Saturday, November 5, 2011


28th October to 4th November 2011

I wonder how much of your potential you have reached? 
What has held you back?
What do you fear most?
Your potential will open up if you embrace life with a positive attitude despite the challenges and fears that may cross your path.

At Interclub on Friday I threw the discus and the shot put. Discus has always been my favourite field event even before I was diagnosed with cancer and shot put was the one that I felt I was not very successful at.  Through my journey I have learnt to face so many new and frightening challenges with courage and determination, so I have taken a positive attitude into my throwing.  To my surprise and delight that attitude has helped me to throw a personal best in shot put, I threw 2.40m! Sometimes when you work hard and push yourself you may then face a slight hurdle, the day after my huge throwing effort I had a very swollen knee and painful foot.   As the week went on and with some care from Mum the swelling went away and the pain in my foot disappeared. 

School has been so tremendously hectic, we have many assignments that have to be completed as well as having to study for exams.  In Maths we are still working on cartesian planes and our test will cover all the work from the year.  In English we have been looking at how to write short answer responses to questions about text.  We have begun to plan our felting project in Textiles and in Science we have been investigating the respiratory system, it is so interesting and miraculous how our body functions. 

Our weather has turned glorious, the sky is such a clear crystal blue and the sun is so luxuriously warm and inviting.  The gardens are abundant with colour and fragrance, our rose bushes are bursting with heavenly scented blooms and there are more buds ready to burst open.  The grass is growing rapidly and the hum of lawnmowers can be heard frequently in the street. 

Next week I will be kept busy with doctors appointments, I see my Endocrinologist and he may be able to shed some light on when the growth hormones may be approved.  My other appointment is with the Oncologist who will be doing his three monthly check up on me. 

I have also been selected to represent my school at the ACT Schools Championships for discus, shot put and javelin as an AWD athlete.  It is such a special honour to have made it through to this level and I am hoping that I will be able to do my best.  Jarrett was also selected to run in the 3000m, 1500m and 800m but won't be able to because of his plantar fascia injury, he is absolutely devastated about it as he was running so phenomenally well, however he has a wonderful attitude and sees this as a challenge that will make him more determined and stronger when he returns from injury.  

Nalani is running again and trying to regain her fitness levels, it has now been eleven months since her major knee surgery.  At Interclub she also threw personal bests in both discus and shot put, it is terrific that we can compete together in the same events. 

So many people we know have been diagnosed with different types of cancer this year, their families have been facing the difficult journey with them.  Cancer entirely changes your life, I think that I have become a better person because my cancer and appreciate life more. 

May you all find many positives in your lives this week and strive to reach your full potential. Good luck also to the many students who are doing exams in the coming weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Daniere,
Congratulations to you on your stunning efforts at inter club. I am sure you an inspiration to many people there as well as those of us in blog world. How great that you get to represent your school as well.
I went to see Mary Poppins again last weekens with my sister, daughters and nieces . It was great fun to have a girly weekend away. One of the songs in the show really made me think of you - "anything can happen if you let it".
It must be hard for Jarrett to have to sit out of competition, but he has a bigger goal in his sights that keeps him focused. Your parents have given you all an amazing gift of patience and perserverence - despite some very tough times.
I'm sure you'll be sad to say goodbye to Rhiannon when the time comes. I Know she can't be replaced, but hope that you find another physio to help you with your journey and your goals.
Good luck with your appointments this week. Hope you get some positive news.