for that reason - to really change the world in the area of Brain Tumours.

When we were coming home from the afternoon tea, I looked out the car window and saw the most resplendent rainbow, arching luxuriously across the afternoon sky. I was wondering if it was a rainbow for me, sent to help take away my pain and give me hope for another day.

Last night whilst nursing my painful wrist, arm and ankle I watched the Commonwealth Games, I actually enjoyed watched the female weight lifters, I saw the 48kg class, that is Jarrett's weight and they were lifting up to 77kg, it must put such a strain on their backs and knees. I went to bed still in pain but hopeful that in the morning I would have some relief. I listen to music to go to sleep as I still constantly have ringing in my ears the music provides a distraction to the ringing.

My night was interrupted as usual, however some marvellous news was that my right arm had improved when I woke, although I could not grip anything and it was still painful and weak, at least I had some use in it. Perhaps that rainbow yesterday was sent especially for me to ease my symptoms slightly and a little is better than nothing at all. I had to have my left wrist bandaged though as it gives it some relief and support, I also required the stronger pain relief.

I played Upwords with Nalani and then Guess Who with Jarrett, it is fantastic to have them home with me and being able to spend time with them. They are so busy with homework and other activities normally that we don't have as much time as I would like to spend together.

The skies were a luminous crystal clear blue and the sun was radiant with fluffy, delicate, cotton wool like clouds drifting gently across them. We had some bills to pay, banking to do and finishing off Mum's Birthday shopping, so went for a vigorous walk to Gungahlin. I love the sun warming my petite body, it did not ease the pain in my wrist, ankle and knee but it always brightens my spirit.

We have running training this afternoon and I am hoping that the sun will remain as lustrous as it is at present so we can go for a walk around the oval while Jarrett is training. I am still waiting to hear from the IPC people in regards to my classification as Jennie thought it should be lower, hopefully we will hear before summer competition begins on 16th October.

I have a doctors appointment on Thursday to find out results of my recent blood tests and to see if he has received any information from Sydney, also Nalani has to have her wart frozen again as it has come back up, not as large as last time but it has reappeared, this is quite common and hopefully one more freezing will get rid of it.

'When clouds finally clear, when pain eases just a little , when you see the first sparkling star at night that is when hope has come and brought a rainbow into your life'


Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere, Zed Seselja here. Just wanted to let you know that you are still in our thoughts and prayers. You continue to inspire me with your strength and optimism. I called your mum to find out how you were going, but I got an answering machine, I hope i've still got the right number. I'll try again to make contact in the days ahead.
God bless, Zed

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere, it s ok to feel fed up some times . Mums are special people and I think your mum is extra special , as im sure you do . I hope she has a great birthday.

You are right about the opening ceremony of the commonwealth games , it was magic wasnt it . yes we saw the sand engraving also and it was incredible , so accurate.

Thats an incredible amount of money for research Dainere, I hope you reach it . I forgot to say about the splints , they are worn at night. Today has been a funny day after being off for the long weekend going back to work , it feels like a Monday , but tomorrow is Wednesday ..

Hope you get some good reports from the Dr about the blood tests and that he can tell you whats happening about Sydney. Lots of love ,. Stuart xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere

So sorry to hear that you are still suffering from so much pain. Hopefully the warmer weather will bring you some relief and you continue to get improvement in your right arm.

We have had a few nice sunny days, hopefully we get some more soon - the rain seems to have started up again today ... but it seems to be a bit warmer now. Hopefully we'll see another rainbow and the sun shining through soon. The sun always lifts the spirits.

Say happy birthday to your Mum for me tomorrow. She is such a special person, as you know. She is also an inspiration to other Mums. I am sure she will love the presents that you have so thoughtfully planned for her.

That is great news about your book sales and the reprint of your book. I think that it would be wonderful for all the school libraries to purchase your book! You are such a gifted author! You write with such honesty and feeling. You always put others before yourself and your courage is truly inspirational.

Hope that you have some relief from the pain you have been experiencing lately and that you get a more restful nights sleep.

Thinking of you and your family.

Lots of love Steph D and family XXXX OOO

Anonymous said...


I have just been able to catch up with your past school holiday week, school holidays are sometimes so busy.

I am sorry to hear you are still suffering such pain, don't worry about complaining, you dont complain much at all and you are allowed to vent a little, it must be so frustrating to have pain all the time.

Congratulations to your dad, his new job sounds wonderful, it is hard to leave somewhere he is so fomiliar with but a change is always good and it looks like the schools will benefit immensely.

I loved your writing on your visualisation of you running with the wind in your hair. Visualisation can be really positive and helpful. I guess despite what challenges our bodies give us we still have our mind and imagination which you obviously use amazingly well.

All that fundraising you have done is amazing and will definitely benefit other children with brain tumours. You truly are a shining light.

Enjoy the last of the school holidays and Happy Birthday to your mum for tomorrow, I hope she has a special day as she is a special, strong woman.

Thanks again for continuing to share your blog

Take Care

xxxxxxx Monica

Dianne said...

Dear Dainere,

We have been having some good warm weather this - I hope you have been able to sit outside for a bit and warm up your joints. It is hard to be in constant pain, tell yourself that it is going to feel better as each day goes by.

Mum told me about Dad's new job, it will be good for him and all of you he will be working closer to home and more reasonable hours.

Say Happy Birthday to Mum tomorrow for me please and give her a big hug as she really deserves it.

Lachie has gone to Sydney with Erika and family for a few days this week, he need a training break before back to running and summer sport starting up in a week or so.

How is the Fairy garden going? The recent rain would have given it a boost. I planted out my veggie patch on the weekend and it is going along nicely, the birds a loving the fresh new leaves and helping themselves to the plants...I will have to string up some old CDs or DVDs to keep them away!

I will try catch up with you on Sunday. The AIS track was closed last Sunday - the Unicycle championships were a funny thing to watch...50 metre sprints while juggling and other funny events like to relay with noone staying in their lanes - disqualify them I say!

Take care,

Lv Dianne xxxxxxxx

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