Saturday, July 30, 2011


23rd to 29th July 2011

On the weekend I felt a little anxious about returning to school for term three, so I was pleased to have a few distractions to take my mind off my worries.  We had running training on both Saturday and Sunday, I made the most delectable strawberry cupcakes with strawberry icing and sprinkles on top and I had a special visit from Heather and her mum Carole.  Heather had Medulloblastoma when she was six and this year she turns twenty six, so she is a twenty year survivor.  Her Medulloblastoma was very different to mine because it was growing upside down and was slower growing and it had not spread at all.  She had surgery and radiotherapy only as her treatment.  I found her visit to be very inspiring for me as she is one of the longest survivors of the disease. 

With butterflies in my stomach I returned to school on Monday for a brand new term, it felt like we have not had a break because we were back into work.  In Maths our new unit of work is Algebra, I really enjoy Algebra, in English we are continuing looking at Shakespeare works and we are reading through and listening to The Merchant of Venice which is like an olden day Neighbours or Home and Away with the many different story lines.  I have new electives this Semester, they are Textiles and Music, I am very excited about Textiles because I have a flair for arts and crafts.  In Integrated Studies our topic is Human Impact on the Global Environment and Science we are looking at Chemical and Physical Properties.  Something sensational we are doing is our Athletics Carnival in September, I am very eager to participate in at least the field events and because I have the disability classification I hopefully can represent the school as a disabled athlete at Zones.  After a tiring week at school I was euphoric that the first week of school was over! 

This weekend it is only three weeks until Cross Country Nationals, Jarrett has recovered from all his illnesses and has been able to train at full capacity.  Nalani has continued her progress and is increasing the amount of training she is doing, she is hoping to compete at the Athletics Carnival, I think she will be able to achieve that goal.

It was very inspirational to see Cadel Evans win the Tour de France, he has faced much adversity, in the form of injury, mechanical problems and self doubt, his dedication, determination and courage is a superlative example to us all.

Canberra had its coldest overnight temperature for July since 1994, it was minus nine degrees, the ice was thick on the ground and chilled everyone to the bones.  However we have had some delightful days filled with golden sunshine and crystal clear blue skies, there are even some trees beginning to bloom with delicate pink blossoms.  Golden yellow wattle flowers are also starting to bloom ready for Wattle Day on the first of September.

My Tigers had a magnificent game last night, coming from certain defeat against Manly (my Mum's team) to be victorious by two points, I was elated!  Poor Nana and Pop tipped Manly to win so that's one game up to me.

Next week on Wednesday I have to go to Hospital to see my Cardiologist and Endocrinologist then on Sunday Mum and I are off to Sydney for more appointments and tests.  I hope everyone has a splendiferous week filled with many rainbows.


Anonymous said...

HI Dear Dainere, oh yum yum , strawberry cupcakes , oh my favourite . how nice for you to have had a visit from Heather and her mum . Yes we are sure you found her visit very inspiring .

Algebra , yes its a magical mystical form of maths isnt it , Dainere I loved it when I was at school , i felt as if i was solving a big mystery , and then when it all workd out at the end I felt so good .

We wish you the very best for your school carnival in Septmeber and will be thinking of you and looking forward to your news about it .

Good luck to both Jarrett mand Nalani in the cross country and athletics carnival.

Oh wow , Dainere , minus 9 wow that is cold , and meryl and I think its been cold when we do our early morninmg walks at 2 degrees hahahaha , we have had two one day trips to Bowral as i think i may have said and yes the wattle is so nice isnt it, I have taken some photos and sent them to our friend in Lima .

Well done with the footy comp Dainere.

You will be in our prayers next week at the cardiologist and endocrinologist too .

Stay warm and take care , love to everyone , hugs and kisses .

Stuart and meryl xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere

It made me cold just reading about your Canberra weather. Does your school have heating? I hope you are warm inside your classrooms. At my school, we have a heater in the Special Ed room and the boys always try tp come in to warm up on cold days. I'll have to tell them how cold you guys are!

Sports carnivals are always fun. Very proud that you can partake in the event. Nalani & Jarrett must be excited about the carnival and Cross Country Nationals. Fingers crossed that you can all achieve your goals at such remarkable events.

My son Luke has torn the ligaments in his right ankle. He was simply playing Basketball at school at lunch time and rolled it - therefore rest, ice and crutches for about 5 days. He will start to put some weight on it tomorrow and it should heal well. My right knee pain is worsening so I'm off to a specialist for an MRI. I think it could be related to the ruptured disc in my back but not sure yet. It's nothing compared to what you experience and I often wonder how your pain is during the night when I'm awake.

Good luck at the Cardiologist and Endocronologist next Weds. This Thursday My son visits the Cardiologist too. He had heart surgery 3 years ago and is due for his check up.

Have you been watching Masterchef? I'm over it but my boys sometimes watch this series. I get inspired to cook delicious meals and then other nights, I don't have time or put together something quickly. It seems you love sweets best, is that right?

I'm on 99 points, have chosen 4 this week and picked Storm tomorrow night. Wait to see what happens. Tigers and Rabbits suprised me with their wins, but I was glad Tigers won.

Take care, lots of love,Enjoy your week.
Fran xoxo

Dianne said...

Dear Dainere,

It was so lovely today - sunshine and 20, enjoy the next few days like your cat in the window basking in the heat. Too nice to be inside at work or school.

I hope to see you this Sat at Stromlo - Lachie will have a run because his soccer game is on Sunday morning. It will be god for him to have a run.

Looking forward to also seeing Nalani back on her feet - I will be a referee at the ASC Carnival late September, I enjoy watching all the events and 'our' athletes.

Take care in the mini heat wave, I hope to see you Saturday.

Lv Dianne