Monday, July 26, 2010


25th and 26th July 2010

Today the suns beams of glorious light are cradling me in their lavish warmth and easing my pain ever so slightly, as well as raising my spirits to new heights. My heart fills with joy when the sun smiles down upon our Earth and it seems to give me energy to try to defeat what ails me so dreadfully.

My pain is present throughout my day even when the sun is bright and cheering, I had thought that warmer weather would ease it, but it has not, what it does help is how I feel and I think that in turn helps me to try to overcome my debilitating pain.

Saturday night at the Bella Vista Restaurant with Tass, Gloria, Steffany, Carla and Rosie was fantastic, the food there is scrumptious, mind you I only had chips but everyone else's looked like it had been prepared in the MasterChef kitchen. I followed my main course with a soothing, melt in your mouth lemon sorbet which truly tantalised my taste buds and made my mouth feel so fresh and cool. It was a terrific night with loads of laughter and although I could not always hear I really enjoyed it, however I became quite tired so it was time to head home and try to sleep.

I went to sleep quite quickly but woke constantly throughout the night with pain and twice with that horrific nightmare that has haunted my nights before, where I am behind a door, calling Mum, she is on the other side, she looks so sad and she can not hear me, I hate this dream because it seems of real and I woke crying.

It was running training at the AIS, the night had been rather mild and there was no frost on the ground for a change. We were actually able to go for a pleasurable walk around the perimeter of the AIS whilst Jarrett went for his hour run with the squad. There were some wispy, white clouds floating across the brilliant blue sky but there was no wind and I think that is what made the morning so wonderful.

After running training we came home, Nalani and Jarrett had a hoard of homework so they worked on that, I decided to work on my French Worksheet that the class will be doing this week, as I don't attend school on Wednesday this week. After a short period of time, I was fatigued and my eyes were flickering at a hundred miles an hour, then I could feel a distant pain in my head, the beginning of a headache, so I decided to stop before it became worse. I rested, this gives me some more energy for what I want to do next. My right arm was still painful to move and seemed almost paralysed but Jarrett offered during a break from homework to throw the ball to me, keenly I did this however I was constantly dropping it from pain and just an inability to catch it, I kept persevering but it was no good, I had to give up, but I gave one hundred per cent in trying.

We went to Magnet Mart in the afternoon to buy some potting mix and some plants for my fairy garden because Dad had made a brick edged garden bed around the bottom of my pot feature, it is only small but dainty, just how fairies would love it to be. I chose pansies again, a mix of colours, there was a special on a punnet of ten so we got those. We came home and I attempted to plant them whilst sitting on a blanket near the garden, it was quite difficult and I was not able to do it, so I gave Mum instructions on where I wanted them. The ten plants fitted just nicely in my garden. Then Dad glued the tiny fairies I bought the other week onto each pot. I would like to put a solar garden light on either side at the bottom to light my garden up at night and I am still looking for a couple of larger fairy ornaments to sit in the garden bed. When it is completed I am going to take a photograph of it. Towards night time we had a light shower of rain, which was perfect for watering my new plants and now with the sunshine I am sure they are going to thrive and bloom beautifully, my hope is that they will look like a cascading rainbow of colour as they grow.

Before dinner we had a game of Upwords and then after dinner it was time to watch the MasterChef Grand Final. It was extremely exciting and after the first round I was pleased that Adam was in front, then in the second round when they had to cook with the same ingredient three different ways, I was really impressed with both Adam and Callum's dishes. The last round, when I found out it was a dessert I was sure that Callum would come from behind to win but Adam hung on and cooked magnificently and he became Australia's 2010 MasterChef. I thought it was so wonderful of George to then announce that he wanted Callum to work in his restaurants in Melbourne and they were also giving him $10,000 to help with his expenses. What an amazing opportunity for someone so young, he really deserved something.

