Saturday, December 8, 2012


1st  to 7th December 2012

I think that somewhere over each of our rainbows, the skies are always blue, the sun is continually shinning and that all our deepest dreams we dare to dream really do come true.

With exams over at school we had normal classes for part of the week and then we began our special Medieval activities.  I did Medieval Fashion, we learnt about the type of fashion that the upper and lower classes wore, what men and women wore, what the clothing was made from and what accessories they put with their clothing. Did you know that Medieval clothes provided information about the status of the person wearing them. The clothing and fashion during the Medieval era of the Middle Ages was dominated and highly influenced by the Kings and Queens of the era. Only the wealthy could dress in fashionable clothes.

After we did our research we were given the opportunity to design our own fashion.  I thoroughly enjoyed doing this as I really love beautiful dresses.  Then using what materials are available at school and only hand sewing we will be making our designs next week.  At a special assembly next week all the groups will then be doing presentations, there are groups doing art, some doing a play, some working on games, buildings and weapons. 

On the weekend I met with my friend Ally, we had a photograph together with Santa.  We had wanted to do it last year but he had been on his lunch break.  It was fantastic doing that with Ally, she has been a really terrific friend to me.

Then on Sunday I was humbled by having the Andante Andante Abba Choir perform for me and my family.  They sang a repertoire of Abba songs which had us tapping our feet.  Then they sang my very favourite Christmas Carol, Silent Night.  Their music filled my heart with joy, the gift of music is so splendiferous.  This is a link if you would like more information about the choir.

I also had my physiotherapy appointment with Kaitlyn, this time she worked on my foot and right knee which have been very painful.  I wanted them to feel more comfortable as I am hoping to throw discus and shot put at Interclub on Saturday.

It is Middle School Celebration tonight and I have been asked to present the Pathfinder Award that I won last year to the student who has won it this year.  I remember how honoured I felt by winning that award last year and I have tried to continue to live up to that award by continuing to blaze a trail not only in my education but also trying to help and inspire others.

We have our Senior School Celebration on Monday night, it should be a very special night celebrating the achievements of the year.

You may be wondering why I am typing my Blog in larger font, it is because it is much easier for me to see, when the font is smaller I have to strain to look at it and I then tend to also put my neck forward and strain it and anything I can do to avoid straining and having pain is helpful.

My pain continues to be my enemy, some days are a little better than others but sometimes I have to fight constantly, I fight it with trying to be brave and positive, my pain killers, heat and massages.

Remember to look for your rainbow, believe in yourself and never let go of your dreams. 
Have a nice Day!


Anonymous said...

How exciting having the choir sing especially for you. Mum must have thoroughly enjoyed it as Abba was her favourite group when she was younger. Silent Night is my favourite too (Nans).

Both Pop and I are extremely pleased with the larger print on your blog. We can actually read it without having our nose on the screen.

Can't wait to see the costume you design for the Mediaval affair. It sounds really exciting.

Have you started the official countdown to xmas yet? We are going to put our tree up today or tomorrow. It is such an exciting time. Xmas is always so special, a time to be spent with families and friends.

We hope you get some more relief from your pain. We do admire your courage.

All our love
Nan and Pop xxxx oooo

Anonymous said...

HI Dear Dear Dainere, what a lovely 1st paragraph, if we dream hard enough Dainere im sure they will come true .

How good is that feeling knowing that the exams are over , and you can now get down to the enjoyment of your Medieval project .

When it all comes together next week it will be fabulous Dainere. Well Done .

How Nice for you and Ally to have your photo taken with Santa .

Thats so nice to have had The Andante Andante Choir sing for you. Abba music is so nice , we love it too.

Hope you managed to Throw the discus and shot on Saturday , and hope your knee is NOT playing up.

How did The presentation of the Pathfinder award go , you were a perfect recipient for it last year .

The larger font is great Dainere as you know cos of my tumour i only see from one eye , so it helps me very much .

Yes if only someone could invent a tablet that would take the pain away for you .

Just like the song Dainere , "" When you walk through a storm hold your head up high , and dont be afraid of the dark."" By Gerry and the Pacemakers , what a wonderful song that is , , YOU hold your head up high all the time and you are never afraid , you inspire us .

Have a Great Week.

lots of Love and Hugs and Kisses .

stuart and meryl

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

The font looks great, easy to read.

Your Medieval activities sound interesting. History is full of great information.

Will we see the Santa photo? {:-)

What a wonderful thing to have the choir sing for you! Abba and Silent Night!!!

Hoping for the best with Interclub.

I'm sure the Pathfinder Award recipient will be honoured to follow your lead.

Have a wonderful time at the Senior School Celebration.

Much love,


Ali Davies said...

Hey Dainere,
Thought I would pop my head in and say "hi"

Been I while since I last came to your blog and it is wonderful to see that you are still as as inspiring as ever.

Am loving the larger font!!!

Good to get your latest update. Even though I haven't been to your blog for a while, I often think of you.

Keep on keeping on and never lose sight of those rainbows.

Best wishes to you and your family

ALi Davies

Greg Jericho said...

Hi Daniere

Congratulations on presenting the Pathfinder Award, am sure this year's winner was honoured to receive it from you.

Enjoy the last week of school for the year.