Saturday, November 17, 2012


10th to 16th November 2012

The sun is shining brightly in the clear blue crystal sky, the birds are chirping happily and the garden is alive with an array of fragrant blooms.  Each day we should wake and even if we do not feel the best, we should take the time to find something or someone to appreciate. 

My journey with this insidious disease, cancer has made me appreciate all the little things that are around me, to think about and give to others, believe that there are those that are so far worse off than I am and that I am lucky and to never, ever give up hope.

This week school has just been about revision in readiness for exams which commence on 26th November.  To remember what you did way back at the beginning of Term 3 is not always easy but if you take the time to read over all the notes you have taken, through the text books and over assignments it makes it much easier. 

I had a visit from Wendy my CNC nurse from Sydney, who was checking to see how I was doing.  She does not just talk about how I am medically, she takes the time to listen to me and look at what I have been doing at school.  She loved looking through my Romeo and Juliet Assignment which she had seen as I was putting it together, she seemed so amazed by what I had achieved and knew just how much work I had put into it. 

A visit to physiotherapy was also part of my week.  Kaitlyn worked on my neck and shoulders, which were extremely painful.  Luckily there are physiotherapists in our society, without them so many people would not be able to function in their day to day lives.  At the end of my session I had those wonderfully warm and soothing heat packs on my neck, back and legs. 

Me throwing the 400g javelin
The most splendiferous day this week though was on Tuesday when I proudly represented my school at the ACT Schools Track and Field Championships.  I competed against other male and female students from all over Canberra who are also classified as athletes with a disability. 

My first event was discus and following my classification review I am now throwing a lighter weight discus, it is now only 350 grams rather than 750 grams which just took too much effort and energy from me.  I was so excited when I threw 6.87m which was a personal best.  It was even more special because I had Mum, Dad, Jarrett, Monique and Anna watching me throw. 

Then it was time for javelin, the weight of the javelin has not changed as 400 grams is the lightest.  I threw 4.12m which I was very pleased with. After the javelin it was shot put, my new weight for that is 1.5 kg, it used to be 2 kg.  It actually did not feel that much different but my best throw was 2.18m, it has been a long time since I have thrown over 2m, so I was ecstatic. 

Standing to throw is ultra difficult for me, my balance is so shocking and having the extra weight of the implement makes it tricky, I have often fallen, been very shakey and had wobbly legs, but you can't give up on what you really love. 

At the end of the competition ribbons were awarded, when you are an AWD athlete you are not in an age group, you are against everyone else who has a disability classification and they vary.  So you can imagine how totally excited and humbled I felt when I received two green third place ribbons for both my discus and javelin. 

Jarrett also competed at the Championships, he was running of course, he was representing the school in the 3000m, as he ran so elegantly and skillfully around the track seven and a half times, I was there cheering him on and so excited for him when he was the first 17 year boy across the line and he also achieved a season personal best.  He received a blue first place ribbon, which was terrific for him after his run of injuries and asthma, he truly deserved it.

For me competing had a downside and that was the excruciating pain and tiredness that I suffered with for the next few days, but to be able to do what I love so much and my fantastic results personally and for my school made up for it.  I want to keep competing for as long as I can, I do not want my cancer to stop me from doing what I love.

Unfortunately when I had my classification review, they could not allow for me to compete in a wheelchair, as there are certain rules they have to follow, so my dream of feeling like running in a race won't happen in competition form, but I am sure I can find another way to feel as though I am running again. 

Jarrett and Nalani both have exams next week they are busily studying, I am sure that they are going to do extraordinarily well as they are dedicated and always work hard. 

At school we had a special fund raising event in memory of Olivia Lambert, who lost her battle with neuroblastoma this year.  It was a silly sock day, I hope that they were able to raise many funds, as neuroblastoma is another childhood cancer that is horrific and so devastating. and

Thank you to the many people who have made donations to The Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation Brain Tumour Research Fund and those who have supported any cancer fundraising, maybe one day all cancers will be able to be cured. 

A special thank you to Vanzwan Accounting for having their very special golf day, the generosity, support and love you have shown towards me and my family are truly and deeply appreciated and so humbling.

Wishing everyone a terrific and magical week, may your days be filled with finding those special little things that make you smile.



Anonymous said...

Hello Dainere,

What a lovely opening paragraph!

You are such an inspiration.

Great photo of you and the javelin. Well done to you and Jarrett. I'd probably break some of my toes if I tried the shot put! And I'd be a danger to others with the discus and javelin.

I'm sorry you didn't get the opportunity to compete in your wheelchair.

Best wishes to Nalani and Jarrett for their exams.

Thank you for the links to Olivia's sites.

The image at the end of your post is magical. Thank you for brightening my day.



Anonymous said...

Hi Dear Dear Dainere, WEll what a week you have had , truly spendiferous , as you would say , im sure . WELL DONE and congratulations on a splendid result .

oh truly a lovely way to start this weeks blog , Meryl and i love your words.

We can see that you are very thorough and meticulous in your notes for school and can step back and look for things in months gone by. WELL DONE .

What a caring person Wendy is . So re assuring for you , to have someone who will listen , and consider you as a whole person , NOt someone who just has cancer .

An amazing picture of you throwing the javelin , we are amazed at your power and strength , you are awesome Dainere .

What amazing results , cetainly not a day you will forget , we are so so happy for you .

oh yes the balance thing is a nightmare , i am terrible still even now my balance is shocking , i have to sit to put on shoes , , i could never walk a stright line if asked to do so .

WEll done and congrats to Jarrett too, and now all those extra ribbons for you to cherish .

Never say never Dainere .

What a fantastic event at school , we hope you raised heaps of money .

WE just love the beautful fairy at the end of this weeks blog .

love and kisses and hugs , say hello to mum , dad and Nalani and Jarrett.

lots of love
stuart and meryl


Anonymous said...

Dearest Daniere,

I love the photo you posted what a brave and strong young woman you are. Do you know Daniere you are achieving more in your life than most of us so called normal healthy people achieve. You put every ounce of your energy and courage into everything you do even when you are experiencing such pain. I admire and respect you and your wonderful family.
God bless you all, love Susan xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Lovely Dainere,

Thankyou as always for sharing. I love your picture of javelin throwing, well done. i dont think I could throw that at all !!

I agree with Susan you are achieving so much and more than many achieve in a lifetime, what an amazing young woman you are.

I also love your tinkerbell, she is my favourite character, a fairy with a bit of attitiude ;-)

xxx Monica