I slept on and off again last night with pain in my right knee being the villain this time, with no school today though it meant that I could stay and rest in bed a little longer than if I had of had to rush to school. With my pain and other issues it would be so much easier to be able to work my day on my own timetable but that is not possible, unfortunately. I tried my upper body exercises this morning because I thought my should had improved a little but I was so wrong, once I began I had to stop as it clicked and the pain shot up my arm so quickly I actually got a fright. It has been painful for the rest of the day, it almost feels like it is sitting out of place, I can hardly wait until physiotherapy now on Wednesday maybe it just needs some manipulating.

Dad had the day off today because he had to work the Queanbeyan race meeting the other Sunday. We went grocery shopping, you see, Mum and I can't do it by ourselves with me in a wheelchair the only time we can is during school holidays when either Jarrett or Nalani comes with us, so normally Dad will do it at night. It was terrific to go again as then I could choose the type of food that I thought I would like to eat. After grocery shopping which incidentally made me extremely tired for some reason, Mum unpacked while I rested then we played Upwords.

I feel like I have a slight cold at the moment and that is making me feel rather nauseous with my nose draining back on some occasions. Demazin seems to give me some relief, I hope that it does not turn into something more nasty.

Tomorrow is school, I am hoping that the sun continues to shine and brighten every one's days. My life is not how I would like it to be, but how fortunate am I to have been given this journey to inspire, help and meet the most extraordinary people, what a gift that is for me.


m_monicascott said...

Hi Dainere,

It is lovely to have the sun shining and we had lots of birds around too, hopefully spring is in the air.

I hope you post some photos of your fairy garden, I too love fairies and have always thought a fairy garden would be beautiful.

I bet you are an expert at Upwords by now.

I hope your pain gives you some relief, you are a brave, intelligent and wonderful girl.

Stay strong

Love Monica xxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

I am so glad that the weather is warmer. Perhaps the worst of Winter is over. We haven't had a frost here for about a week, and the days are getting longer, too.

Your garden sounds as if it is growing nicely. My pansies are flowering quite well with big blooms. The variety is called "Jumbo" so I guess that is why they are so large. I also planted some strawberry plants on Saturday in the vege patch... I really like home grown strawberries.

Your night out on Saturday sounds as if it was fun. It is always good to get together with family and friends and good food makes it even better!

What are you going to watch now that MasterChef is finished??? It certainly has been a popular show and it was funny that the politicians had to change the time for their debate so it didn't clash with the MasterChef final!

How is your football tipping going? Poor old Tigers didn't go too well this weekend but wasn't last weekend's match great! That Benji... he certainly is a special player!

School tomorrow... your French lessons sound great, learning about food, etc. Your restaurant day will be wonderful, I'm sure, something good to anticipate.

Do hope you have a restful night tonight and a sunny day tomorrow with much less pain.

With love and prayers for a very special young lady and her wonderful family,


Jo said...

Hi Dainere,

You would have spent some time at school today, I hope you enjoyed it. Only a few days left before you'll have your hearing aid! I'm sure it will help feel more a part of things again, although it might take some time to adjust to it.
When I read the other day about you learning some French it made me think of my own (fairly poor) attempts to learn Spanish. One thing that was useful was labelling things around my house with the spanish words. Then every time I go put the kettle on I see the words "cafe con leche" (coffee with milk) on a little bit of paper, and it helps me to remember. Perhaps there are some spots in your kitchen for some of the French terms you will need.
I was browsing some recipes on the internet earlier at and noticed that they have a category of French recipes. I thought of you again, and as I know you love cooking wondered if you would want to be adventurous and try making a French recipe for your family sometime. This was one that I looked at -
and there were lots of others.

Keep as warm as you can, I hope that little bit of a cold doesn't develop any further.

Best wishes

Ali Davies said...

I love the descriptive way you describe the weather. Your writing style is giving me some great pointers. You see, I only started blogging myself in January. So I am still learning so it is good to see the writing style of other bloggers.

Your fairy garden sounds lovely. I think being in touch with nature is such a peaceful activity. We did a little vegetable patch with our son (he is 6) this summer. He loves it and enjoys watching stuff grow and then pick it.

Keep on keeping on Dainere.

Take good care