Friday, July 8, 2011


2nd to 8th July 2011

School Holidays have begun, they are a time to have a well deserved break away from the pressure of school to spend quality time with family and to restore energy and spirits.  However the start of the holidays also was the beginning of horrendous blizzard conditions in Canberra, the winds howled like a wolf crying at the moonlight, tiny pieces of frozen ice fell from the heavy dark clouds and the sun refused to appear.

Jarrett ran in a 4.5km point score Cross Country Race, he started off very quickly but as the race progressed he found his whole body ached and he felt terribly ill, he still managed to come third.  He went to the doctors and found out he had a flu like viral infection with a cross infection also, he has not been able to train for the whole week, which is frustrating for him with Nationals only six weeks away this weekend. 

On Sunday we had a special visit from Michelle, Josiah her little boy and her Mum, it was lovely to catch up with them all.  The rest of the weekend was spent watching DVD's and playing some PlayStation games.

With the disastrous weather and both Mum and Jarrett being ill, we have spent the first week of the School Holidays indoors attempting to keep warm and recover from all our ailments.  I decided to make some scrumptious chocolate chip muffins to cheer everyone up, they put a smile on everyone's face especially when they were heated in the microwave with smooth vanilla custard.

I have been waking with headaches every morning which make me feel quite nauseous, they have often lasted throughout the whole day varying in intensity, panadol and rest seem to offer some relief from them.  I'm not sure why I'm getting them, maybe I am coming down with another infection, perhaps Mum and Jarrett have spread their germs!

Today I had physiotherapy, Rhiannon gave me some magnificent news that my stress fracture in my heel is almost healed, she taped my calf and heel with special tape so that pressure is relieved as I try to put a little bit of weight on it.  She also did some work on my neck and shoulder which have been a bit sore and stiff, I had heat on my neck and it felt sensational.  I think Rhiannon is the best physiotherapist in the world!

You might remember me mentioning to pray for Chris and his family, he has just recently been diagnosed with T-Cell non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, his story is going to be on television tonight on ABC 7.30 ACT (it use to be called Stateline) and Chris is the person who interviewed me to tell my story.  I think you will find that he is another truly inspirational person.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dear Dainere, So glad to hear you are now on school holidays . Hopefully you will re charge your battery . and that mum and Jarrett will recover as soon as possible .

Yes this has been such a cold winter so far , Meryls Mum as you know lives in Cooma ,, and it was minus 10 a couple of days ago , Brrrrrrrrrrr.

Glad you enjoyed the visit from Michelle.

Yes when we lived in England it was the only thing you could do Dainere and that was to stay in doors and play games or watch videos , because of the cold and snow and rain etc .

Your chocolate chip muffins and custard sound just so Yummy .

Hope the headaches clear up for you , i know , i have been having a few lately too , hense the MRI scan needed . Yes its just so good when you get a good therapist isnt it , you are lucky having Rhiannon.

Yes we will pray for Chris , we actually missed the tv report last night.

Have a good week Dainere and love to all , hope those nasty germs go away soon and that dad is feeling ok now too.

Lots of Love and klisses and hugs

Stuart and meryl xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Dainere

Caught up on your news, sounds bitterly cold and it's awful that Jarrett and Mum are unwell. Hopefully, rest at home will do the trick and hot milo with delicious muffins always work! I pray that you too feel better and the headaches ease. Make the most of the holidays.
My boys and I are on holidays and have not done anything fantastic but have enjoyed been at home, no routine and playing with our dog, Coco. My husband will have Monday off work so maybe we will have the day out, weather permitting!
You are fortunate to have Rhiannon. With the ruptured disc in my back, I was attending a great physio too but once I returned to work and the buy routine started again, I didn't have time for my core stability exercises. I became slack for a couple of months but now while I'm on holidays again, I can exercise and walk daily. I feel better with exercising and regular panadol and heat packs help.
Silly me chose Tigers this week but have managed to score the 3 other winning teams. That means I'm on 84 points, 2nd in my tipping comp. My sons are playing nicely in their sport too, Luke is undefeated in his Tennis comp so may head into the Grandfinals and Ben plays Rugby League, also hoping to enter the finals. This was our first and only Saturday off sport but it's all on again next week.
Have a nice week, rest, keep warm and a fun movie to watch is "Cheaper by the Dozen".
Love Fran xoxo