Friday, July 15, 2011


9th to 15 July 2011

My second week of the School Holidays was a relaxing one, I have spent most of the time reading books, doing some decoupage, knitted a teddy bears cardigan, watching DVD's and playing my favourite game Upwords.  Our weather has improved on last weeks blizzard like conditions and we have actually had some sunshine.

Both Nalani and Jarrett returned to running training this week, Nalani after seven months away following her knee surgery and Jarrett after his virus.  I am waiting for the day that I can return also to my running which I love so much before I found out that I had a Brain Tumour.  I will not run the same as I did before because the tumour, surgery and treatment have left me with several side effects.  I do have a disability classification, it is called T/F36, this means I compete against other athletes with the same classification.

This week I have been able to ride the exercise bike without my heel hurting, I am so pleased because this will help my leg muscles to build back up and strengthen so I will be able to attempt walking again with my rollator.  Having the stress fracture in my heel has been not only painful but also frustrating, it is something that takes time and patience to heal.

Next week is the last week of the School Holidays then it is back to school for term three, during term three I have an appointment with the Cardiologist, Endocrinologist as well as having to go to Sydney for various appointments and procedures.

I have been praying for the families of two precious angels who were taken from the earth this week,  Charlene a young mother and Layla just a baby, God decided to take them to be with him. 

Thank you to everyone who writes lovely comments on my Blog, I wish you many rainbows throughout the coming week.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dear Dainere, i think it will have been a good rest for you this week, its good sometimes just to chill out Dainere , even for the young ones like you . All the things you have done this week souind good Dainere .

Your day will come , remember , everything comes to he who waits , i know how frustrating it must be for you though . you are such a patient young lady .

That is fantastic that you have been able to ride the exercise bike without aches from your heel. Dont over do it though Dainere , you have to build up the strength gradually ok .
The winds are still blowing here in Sydney Dainere and they are cold winds .
I will have to tell you all about meryls birthday . so watch for the news . Have a great last week off school and enjoy whatever you do , love to everyone .

Take care and have a lovely weekend

Lots of love and hugs
stuart and meryl xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere

Just caught up on the last few weeks of your blog.

Hope that you, your Mum and Jarrett are all feeling better now. It was very thoughtful of you to make chocolate muffins to cheer everyone up.

Nalani must be so happy to return to training after her 7 month wait.

Thinking of you all and hoping that the last week of the holidays is enjoyable and relaxing for you.

Love Steph D and family xxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere

Do hope that your holiday rest and recuperation is continuing. It's always good to have a break from everyday routine. I think much of this week will be spent indoors, though - so far it has been very cold and windy here, and it is supposed to get even colder as the week goes on!

Wonderful news about Nalani being back at training. Her patience and perseverence have paid off! I hope the cold weather hasn't stopped Jarrett from training after his virus. Great to read that you have been able to exercise on the bike without pain. You have shown a great deal of patience, too, waiting for that sore heel to improve. I'm sure that your legs are strengthening each time you are able to exercise.

Was the teddy bear's cardigan you knitted for Theodore? I'm sure that a cardigan that size would be quite a tricky thing to knit. Have you done any painting these holidays?

The Tigers had a good win. Can't believe how quickly the season is going. Are you still leading the footy picking competition??

Once again, thank you for sharing your very special, very inspirational thoughts.

Love and prayers,


Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere

School's back - routine begins again and we are having a very cold July! Pleased to read you had a chance to rest, it's most important for your health.

Watched the video link - thanks for that. His family are in my prayers too. My sister teaches Grade 3 and one of her beautiful little boys in that class has been diagnosed with a high Grade 2 brain tumour. He will undergo chemo and radiotherapy until Xmas, with a long road ahead. He was experiencing headaches and began vomiting. Innocent symptoms like yourself and this devastating news has been delivered to his family. He is an only child, so please everyone reading, pray for him.
Our family day out took us to the city, we had lunch in The Rocks and then walked across the Harbour Bridge. It was a glorious day, both my husband & I hadn't walked over it before so now we have. Great views, lots of people walking across and many tourists taking photos.
I've jumped to 93 points on the ladder but have fallen to 5th place. How about your score now? Still beating your Pop?
Take care, keep warm, tell your mum I think she is a legend!!
Love always, Fran xoxox

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere, Its Mez again :)
I saw your comment in the other post, sorry I havent replied, I have been in Perth competing in Australian National Championships. I was very nervous going in, because I wasnt sure if my ankle would hold up, as it was a 3 day comp. But I was extremely happy with the outcome...Our team (Victoria) came 1st, and I also came 3rd AA (all-around), 2nd on bars, 3rd on beam, and 2nd on floor! (There are some videos on youtube ;)
This Nationals was also the first trial for World Championships in October, in Tokyo. The second trial is in Canberra at the AIS, I hope you will be able to come and watch us all!
Anyway, Thanks for replying! It means alot :) Talk soon,
Mez Xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Mez,

Congratulations on your amazing effort in Perth and I am so pleased your ankle held up. I watched the videos, what you do is incredible. I would love to watch you when you compete in Canberra at the AIS just let me know when it is. Keep up the splendiferous work.
Love Dainere xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Hey Dianere,

It Sian, I hope that you have had a great holiday! I bet your teddies love the jumpers you are so talented!!!!!

I miss you alot Dainere!! Keep being strong!

I hope that i will see you soon!!!!

Love Sianxx

Anonymous said...

hi dianere...

i go to the same school as you...

instead of saying get better soon, i wish you and your family luck and that all the treatments go extreamly well for you and and that your heal gets better...

even though i dont know you and your family personally, i hope that you enjy the last week of the holidays... well whats left of them!!

im writing this to let you know that there are people out there... who you dont personally know... but they know your name... wish you luck with everything!!

and i hope that you dont get too excited and try and push it, because when i did that after my knee reconstruction, i was lucky that i didnt hurt myself even more!!

good luck, and i loved your book btw!!