Saturday, November 19, 2011


12th to 18th November 2011

I truly believe that if you are determined enough  and possess enough courage then you can achieve even the  goals that seem almost impossible.  

This week has been extremely hectic and exhausting for me both mentally and physically, firstly with school as we have been working on end of year tasks.  In English we did revision early in the week to prepare for our exam questions on Thursday.  Then of course the exam was Thursday, it was based on the novel Lockie Leonard Human Torpedo and there were two parts to it.  Writing is so difficult for me because my fine motor skills have been affected by my tumour and treatment, it took me fifteen minutes to write one small paragraph.  I did finish the exam eventually with the assistance of a scribe but it had zapped all my energy so on returning home I slept.

In Textiles I began my felting project, you have to lay down your base colour by sandwiching it, that is putting the felt one way and then the opposite way to help it bind.  I then added my polka dots in four different colours and I was then able to put the prepared product onto some bubble wrap and place a piece of material over it, then wet it down with hot water and some lux soap flakes.  Using another piece of bubble wrap I smoothed over the material, this process binds the materials together.  Next week I have to work on the next process of rolling it.  The procedures get repeated until you produce a piece of felt that can be made into a product, we are making mobile phone/ipod cases.

For Maths we did revision of all the work that we have done this year, there are so many things to remember, we have our exam next Monday, it will go over a double period and will assist the teaching staff to decide which level classes we are in next year.

Tuesday was the most extraordinary day for the whole week because it was the day that I was competing in the ACT School Track and Field Championships, through being determined and even coping with some pain I was throwing in the discus, shot put and javelin events.  The weather that day could only be described as perfect, the radiant sun was shinning ever so brightly in the crystal clear blue sky and there was only the slightest hint of a breeze which was a gentle, refreshing on.  My first even was the discus, I had those familiar butterflies in my stomach that appear whenever I am a little nervous, but once I had my first throw they began to disappear.  My second and third throws went longer each time and my final distance was 6.02 meters which was a personal best.  The next event was shot put, after doing so well in my discus I felt much more confident in shot put, my legs were a little wobbly but that did not worry me, I looked ahead, cradle the shot put near my neck and threw with all my might, it seemed to go a good distance then my second and third went further again.  Upon measuring I had achieved another personal best, 2.61 meters which was a whole twenty one centimeter personal best.  The final even was the javelin unfortunately I had tired from my huge efforts in discus and shot put but still remained determined.  When I was given a shiny gold 400g javelin to throw I thought it may be lucky.  My throws were good and I was not sure whether I had achieved another personal best, I had not but it was second best distance I have thrown so that was fantastic.  Throughout the day I went to all my events with the other AWD athletes, they were so encouraging and positive it only made me more positive.  I ended up coming first in all my events for my age and category.  As there were not that many athletes with a disability, only twelve, they combined some ages and categories for the ribbons and I ended up with a first in javelin, a third in discus and a third in shot put. I have to say that it is a day that I will treasure.

Apart from that I have not done too much else this week as I was exhausted, I did help Mum to write the Christmas Cards ready to post on 1st December.  I have Interclub on Friday afternoon, I will be competing in discus and shot put, I am hoping that I can equal my performances from Tuesday but won't be too disappointed if I can't.

Nalani finishes school next week and then has her Year 12 exams, it is so exciting for her and I know that she will do extraordinarily well, she studies really hard.  She did a Maths test for the Term and she got top of the class and achieve a 'z' score of 3.31 which is unbelievably good. 

Jarrett went for a jog and found out that he has no pain now, so he can just jog next week and then begin training again the following week, it has been frustrating for him as he loves his running so much, but he is also sensible because you don't want to run on an injury and make it worse.  He has also done well at school achieving top marks in his Sport Science assignments. 

Keep believing in yourselves, don't be afraid to challenge your abilities to reach those goals that you thought may be impossible. 


Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere
How wonderful for you to do so well in all your sporting events and to be up there with all age groups is really a feather in your cap.

School sounds so interesting these days, sometimes we wish we could go back again.

On second thoughts,we may not cope with all the homework.

Good luck in your maths test. We know you are very good at your maths so we feel sure you will achieve a very high mark.

How is your garden going? Our new flowers and vegetables are going really well. In fact we have had a few feeds from our lettuce, tomatoes and spinach.

You would love to see our black and gold petunia. We will have to send you a picture.

Keep being positive.

All our love
Nan and Pop xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere

Congratulations on your outstanding efforts and achievements in sport. You are very talented,that fighting spirit shines through every time!

Best of luck with your exams and final work projects for year 8. Your're right it is hard work but more tiring for you than most. Be kind to yourself and remember to rest when you feel the need. Working in a Special Needs dept, I see often how hard the students try, I hope you have a lot of support.

Nalani and Jarrett also deserve congratulations on their achievements. It's lovely to read how highly you regard your siblings and their talents. Your parents must be extrememly proud of you all.

Have you had time to be watching kids Masterchef this time round? We have not followed this current series but see the commercials or read about the finalists. It always amazes me to see what kids so young can prepare and cook. Have you made any delicious creations recently?

I hope the coming week is ok for you, I'll be praying you remain calm for your exams, take it easy.
lots of love from Fran xo

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