Friday, July 1, 2011


25th June to 1st July 2011

'Never leave it too late, remember how much your parents have given you, be grateful for their sacrifices.  Shower them with love, enjoy their company and enhance their lives'.

Family are really important, we should all treasure each other.  My family have looked after me this week while I have been unwell with yet another viral infection.  I have felt miserable and been unable to go to school at all this week.  Instead I have spent the week taking medication and resting in the hope of recovering from my illness.

I did have one appointment this week and that was with Australian Hearing for an audiology review.  The test was very thorough and went for over an hour.  Initially we discussed any issues I had experienced with my hearing, background noise even when wearing my hearing aid has been a major issue for me with my hearing because when there is background noise I do not hear clearly and it makes it difficult to become involved in conversations.  The audiologist tested my hearing and found that my right and left ears have both had serious deterioration in hearing levels at the middle to high frequency ranges.  It is the type of chemotherapy drugs that I was on, particularly the cisplatin that have caused the hearing loss.  She then checked how I hear sounds and my ability to repeat sentences with background noise with nothing, a hearing aid and an FM transmitter.  The FM transmitter was the test with the more encouraging result as I could hear and repeat most of the sentences I was given without having to strain or try to guess what I had heard.  Once the testing was completed then my hearing aid was recalibrated using the computer results from my tests so that I will be able to hear a little more clearly.  I was then advised that I need to wear my hearing aid all the time and use my FM transmitter all the time in a classroom situation or even when I am out where there is extensive background noise.  If my hearing in my left continues to deteriorate then it is most likely that I will also need a hearing aid for that ear also.  I have to be retested again in twelve months however if I feel that my hearing worsens at all or have any other difficulties then we have to let them know and see them sooner.

Jarrett has recovered from his croup and is racing in a 4.5km Junior Pointscore Cross Country Race tomorrow.  Nalani's knee is becoming stronger everyday and she is looking forward to competing in some races soon.

We are now on School Holidays, we have a three week break, I am hoping to get over my infection so that we can enjoy some activities together.  The weather forecast for next week is not too promising with rain, gusty winds and bitter temperatures, I guess that is what we should expect being the middle of Winter.

In the footy tipping I am still leading by just four points, Pop had an exceptional week last week getting all of the games right and caught up with Nana.

Wishing everyone a splendiferous week and thank you for all your encouraging comments.


Anonymous said...

Hello Dainere
Well what a week of ups and downs for you. Hopefully the school holidays will give you a well deserved and needed break.

What you said about parents was so beautiful and meaningful. You are so right, and the most important thing of all that we all should be thankful for, is the most precious gift anyone could give, and that is life itself.

We are just so proud and humbled to be the grandparents of such a loving and special person as you. We thank your Mum and Dad for such a wonderful addition to our family.

Love you heaps
Nan and Pop xxxx oooo

Anonymous said...

Hello, dear Dainere, yes you are so right , your parents so very precious , even before you are born , mum is looking after you in her womb , and from that point on she will be your best friend together with dad Dainere , always present and willing to help.

Sorry to hear about the hearing problems , I actually also had a hearing test , and the results were ok , but I have to have an MRI in August just to check no more tumour , it will be done at RPA .

We also hope that you can all get together in the hols and do some things together with out any health issues that interfere.

WE are looking forward to my 3 weeks off , so good to be able to have a lie in instead of getting up at 5 30am on these cool mornings Dainere , still it is nice to get up to a nice bowl of Porridge and honey yum yum .

Well i am going for a cup of tea after speaking with lots of overseas friends .

Lots of love , oh by the way saw a great rainbow and instantly thought of you this week .
lots of love and hugs

stuart and meryl xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere

Good to catch up on last weeks news, I hope you can rest and enjoy some activities during the holidays.

Thinking of you always,
Love Fran xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere, my name is Mary-Anne Monckton (but everyone calls me Mez), and I am an elite gymnast for Australia.

I am reading your book at the moment. It first caught my mums eye, last year when I suffered a career ending injury, and when she saw the title she brought it for me.

I have only started reading it now, though I wish I had started earlier, knowing your story would have helped me maintain positivity throughout my rehab.

But even now, I just wanted you to know that you are truly amazing, words cannot even begin to explain. And also, your amount of courage, bravery and determination, just astounds me.

Thanks again for sharing your story :)
Mez Xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Mez

After reading your comment I read about your journey. I think that you have an incredible inner strength and are also extremely determined. I was inspired by your journey after injury to be able to compete again. I wish you all the very best in your dreams and hope that they all come true. Love Dainere xxxx