Friday, November 25, 2011


19th to 25th November 2011

As I sit to type this entry large tear drops of rain are falling freely from the overcast skies over Canberra,the envigorating sunshine that put a smile on all our faces has disappeared, to be replaced by bleak cold weather. 

Last Friday it was Interclub again, I threw the discus and shot put, I did not get a personal best in either event throwing 5.68 meters in discus and 2.28 meters in shot put, I had expected that because I had thrown early in the week.  I always enjoy participating at Interclub, being with other athletes of all ages and abilities.  Nalani threw two personal bests though and was really pleased with herself. Jarrett of course was not running due to his injury however he was there calling out splits for members of his running squad, he is like that, he always encourages other people. 

My week at school began with a Maths exam, we had two long test papers one was on catestian planes and the other was on all the work that we have covered throughout the whole of Year 8.  I love Maths and had studied for the tests, however during the test I found that my right hand began tingling and became heavy and painful, then my head was throbbing, it actually felt like a balloon being blown up so large that it was just about to burst.  My eyes were also flickering and making it difficult for me to focus on the words on the paper.  Then it happened I blanked out, everything goes dark for a little while and then I hear my name, it is Mum, she stays calm but is probably extremely worried.  When I can see light again I feel so very tired and my right arm is paralysed, I am not able to move it, it just hangs by my side.  My head still throbbed and I felt very nauseous it was horrible.
I came home and slept, it helps me feel a little better, I had to elevate my arm to give it support and I took pain killers for my head and stomach pain. 

Tuesday I was still not well, my arm was still useless and my head was still throbbing and felt unordinarily large.  Nalani had a farewell to Year 12 assembly in the morning which I went to with Mum.  It was very special as the Year 12 students paraded in to the Green Day song Good Riddance (time of your life), I noticed that Mum had a glistening tear in her eye as Nalani walked in.  After several speeches the students were then congratulated and wished luck for their exams and they each walked up onto the stage with really special comments been made about each of them.  Nalani had some really lovely words said about her including that she was mature and a sincerely empathetic person.  At the end the Kindegarten children sang a song and gave the Year 12 students a flower, it was really magnificent.

I then had physiotherapy which I could hardly wait to have, Rhiannon is always able to help me when I have problems.  She was able to loosen the excessively tight muscles in my neck, shoulders, arm and hand, then while she was working on my calves which were tighter than usual also, Mum did some ultrasound on my right hand and wrist.  Then my physiotherapy session came to an end, it was one of the saddest days of my life because it was Rhiannon's last day, she has been my very wonderful and extraordinary physiotherapy gurardian angel.  She was working with me before I was even diagnosed with my brain tumour, she was there for me when I returned for those few weeks after radiotherapy and then of course when I finished was chemotherapy and was so weakened.  She has a bright light that shines from within her, it is like a magic light that radiates and helps her patients feel so much better.  I will miss her so much and I cried when I gave her a gift and a huge hug.  I hope that all her dreams come true and that she has many, many rainbow moments in her future life. 

I went to school on Wednesday, in Textiles I worked on my felting, I was still wetting it down and gently rubbing it with the bubble wrap, then the teacher said it was ready to roll.  My poor right arm was still useless so I had to use my left, it was a little difficult but I still persevered and did it.  It still needs a little more rolling, you roll it until it shrinks, then you wet it and then it is ready to be cut and sewn.  In Maths we were working on a booklet that had been made up by all the students in the class. 

This week I also had a visit from the parish assistant who gave me communion, I am not always able to make it to church as I am not well enough or too tired so they sometimes come to our home to give me communion and do a reading and a prayer.  I still believe that God has given me this journey for a reason and even though sometimes I feel a little sad that I have to travel this journey I know that through my journey and trying to raise awareness the best I can maybe just maybe one day in the future there will be a cure for brain tumours.

I have still been saving those five cent coins and will be sending them off to the Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation Brain Tumour Fund early in December because they close from 23rd December until 9th January, so anyone else who has been saving them may want to do the same.  Cheques are made out to Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation Brain Tumour Fund and the address you send them to is Tara Donnelly, Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation Locked Bag 5, Randwick NSW 2031.  You can also send a cover letter telling them that you were raising the coins because you had read about it on my Blog. 

Today we had a telephone call from the Canberra Hospital Paediatrics unit to let us know that my growth hormones have been approved, the next step is to meet with the educator to tell us all about them and how Mum has to inject them.  We have an appointment next Tuesday to do that and then we will be given a prescription for the hormones.  I am excited that they are going to help me but are aware that there are side effects which may not be pleasant. 

As the rain still tumbles like large tears from the angels in heaven my left hand has fatigued and I need to rest it.  Wishing you all a wonderful week, never give up on your dreams, look for inspiration in others, don't underestimate your courage and let the light from within your heart shine brightly on the lives of others.


Rhiannon said...

Dearest Dainere, I must admit I also had many a tear when I got home from work and opened your amazing present! The picture was incredible and will be hung from my new bedroom wall. And the little trinket of the angel was just beautiful! Everytime I look at it I will think of you and your amazing family. Thanks for letting me treat you, it was an amazing privilege! Please keep in touch!! xxx Rhi :)P.S Great news on the injection approval!!

sarah m said...

oh Dainere, how distressing your seizure must have been :-( I had one at work and blacked out, when I woke up i was at the doors of the ambulance! They're really quite scary - lucky your lovely mum was there for comfort and reassurance x