Friday, November 30, 2012


24th to 30th November 2012

All the revising and studying ended this week as it was time to begin exams.  Often no matter how hard you have studied when you see that exam paper in front of you and read the questions you start to panic.  However once you start to answer the questions and all you have learnt, you can picture in your head and transfer onto that paper you grow in confidence.  We were fortunate in Maths to have a formula sheet that we could refer to and in English we could have our novel with us, so we could look through it to back up our analytical essay with quotes.  Sports Science was just remembering but because I really love that subject and always hear Nalani and Jarrett talking about different things they do in their classes I can remember so much.

Jarrett and Nalani have also been studying with dedication as they too have been doing exams. They have both done extremely well in their exams.

Now with exams over we head into the last couple of weeks of the school term.  Although we do have some normal classes we are also doing some exciting events.  We are having a special Medieval Extravaganza, we have a choice of activities to do and it will all culminate in a special assembly presentation and medieval feast.  I have chosen to do Medieval Fashion, I think that I am really going to enjoy doing this.  When I was in hospital having treatment I designed some dresses for my CNC Nurse Liz and she really loved them. 

Other events I have coming up are presenting the Pathfinder Award I won last year to the student who has won it this year.  When I won that award last year, I was so honoured and humbled to receive it.  I have tried to live up to it this year by always trying my very best in all my studies, trying to inspire other students by competing in the Cross Country and Athletics Carnivals, writing and having published another book which had an important message and of course my passion for fundraising for the Brain Tumour Fund, one day maybe what I have done will see a cure found.

I also had physiotherapy this week, the wonderful Kaitlyn worked on my neck and spine, with exams, my pain has increased, but I do try to remain as brave as I can be. 

Yesterday and today have been incredibly hot in Canberra, with temperatures well over thirty degrees.  The heat really knocks you around, but I make sure I am keeping up my fluids and resting.  The unfortunate thing with the hot weather is that I am unable to use my hot water bottles to assist with pain relief. 

There is no Interclub this weekend, which is a good thing because I am just too tired and sore to compete, hopefully I will be feeling a bit better the following week to compete.

Wishing everyone a splendiferous week one that is blessed with every happiness and keeps you smiling because your smile brightens the lives of those around you.



Anonymous said...

Good Morning Dainere,

How wonderful that you can now enjoy a well-earned rest from studying. I am so confident that you have done your very best in your exams - congratulations!

Now it's time to take lots of pleasure in the activities at school and in the lead-up into Christmas, a very special time of year.

Stay cool in this very hot weather and enjoy the beginning of the Christmas lights season in Canberra.

Sending you lots of big hugs,

Anna xoxoxoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the Christmas lights when they go up, I know you love to see people getting into the festive season and celebrating. Enjoy the rest from exams, they are tiring when you have them but all the studying pays off and I am sure that you have done your best to achieve a good mark. Stay cool and make sure that you have plenty of fluids. I found a quote that you I thought you might like; it's from Alice Walker: Don;t wait around for other people to be happy for you. Any happiness you get, you've got to make for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere,
Well done on all your hard work leading up to your exams. For most people they only have to study for exams, but for you it is dealing with pain and tiredness as well as studying. You are such a trooper!
Your medieval festival sounds like such fun and a great reward for a years hard work. How has poor Tinkerbelle been coping with the heat? Ollie lies underneath the fan - totally stretched out. I put some ice cubes in his water bowl the other night and he had a great time batting them around and trying to lick them - it was quite funny!
One of my neighbours has just put up all their Christmas lights and it looks splendiferous...I love Christmas lights.

Wishing you a wonderful week,
Catherine and Ollie the cat.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dear Dear Dainere, you have worked so hard for these exams , and you deserve the very best of results . Nerves do play a big part in them and its funny , in the subjects that we love , we almost look forward to the exam , haha.N
Well Done to Nalani and Jarrett too , because they have also worked hard , we thought about Nalani this Friday when we had our massages with our Wonderful Angela .

You hopefully can now relax a bit and enjoy the last couple of weeks s doing what yoiu like to do , and also these exciting events.I think the ladies looked so elegant in the medieval ages with the beautiful clothes they wore.

Oh yes you have well and truly lived up to The Pathfinder award Dainere, you are a credit to your family and your School. Well Done .

Yes i think with the stress of the exams in brings on that pain because we tense up and do not relax .

Oh yes , here in Sydney , in Padstow it was 38 on Friday and nearly 40 on saturday .

We had a nice time in the Blue Mountains on Monday and Tuesday , but we had a terrible storm too .

WE wish you a GREAT WEEK ahead Dainere , and Take Care and Enjoy your self . Love to mum and dad and Jarrett and Nalani .

love snd kisses and hugs to you

stuart and meryl


Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

Finally catching up with your latest news.

Well done to you, Nalani and Jarrett.

Hope you can show us some of your designs.

Thanks for the smiles you bring to others.