Friday, October 14, 2011


8th to 14th October 2011

Here's a happy thought - your happiness can illuminate the happiness of countless others, so let your happy thoughts shine out from within to brighten our world.

Our weather has remained unpredictable like many parts of Australia, with rain, winds, colder daytime and nightime tempertures and overcast skies most days.  However as the school holidays draw to a close the sun has shone through, envoking smiles on our faces. 

I have spent this week again resting and regaining my strength ready to face the busy term that is ahead of me.  Nalani and Jarrett have been working enthusiastically on their assignments and preparing for exams that they both have next Term.

I took the opportunity when the sun was shinning to plant some delicate, colourful flowers in my fairy garden, it looks so beautiful with the colours of bright pinks, purples, apricots and reds.  When the sun has not been out I have spent the time doing some cross stitch, it is a Christmas one, a reindeer.  I have also been working on some more latch hook, playing upwords and watching a couple of DVD's. 

Yesterday I had physiotherapy, Rhiannon worked on my neck which was really stiff and sore on the right side and also my right knee which has been swelling, clicking and painful, it is aggrivated when I am doing my throwing practice but I know that sometimes pain is good because it can be muscles that are strengthening that have not been used for a while.  Rhiannon also taped my knee to give it support for my throwing events today.  Whenever I see Rhiannon she always is able to help me so that I can continue to work on my goals.

Nalani also had physiotherapy on her quadricep which had a Grade 1 strain, it has almost healed, she is not able to run on it yet so she is also going to compete in the throwing events today.

Today is a very special day, it is Tinkerbelle's 2nd Birthday, I made her a wonderful card and gave her a gorgeous new pink collar with eleven little pretend diamonds and a bell on it.  Yesterday I gave her a bath, she loves having a bath, she looks so tiny when she is all wet, Jarrett says she looks like a drowned rat.  After her bath I blow dry her and she becomes a soft ball of lilac fluff again.

Later today I am going to compete at Interclub in the discus and shot put, I am really looking forward to it, I am hoping that I may be able to achieve a personal best and then continue to build on those results each time I compete as I become stronger.  Jarrett is running in the 1500m and then the 400m and as I mentioned earlier Nalani is doing the discus and shot put along with me. 

I can't believe that the school holidays have come to an end, the time flew by so quickly.  Next term is a much shorter term with only nine weeks, then I will finish Middle School which is Years 6 to 8 at our School, next Year I will be in Senior School which is Years 9 to 12.  I have been told what electives I have for next year, I will be doing Visual Arts and Sports Science, I am very excited about both of these electives as I love doing my art and also have a passion for sport and how muscles work in the human body. 

My box of five cent coins is almost filled, I am thrilled and looking forward to just before Christmas making that donation to The Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation Brain Tumour Fund.  Now I will have to think of an activity that I can do next year to continue with my dream of making a difference and assisting as much as I can in raising funds so that a cure can be found for brain tumours and a less devastating treatment that does not leave us with such horrific side effects.

May you all have a splendiferous week, for those who are going through a difficult time may a rainbow appear and brighten your day and don't forget to let your happy thoughts illuminate the lives of those around you. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Daniere,
Happy Birthday to Tinkerbelle - I'm sure she would have loved her present. I'm not so sure about the bath though. When I read your blog to Ollie the cat he couldn't believe his little ginger ears about Tinkerbelle's wash and blowdry!
Although he likes to sit in the bottom of the shower after I have finished and sometimes even sits out in the rain, the thought of having a bath made him get up and walk away
and get himself a snack to calm down.
I love your opening thoughts on happiness and will keep them in mind as we start another busy term.
Keep well,
Catherine and Ollie the cat (purr, purr) :)

Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much Dainere for being a beautiful ray of sunshine and burst of positivity yourself.

Hope you were happy with the way you competed and your results.

Enjoy the last day before school resumes and then the beginning of your last term at middle school. What an achievement.

I can't believe Tinkerballe lets you bath her and blow dry her hair. Our cats would certainly resist and not be as accomodating. But they have other endearing qualities. I'll bet she looks beautiful in her new collar.

Live strong.


Anonymous said...

