Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This is Dainere's Dad writing to all her followers and viewers.
Dainere's treatment has taken a turn for the better and wants everyone to know that she is in good hands now as a new team has been formed to treat her.
She expresses her sincere thanks for all the wonderful support, comments and best wishes for her that people have written.
She'll be back at the computer real soon.

Take care and thank you all for your positive support.



Dianne said...

Dear Stephen, Yvonne and most of all Dainere,

I'm so glad to hear you are being looked after now by a supportive medical Team. Good on you Dad for getting involved with Mum to sort it all out.

I look forward to some brighter blog entries Dainere, bring back your smile, we ALL wish you well and bext of care.

Lv Dianne & family xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Stephen, Yvonne and Dainere,

Just caught up with Dainere's blog and was shocked to see the trauma you have all experienced over the last couple of weeks.

So glad to hear that things are looking up now with Dainere's medical treatment.

Sending you our prayers and wishes and a special big hug to Dainere who has been so courageous in such a difficult situation.

With lots of love Steph D and family xxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Stephen, Yvonne and Dear Dainere, oh I am so so glad to hear this news, You are hopefully now looking through a new window.

Well done to you both for all your perseverance.

Dainere , It will be great to soon be able again to read your news.

Take care . LOve and Best Wishes
Stuart and meryl xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear all,

Thank you,Stephen. Better news at last!

Hoping and praying that Dainere's treatment continues to progress well and that things improve really quickly.

Thoughts and prayers,


Anonymous said...

And BIG hugs all round!!


luke said...

SO glad to hear this :)

Can't wait for Dainere's next post! Thanks for putting our minds at ease, Stephen :)


Michelle Arms said...

Wonderful news!!!

Ali Davies said...

This news is wonderful. I am delighted for you all.

Best wishes to you all.