Sunday, October 3, 2010


2nd and 3rd October 2010

I am determined not to be vanquished by my pain which still torments me every day, stronger pain killers do assist but they don't take it away completely and often they only numb it for a short period of time, not even long enough to last until my next dose of medication. My night had again been thwarted with pain in my left wrist and right ankle, it not only keeps me awake but also Mum who continues to be my rock, always there no matter what time of the day holding my hand, been my personal nurse and doing everything she humanly can to try to help.

Overcast skies were present as we drove to running training for Jarrett at the AIS, Dad had left at dawn to go to work, so it was just Mum, Jarrett, Nalani and I. Tiny spits of rain appeared on the windscreen as we drove but nothing major came of it. Jarrett was doing 300m repetitions and he was flying, his new breathing exercises seem to be assisting him although he did say that at a high intensity it is more difficult to concentrate on them than doing them just at home or when doing a gentle run however with more practise, it will become second nature to him. I miss my running and I know Nalani does also, sometimes I close my eyes and visualise myself running, my feet pounding fast on the ground as they hit the synthetic surface of the track, the wind blowing my long, curly hair and feeling so free and joyous.

When we came home from running training we played my card game Happily Ever After and then I rode the exercise bike for five minutes, that was all that my ankle could handle without the pain level becoming too intense. We then played two games of Upwords and on both occasions I was able to use all my letters up.

We had a down pour which took us all by surprise and saw Mum racing outside to get the freshly washed clothes off the line, Jarrett helped her and luckily the clothes were only a touch wet and not soaked. We had to pick Dad up from work as the bus time table on the weekend is sparse with buses only coming every hour.

Mum and I were meeting Briana, Taylah and their Mum for afternoon tea at Central Cafe. I have mentioned Briana before on my Blog, she had surgery on her leg, she was in a wheelchair for a little while and we were going to have a race but never got around to it. She has now fully recovered and is even back to playing netball, I am so pleased that everything went so well for her she is a really lovely friend. It was so wonderful to catch up with them and all their news as well as sharing our news. I find though that I am tiring so easily lately, I think that my pain causes this, as well as a lack of sleep.

Nalani and Jarrett watched the AFL Grand Final, Nalani is a St Kilda supporter and Jarrett was going for Collingwood. Nalani was so disappointed with the game especially after how close it had been the week before, perhaps the result would have been different if they had of played extra time last weekend instead of having to replay it a week later.

Last night we had take away dinner to Celebrate Dad's promotion to his new job, we are all really proud of him. We then watched a free Paddle Pop movie I had got in a Total Girl magazine, it was actually quite good, it was an adventure, mystery movie, with a villain and everything.

Daylight savings began at 2am but before we went to bed we wound our clocks forward one hour. Overnight it poured raining, I heard it because I had woken several times throughout the night with pain in my left wrist, right ankle and pain in my right arm. When I was in the bathroom this mornign I felt a little strange, I called to Mum, she came and then next thing I knew my right arm had dropped again and I felt so exhausted. I had experienced another absence seizure, Mum said that my eyes had dilated again and I had gone all distant again. I had to put my arm in a sling again because it was just hanging there, painful and throbbing.

We had running training this morning, the rain had stopped but the sky was ominous, those clouds looked like they were going to open up and let a flood of rain come out any time. While Jarrett went for his long run, we went for a walk, it was quite humid even though it was overcast, the fresh air raised my spirits and we saw the rabbits again outside their burrows along the walk, they are growing so quickly and don't seem to be as afraid of people now.

After running training we headed to the Runners Shop, Jarrett wanted to buy some new spikes to wear for racing on track, after trying on several pairs he decided on Addidas ones that were black and red and very light weight, I think they will help him to run even faster.

Coming home the rain began, it was a light drizzle, then heavier spots, it stopped and then we had patches of rain. It was a good day to play Upwords, we scored for the first time ever and Jarrett won one game and then Nalani won the next one.

My right arm is still totally useless and typing this is causing my left one to ache even more severely. I am having difficulty in holding a cup to drink so have to use a straw, I hope that my right arm will mend quickly, last time it had improved by night time so I am being positive and hoping that it will heal as quickly this time.

The NRL Grand Final is on this afternoon, I wish the Tigers were there, they really deserved to be this year but I guess it was not meant to be. I know some people who would really love the Dragons to win but I don't particular like either team.

I wish to thank everyone that has been commenting on my Blog, I love hearing about your lives, having you encourage me and providing me with positive thoughts, every time I read them you give such hope.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere, oh it seems like ages since I wrote , but in fact it is only 3 reports ago , as we have been to Cooma to see Meryls mum , its her birthday on the long weekend so we always go , but of course it meant I could not read or write to to your blog, however we are home now .

So lets see. With my issues that you know about , I had trouble with carpal tunnel in both wrists , which was keeping me awake every night every two or three hours , Dainere , MY physio gave me some wrists splints , and also some excersises to do , I know the two things that I have and what you have are different ( apart from the tumour ) but may be you could ask Rhianon if a splint and the excersises for carpel tunnel would help you . It certainly helped me. as long as i do the excersises at least 4 or 5 times a day i dont wake up with problems with my wrists , Oh I so feel for you as having been through all these things it is so real . . You are my inspiration , for one so young to cope sooooo well with these things .

Please remembner this is only my relief and it may not be for you but I could not not mention it when it has helped me so much.

Yes the footprints verse is for real Dainere , dont ever loose that faith that you have .

Many congrats to your dad and his new job, great to hear something good happening to the Anthoneys .

WE thought about you as we drove past the airport at Canberra and round the outskirts of the city , as we went to Cooma , we also had rain in cooma , but it was quite nice during the day time . Well dainere , We wil continue to pray for you , and admire your spirit so much ,

you will have to keep an eye on the cricket now between Australia and India .

Best wishes and much love stuart and meryl xxx

Anonymous said...

hi am a reading your book at the minute and I love. It makes me feel how lucky I am. I always wonder how you are so brave but. Best wishes