Friday, September 30, 2011


24th to 30th September 2011

All good things come to an end and today on a showery, bleak day Term Three ended, we now have a two week break.  Hopefully the weather will improve and we will be able to spend some time outdoors enjoying the Spring weather as well as daylight savings which begins this weekend. 

Last weekend I was able to use my rollator to walk the track at the AIS, I did 400m although I did have to stop just past the finish line on the way round for a rest break.  I know that I will be able to build up my distance much more quickly than last time when I was recovering from my stress fracture. 

I have commenced work on a decoupage doorstop, it is in the shape of a cat, to finish it off I am going to add a collar and bell, I actually got it off one of my lindt chocolate bunnies I got for Easter.  It will be a project I can work on during the holidays along with my latch hook. 

School this week has been mainly filled with completing tasks, although we did get one new task and that was a Rich Task for Maths which we had the week to work on and complete.  We had to gain as many stars as we could, each task had a different value it was based on ratios and rates.  One of the tasks was to find out what the Golden Ratio was and I learnt that the golden ratio is a special number that is approximately equal to 1.618.  It appears many times in geometry, art, architecture and music.

On Tuesday it was ASC Championships at the AIS. The weather was a perfect day for running, the sky was a crystal clear blue, with only a few fluffy white clouds floating luxuriously across the sky, there was just a hint of a breeze and the sun was warm and bright. Jarrett was running in the 1500m and the 800m, his first race was the 1500m, he made a brilliant start, running like a real professional, he sat right behind the front runner pushing him the entire race. He finished second in a time of 4:19 which was close to his personal best and a terrific time for the start of the season. Then in the 800m which was a congested curved line start of both boys and girls together, Jarrett flew at the start to take the lead, he ran so well, he and another competitor breaking away from the rest of the field. I thought he had the race won but in the last 80m he was out sprinted but he ran a personal best of 2:08. Mum and I were so proud of him and he was really pleased with his results and is looking forward to what he hopes will be a really successful season. He will now compete at ACT Championships in November and I will be there competing also because as an AWDASC that Jarrett was at does not have AWD athletes competing.

I had physiotherapy this week, my knee has been giving me some trouble, it has been quite painful and is swelling. Rhiannon worked on it, as well as my calves, quadriceps, neck and shoulders. She taped my knee for me to take some of the pressure of it. Then she told me some totally devastating news that she is leaving at the end of November. She has been such an extraordinary physiotherapist and I don't know what I am going to do without her, she has made such a difference to my life, in fact when I got home I cried.

Today I was given a special ribbon from the Athletics Carnival, I came fourth in my age group in the Carnival, that is against able bodied athletes, that was a huge achievement and I was so surprised.

School holidays will be a time for me to regain my strength and energy ready for the last term at school which I am sure will be a very busy one. It is Mum's Birthday next Friday, I am hoping to make a special Brithday cake for her. It will also be so wonderful to spend time with Nalani and Jarrett.

'Happiness is a wonderful feeling, it is like a warm, loving embrace from your Mum'

 I wish everyone happiness throughout the coming week.

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