Friday, October 7, 2011


1st to 7th October 2011

It is unbelievable that we are in the month of October, only two more months until Christmas and the shops are already beginning to stock their shelves with candy canes, cards, wrapping paper and decorations, this year has gone by so very quickly.

The weather has been so unusual, we had a few days where the sun shone brightly, smiling upon our lives then those clouds came over again turning beautiful blue skies to a dismal grey and then the clouds began to weep rain.  Rain assists our earth and rejuvenates nature but when you are on school holidays it makes it just  a little miserable. 

Poor Nalani and Jarrett have several assignments to complete during the holidays, so they have taken advantage of the miserable weather to work on them so that when the sun is shinning they can enjoy it.  I had to finish off my embroidery for textiles and I am so pleased with the final result. 

I have been resting so that my energy levels increase ready for a hectic term back at school when I return.  I have also done some decoupaging, I found a doorstop in the shape of a cat, decoupaged it with tissue paper with a black background and numerous coloured spots then completed it with a red ribbon with a bell.  I have also been working on some new latch hook designs, I think that latch hook would have to be the most splendiferous craft, as it is something that you can do and stop when you are tired, then pick it up again and there are so many things you can do with the completed project, like rugs, cushions, wall hangings and frame them. 

Next week is the first Interclub competition and I am going to compete in discus and shot put.  I was able to practise my discus this week at running training and threw the longest I have thrown since my cancer first appeared.  Unfortunately I have not been able to practise my shot put because of the dreadful weather, hopefully it will clear and I can practise before the competition.  Nalani is also going to throw at the competition because she has a grade one strain in her quadriceps so does not want to aggravate it running.  Of course Jarrett will be running, he is aiming for the Youth Championships in March next year, he has to gain a certain time in his event to nominate for it. 

Today was Mum's Birthday, Nalani, Jarrett and I organised breakfast in bed for her, she was really surprised and overjoyed that we did that for her.  Although it has been raining most of the day and too wet to do anything outdoors, she said that we had made the sun shine especially for her through making her day extra special.  I have made a delicious vanilla butter cake with vanilla icing to have after dinner tonight, I think that she will enjoy eating it. 

We have another Birthday to celebrate next Friday, it is Tinkerbelle's 2nd Birthday, she is such a caring cat, she always is near me looking after me, sometimes I think she is trying to talk to me because she meows to tell me things and she brings so much joy into my life.

Poor Nana and Pop's dog Chifley has to have an operation on Monday, he keeps dislocating his knee and it is difficult and painful for him.  It is very similar to what Nalani had done on her knee, but he will not have a knee brace.  It will take about four to six weeks for it to heal, I hope that it will not be too horrible for him, Nana and Pop love him very much.

I have begun my elimination diet, most of the food that I can have has no colours or flavours, I can add some foods on the high list but have found that some of them are causing stomach irritations.  The diet lasts for two weeks and I have to take note of how different foods affect me and then I return to the nutritionist and she will review it. 

Mum was very excited when her team Manly won the Rugby League Grand Final, although she was a little anxious when the Warriors made a comeback in the second half.  I told her that if the Tigers were playing Manly then the Tigers would have won.  I have a feeling that perhaps next year may be the year of the Tigers.

I am hoping that next week we will have some more days filled with sunshine to brighten the last week of the school holidays.   My plants in my fairy garden which were ones for Winter/Spring are dying off and I am hoping that I can replace them with some new vibrantly coloured and fragrant ones.

Wishing everyone a week filled with many rainbows and moments to treasure.


Anonymous said...

Dainere you have a special talent for doing latch hooking.
Love Dad xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

So proud of everything you do, you truly inspire others.

Anonymous said...

Dainere, Jarrett, Nalani you did a fantastic job on Mum's birthday breakfast in bed.


DAD xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere,
Great to hear that you are having a restful holiday. Term 4 always seems to be extra busy, so you are wise to rest while you can.
Have you had a chance to visit Floriade this year. I was hoping to go but the weather hasn't been very kind has it?
I'm sure your Mum would have enjoyed her birthday treats - it's really important to spoil those who give so much.
Enjoy the rest of the holidays.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere
You seem to be very good at craft work, sports and cooking and of course we can't forget your written skills. You are really very clever and an inspiration to many.

We will be very sad when Chifley goes into hospital tomorrow but we know it is for the best, and he will be able to run around like he should at his age. You are right we do love him very much but he gives us double in return.

You would understand that because of what you say about Tinkerbelle.

We are so pleased Mum had such a wonderful birthday, well deserved we might add.

Your garden used to be beautiful, but as the seasons change we have to alter our garden. We hope you find some really beautiful summer flowering plants.

Hopefully the weather will clear up for the rest of your holidays so you can enjoy a bit of sunshine.

Keep smiling.

All our love
Nan and Pop xxxx oooo

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere, oh yes the year is flying by Dainere. Weve ordered our christmas cards from the charty that we use and will have to send the ones for overseas soon .

Our weather has been ok here Dainere , a few spots of rain but nothing to bad .
Oh so glad you are happy with the finished result on your embroidery . Your work is always outstanding , and you do such lovely things , always so colourful.

Its good for you to rest and get your energy levels up again Dainere well done , the new latch hook sounds fantastic .

Well done in your practise throws , that great efort throwing your best since you became sick.

Hope that delicious cake was good Dainere , i bet its all gone now . hahah.

Oh yes Dainere , Tinkerbell , is able to work out when things are not right. Carolyns cat cried for days before she died , she knew thats things were not right . They can sense when someone is sick or not well .

We hope you have been able to buy some new plants for your fairy garden .

We hope you have great week Dainere and we send our love , and hugs to you .

LOts of love
stuart and meryl xxxxxxxxx