Sunday, July 4, 2010


3rd and 4th July 2010

My Wests Tigers proved that they have determination and courage on Friday night when they took on the Baby Broncos and in the dying minutes with a little Robie Farrah magic they came up victorious, winning 16-14, go the Tigers!

Even though the weather and my mood had been so miserable on Friday especially with hearing the dreadful news about Bill, my spirits were lifted by a surprise telephone call from Emily. I had kept in touch but had not heard from her and had trouble contacting her, she has been settling into her new school and home in Sydney. I have missed her terribly, she was my best friend last year and I had been so upset when I found out they were moving. We talked about so many different things and it was like we picked up right where we left off. Now that things have settled down for her, we are going to be able to keep in touch more.

Despite my wonderful telephone call and my team winning my night was disturbed with intense pain yet again. It is not just my right side now, my left ankle and foot are experiencing the same dreadful pain I have on my right, I can't understand what is happening and I am not sure my doctors do either.

How easily our dismal weather can change, the past two days have almost had a hint of Spring in them and the brilliant sunshine always puts a glowing smile on my face, I had thought that the warmer weather would help my bones but unfortunately this did not occur and I was still in as much pain as I suffer from in the colder weather.

I was sleep deprived as usual and had pain that truly consumed me but I was not going to let it distress me. I began my day by doing my upper body exercises there was one I just could not do due to pain, my leg ones are just not going very well at present and I could not even get on the exercise bike which I love because not only is my right knee sticking, so too is my left and they are both so painful.

With the warmer weather I was able to sit outside in my wheelchair and try to take in as much of that Vitamin D as I possibly could, hoping my bones would absorb it and give me some relief. I sketched with my left hand in a notebook a design for a fairy garden that I would love to make in the back corner of our garden where there is a pot plant feature with nothing in it or around it. My hand became extremely tired and sore so I had to stop, I watched Jarrett and Nalani shoot basketballs into the basketball hoop, I was unable to do it because I was too weak to reach the height, my upper body exercises might help me to be able to achieve this also.

Nalani could not run around though as her knee is not good, she had physiotherapy on Friday, she has to make an appointment to see a Sports Physician as it is not healing as it should, there is the possibility that she has a meniscus tear which may require further treatment and maybe minor surgery. They are hoping that she can get an appointment for next week so it can all be sorted out before she returns to school.

My head felt really bizarre on Saturday, it was painful and it had tingling also, it actually made me feel quite ill. Normally my scar where the fluid was drained prior to surgery gives me some grief but to have the other one give me trouble is most unusual. There is not much you can do either to assist with a problem like this one. Mum massaged it gently and it helped a little with the tingling but the pain remained.

Last night we watched Big Daddy on Television, it made me laugh, it is an Adam Sandler movie, he is in lots of comedies. I was hoping for an improved night sleep because the day had been so gorgeous weather wise but not all hopes are fulfilled. My knees were sticking in bed, I could not lie on my right side because of pain and both my feet just throbbed and tingled.

Another marvellous day, even though the thick, white, icy frost covered the ground the sun was up bright and early and it melted the frost quickly. Jarrett had gone for an early morning run around the Cross Country Course at school, he will be back to full training next week. I woke tired, feeling like I had only just gone to bed and exceedingly sore.

I played Upwords with Nalani, Jarrett and Dad while Mum was doing the house work and then we played Fairy Board Game which I have not played for quite a while because I had played it constantly last year. I was coming last, I just could not seem to roll the numbers I needed but amazingly in the end I rolled the right number to win the game.

When the weather is so terrific you need to make the most of it, so we went for a walk to the Town Centre, I really enjoyed being able to get out in the fresh air again. We just did some window shopping and then came back home. Even though I am in my wheelchair I become exhausted when I go out, I am not sure if it is from concentrating to listen to conversation or even the looking around the shops that does it.

I have felt a little useless today as my left knee has now started to give way from under me like my right one has done. I have had a few falls today with Mum holding me, once was when I wanted to go to the bathroom and I just could not stand at all. This worries me, I am trying to stand and walk but when your knees and ankles give way all the time and you fall no matter how determined or how much courage you have, you just can't do it.

Some wispy grey clouds are starting to appear in the blue sky, I wonder if tomorrow will bring another beautiful day. 'Every day is a new beginning, another chance to laugh, to love and to live your life to the fullest'.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

The weather has been so terribly cold. I am constantly thinking of you and how difficult the cold weather is for you. I am so pleased that you are finding some things to do in the holidays - I think this is what these holidays are for ... just so you don't have to get up early and go to school!!

Your muffins from the other day sound amazing... I'm sure they tasted wonderful. I love cooking too, so I understand how it is a great therapy.

Enjoy the next week of holidays. We will be seeing Tess next weekend so I will give her an extra hug from you!!

Take care - love to all of your family,


Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere
Bet you got really excited about the Tigers winning. We could almost hear your cheers from up here.

It is lovely to hear your plans for the garden. You will have to send us a copy of your ideas, would love to see them.

What a wonderful surprise for you hearing from Emily. Good friends always seem to be able to pick up from where they left off no matter how long it is since they have talked to each other.

That is not very good about your left knee and ankle giving way like your right one does. Perhaps it is time to get a second opinion about what is going on there. You are entitled to know exactly the cause of your problem.

Fancy still having and playing that Fairy Board Game. Pop said he was hoping it might have got lost in the move so he doesn't have to play it next time we are down. I think it is because he always looses that he feels this way. What do you think?

Have to go, so Pop can cook tea on the BBQ.
Hope you have a good week and a lot better nights sleep.

Love always
Nan and Pop xxx ooo xxx

briana said...

Dear Dainere,

I am sad to hear you are in so much pain still. I was hoping and praying that things would get better for you and I still will.
I am also sorry to hear about Bill.

I went back to school last week and I managed all week at school in my wheelchair. Mrs Livingstone was great and helped me a lot.

I am looking forward to hopefully catching up with you over the holidays if you feel well enough.

Stay strong and keep smiling. Always thinking of you.

Love Briana

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere:
Did you know me? I am your friends in Burgmann aglican school. Remember you sell the books in the chapel, and I ordered it in your order list? Your book is amazing. I keep reading at home if I have time. I was almost crying with your jounrey in the hosiptal. And I am thinking that you are a brave girl and really really strong. So I hope you take care of yourself and your family. And I am so proud of you. Dainere.
Love From Nancy Ma

Dianne said...

Dear Dainere,

Adam Sandler is really funny isn't he? I like Happy Gilmore as well where he pretends to be a pro-golfer. Other favorites of mine are Billy Madison, Anger Management and Mr Deeds. Have you seen those? He has quite a few movies to his credit.

I went to see the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time last week and really enjoyed it, a bit of a fantasy but also good story. The Hoyts cinema was freezing and I found out the renovations at Westfield had caused their problems. Be aware of that if you got to see a movie there this holidays.

I do hope your physiotherapy and exercises can bring you some relief from pain. My heater seems to be working overtime this year, it feels a colder winter this year than last.

I wonder if a warm bath with 'Radox Muscle Soak: Herbal Bath' mineral salts would help your painful joints and muscles? I use it for the boys after big sessions at running, soccer and futsal. Ask Mum to get some and try it before bed, it may help you get off to a good sleep; definitely worth a try.

Lachie has game 2 tomorrow - they drew their first today. The Qld team tomorrow might get frostbite!

Take care and stay warm.

Lv Dianne xxxxxx