HiDear Dainere , Wow , what a lovely way to start your blog, you are so good with words , and other things too , but especially words .

Yes the weather is funny , right now it is superb , sunny , hot and cloudless, BUT on Friday night coming home from the funeral , it was terrible ,. foggy most of the way from Bowral to Sydney.

We are so pleased to read that you have rested this week as well , because school is so hectic these days .

WE are sure the Fairy Garden looks so nice with the plants in it , and it will look even nicer when they all come out .

Glad to hear that You and also Nalani had some physio , im sure you both feel so much better for having it .

It is so fantastic that you are back doing what you love in your sports Dainere , it will make you a stronger girl , . You have done amazingly well this year . Congratulations .

Happy Birthday Tinkerbelle.

Wow the school holiday , over its gone so quickly, and only a short time before you go to Senior school , you will love it Dainere , year 9 , thats fantastic , you have started off well withy the electives that you like , well done .

As you know , its been a hard week for Meryl and I , thanks for your support and kind words .

LOts of love , hugs and kisses

Stuart and meryl xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere

I've been reading your blog but have been unsuccessful in posting my comment back to you. I don't know why but I hope this works.

You are right, the year is flying by, holidays went by too quickly and it;s back to routine of school, work and studying. My son will have his final year 8 exams soon, do you sit for your finals?
You have been busy with sporting events and I know how much you love sport so best of luck Dainere. Your brother and sister have a lot on to, I thought Nalani was doing her HSC but maybe not this year. HIgh school years pass by very fast!
Tinkerbelle is gorgeous. Trust your brother to say she looks like a drowned rat! Our dog Coco turns two in November, he will have fresh meat for his birthday treat. He recently had hystiocytomas (benign tumours)removed from his head and left side so was sore with the stitches. He is okay now but we have to keep feeling his body for any further bumps. It's purely by chance that we found those ones.
I have returned to work two days per week as I have to maintain my exercise program to keep by back pain at bay. Physio, Pilates and walking seem to be helping greatly so I need to remain focused. I read Rhiannon is leaving and you will be able to take all she has taught you on board plus a new physio must be about to make an impression on your life.
My jar is full so I'm starting a second jar (its a plastic cup actually). Plus I came 2nd in the footy tipping comp so that's $40 to Tara for you. I'll organise that with the coins in the near future.
I've read many interesting books recently.I love autobiographies which is why I picked your book up off the shelf just over two years ago. Laura Bush (George w Bush's wife), Arwa El Masri (Hazem El Masri's wife, Greg Page (the yellow Wiggle, Kasey Chambers (singer) and now a novel about the least survivor to be pulled from the 9/11 World Trade Centre attack. All of them are compelling reads and conatin messages of hope, strength, love and determination. They've all gone through storms to reach their rainbows and really, some days are stormy for many people. The thought of the rainbow is what drives/guides people. I hope these authors have read your book, your journey. You continue to impress and inspire so many dainere. You are a gem!
Have a good week, Love Fran xoxox

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

Happy Birthday, hope she had splendiferous one (splendiferous is my favourite word at the moment) :). I hope you have a good term 4, because I'm a Queenslander, I have already started school, and they are already drumming things in to us! You have inspired me to support the cancer council, with your inner strength and happy out-look on life. I have decided to ask my principle to have a fundraiser next year, for it will be too short of a notice for this year. Ms. Sutton will be helping me as well as my friends. I will be praying for you and your family, as you run straight into another term :) I have some beautiful inspirational quotes -

I don't need the sun your sun can light up the whole world


You can't cross the ocean if you lose courage to lose sight of the shore

I hope you have a wonderful week :)


Dainere said...

Thank you to everyone this week for your lovely comments. Fran I hope that you are not in too much pain with your back, keep up those exercises. The books you read sound so inspiring. Lucy your quotes are so lovely, I love quotes, they often help me through difficult and challenging days. Fundraising for cancer is so important because it is such a devastating disease, it not only affects the person with it but also their families. Anthea and Catherine Tinkerbelle has loved having a bath ever since she was a kitten and she purrs when she is blow dried, she is an extraordinary cat and I love her very much. Wishing you all a splendiferous week. Love Dainere xoxoxoxo