Friday, July 22, 2011


16th to 22nd July 2011

'Those who succeed are not necessarily the most gifted, they are the ones who never give in, no matter what the obstacle, opposition, how long it takes they find the inspiration and perseverance to see things through'

This has been another quiet week with a variety of weather conditions raging from heavy rain, icy gale force winds and some beautiful sunshine.  I have had some obstacles this week with pain and a locking knee, however I always try to look on the bright side each and everyday. 

Some of the activities I have done this week are playing Upwords, doing sudoku puzzles, find a words, decoupage, reading and watching movies.  On Wednesday we went to the hairdressers, as you all know because of the high doses of radiotherapy I had there are many areas of my head that are bald, where hair has grown it is thin, wispy and ratty so the hairdresser and I decided to cut it all very short hoping it will grow back more evenly.  Luckily I have my glamorous collection of wigs, which means that I can have a different style, length and colour everyday, I bet lots of people would love to be able to do that!

On Friday I had my physiotherapy appointment with Rhiannon, she checked my heel and gave me the fantastic news that I can now put more weight on it as it is just about healed.  She also did some work on my right knee that keeps locking up and she taped it for extra support.  The new tape she uses is terrific for my sensitive skin and means I can keep the tape on longer so it helps more.  I see Rhiannon again in two weeks which is just before I have to go to Sydney again.  Everyday I do my physio exercises, ride the exercise bike and do arm weights, these help me to become stronger and will contribute to assist me to reach my goal of being able to run again.

Fran mentioned a little boy her sister teaches who has just been diagnosed with a brain tumour, since I found out I have one I have been passionate about raising awareness and funds for brain tumours.  Every year around 1,400 new cases of primary (malignant) brain tumours occur in Australia , including 100 in children.

This number excludes an estimated 2,000 benign brain tumours that may cause disability or (rarely) death.  Brain tumours are the second highest cause of death for children aged 0 – 14 years from all causes – second only to accidental drowning and  the highest cause of death in this age group from cancer. It is the highest cause of death from cancer in people aged 0-39 and there have been no significant changes in five year survival rates.  It has the largest lifetime financial cost of any cancer type, at $149,000 per person, and highest lifetime economic cost of any cancer type, at 1.89 million dollars per person.  Brain tumour research funding is low in relation to the burden of the disease.

On a lighter note, in the footy tipping I got all of the games right, I now lead both Nana and Pop by six points.  The best thing about last weeks games was the Tigers winning by so much!

Next week is back to school, I am a little bit nervous about returning but I will remain positive to do my best.  Wishing you all a splendiferous week and thank you for your continued words of encouragement.


Anonymous said...

:( xxx Rhi

Anonymous said...

Hi Daniere,
As much as we all love to hear what you have been up to, don't ever feel under pressure to write.
Hope you feeling brighter soon:)
xo Catherine

briana said...

hi Daniere,

i am always reading ur blogs no matter what i am doing, we have to catch up soon as i still have a present at home for you. i hope u will get better really soon.
love briana

Anonymous said...

Hello, Dainere,

So sorry you are feeling unwell. Hope you are feeling MUCH better soon.

Sending love and rainbows,


Anonymous said...

Hi Dear Dainere, Love your opening paragraph , yes the weather down in Sydney has been terrible too, today is dry but still cloudy , we went to Manly one day last week , and wow the ferry was rolling so much , it reminded me of when i was at sea .

Oh we are sure your hair will grow back thicker and will look just so nice Dainere.

Those statistics you mentiuned , they are incredible , we need to get on to the federal health minister and lobby for more funding and research into child hood brain tumours . May be you and i could lookin to this some time my friend .

Glad to hear you are now at the top of the footy tipping comp , thats fantatic , although , I know nothing about football at all , haha.

May be you could let me know by e mail the dates of your admission to The hospital and how long you think you will be in for .

Well one more week off for me , and then back to work .

Take care and continue on as you do .

Oh Dainere , you just go in to school and do your best as you ALWAYS do ,im sure everyone is so proud of how you portray your self , i know meryl and i are . so Chin up and remembner YOU are as good as all the others , if not beter , we mean that .

Lots of love and hugs and kisses

stuart and meryl; xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Dainere

You are passionate about raising awareness and funds for childhood brain cancers.The statistics blew me away!! I support the fund whenever can and that's why I want to win the footy tipping comp. I could donate the $100 win. My 5c, 10c and 20c coin collection is growing. It's mainly from odd money I find on the street or in the park. Let's keep praying that a cure is found one day.

Wet weather has been keeping us indoors and prevented sports training and games from going ahead. Even the dog Coco, has been allowed inside more than usual but only on his mat. Today we took him to the dog park and he was filthy dirty, so had a warm bath in the laundry tub and has since been allowed inside to sit on the boys laps on the lounge!1 Usually a big No No. However, he's very clean, and loves all the attention.

I hope you are being kind to yourself, doing things at you own pace and pray that each day you are not in too much pain. Please let us know (if you can) the dates you will be in Sydney, I'd love to be able to meet with you, it's like you're part of my family.

Take care, Love Fran xoxo

Anonymous said...

Dear Fran

I am in Sydney from 7th to 12th but have a demanding appointment schedule meaning I am disappointingly unable to catch up with anyone. I would love to meet you one day and thank you for your many words of encouragement and all the news you share. Love and many rainbows - Dainere xoxoxoxo