Friday, November 9, 2012


3rd to 9th November 2012

Today I found this quote by Henrik Ibsen, I think it is simple but has a powerful message and as we are heading into an extremely busy time of the year, it is a quote that may make us stop and think.  'A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed'.  To add my own little words to the end, I think that the deed would be one of kindness that comes from the heart and is done for someone less fortunate. 

My week has been busy again at School, we are in full preparation mode for exams, it is a stressful time, one where we have so much revision to absorb and remember.  The marks we achieve in our assessments and exams in Year 9 go towards our Year 10 certificates, so it is important to do our very best and it also teaches us good study skills for our future schooling. 

Last Friday I threw the discus and javelin at an Interclub Meet, the weather was rather chilly and a breeze came up during the evening and it made me think we were heading back into Winter.  The combination of the colder weather and being so tired from School, I did not achieve any personal bests, however I still enjoyed myself because I was out there having a go and that is what it is all about.  It is those people who do not get out there and try because they don't think they will do any good, or they just could not be bothered that are missing out and I feel sorry for them.

Nalani threw well achieving a personal best in discus for the season and Jarrett ran a fantastic 1500m also achieving a season personal best.  It is always so special to all be there competing and cheering each other on.

I was so fortunate to have a short visit from Tess, my Starlight wish granter, she was in Canberra and wanted to spend some time with me.  She always lifts my spirits and keeps me positive and again I am grateful that through the misfortune of my disease, I have met some of the most extraordinary people and so I consider myself lucky. 

As always I had my physiotherapy appointment with Kaitlyn who is always there to assist with my pain and discomfort.  This week she worked on my right foot which was just so terribly painful, then she also worked on my lower back.  After my lovely massage and some ultrasound therapy it was then time for those magnificent heat packs which by now you all know how much I appreciate. 

This week there is no Interclub competition but I am having my classification reviewed.  you see I am classified as an AWD T/F36 athlete, many cerebral palsy athletes are in that classification.  However, this may be the wrong classification for me now, so you have to be reviewed to see if you need to be classified differently.  One of the officials thought I was more like a 34 or 35, I certainly can not run and if I received on of these classifications I may be able to compete in track events in a special wheelchair and may be able to use a special frame to throw.  Just being able to compete is so important to me and if I am classified differently it could mean that I can also do track events, that would be so splendiferous as I used to love to run before I was diagnosed with my brain tumour. 
Sometimes because of my pain, I feel very nauseous, it is a terrible feeling, but I am fortunate to have medication to assist with it, it is called Ondansetron and it relieves that horrible feeling and stops me from vomiting.  This week I have had to take them a few times, I think it is a combination of my pain and also how tired I am from school.

There are only 45, yes 45 days until Christmas, can you believe it, I think my greatest Christmas wish would be for a cure not only for brain tumours but for all cancers to be found, then no one or their families would have to suffer.  I will continue to raise awareness and funds for brain tumours for as long as I can and maybe one day my wish will come true.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dear Dear Dainere, well here we are agin , a Friday , dont they come round quickly .

What a lovely opening paragraph and how so true.

WE wish you well , in your striving for good results at the exams .

Well done at club last Friday , pb's are the bonus , taking part is the best bit .

Congrats to Nalani and Jarrett.

How nice to see Tess , she comes up a lot to Canberra , thats so nice for you to often see her .

Oh wow , we hope you are able to have your classification reviewed , to enable you to compete on track , using a special wheel chair.

So glad you are able to have Ondansetron to stop the nauseous and vomiting , oh how awful that is , memories are so vivid in my mind .

Wow Christmas only 45 days , its scary Dainere, a time of giving and family and friends extra thoughts , hugs and well wishes . I always think, and im sure you do too, of the millions to whom it is just another day , as they strive to find food , in this world . in 2012 !!!

Much love , hugs and kisses to you .

stuiart and meryl

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

I agree with the Ibsen quote. So I will not say much!

Hopefully my deed, you know the one, will be sufficient.

Love and rainbows,


Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere,
You really have had such a busy week. The pressure at the end of the school year is always intense. I know how hard you work, so I am hoping it won't be long before the assignments and exams are over so that you will have time for your craft activities.

I do hope your weekend has been relaxing.
Today is a beautiful day. I have been busy planting lots of colour in the garden for summer.

May your week be an easier one and your workload lighter.

Sending sunshine to brighten your week

Silverdragon said...

Dear Dainere - last week I had the opportunity to share your blog with another young woman who is very ill, with a rare form of breast cancer. She, like you, is an amazingly positive and beautiful girl - her name is Sunny.

Dainere, she was ever so grateful to read your inspiring words and said she took strength from hearing your story. She is going to read your book as soon as her mum can get hold of a copy from a friend.

Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration, for being so positive even in the face of severe pain and for sharing your insights with us. I am hoping you have a new little friend in your 'hug' by now...

Much love