Friday, September 9, 2011


3rd to 9th September 2011

What a glorious weekend it was for all the Dad's for Father's Day, the sun shone brightly in the crystal clear blue sky and only fluffy cotton wool like clouds drifted delicately and lazily through that sky.  Dad was greeted when he awoke to a steaming hot cup of coffee and toast with his favourite jam.  He loved all the gifts that we gave him and adored the poem I wrote for him.  He has taken it to keep with him at work so my words are with him while he is there.  Jarrett had running training so we went for a leisurely stroll around the perimeter of the AIS taking in all the delightful sounds and colours of the bush.  We then took Dad to DFO for lunch, it was a much quieter place to go than to any of the major shopping centres.  He had a splendiferous day and felt very spoilt. 

I was not feeling too well over the weekend, I was very flushed in the cheeks, had headaches, a slight fever and my gums at the top of my mouth were throbbing with pain.  It turned out that I am getting my twelve year old molars, they are a little late arriving because of the treatment I have had for my tumour.  As they came through more throughout the week, my fever rose, I found I was even dribbling at times, my cheeks burnt and I had an upset stomach. My bottom ones came through earlier this year but I did not have any difficulties with them, this is so very painful, now I can understand why babies are so miserable when they are teething it is definitely an extremely painful experience. 

As a consequence of my teeth coming through and the problems they caused I did not go to school this week, however I did continue on some school work that I already had, that is when I felt well enough to.  I finished off all my questions for The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas including a creative task and an alternative ending.  I also worked on Maths, we are now moving on to ratios, they are very easy to understand and do and I did my Mathletics activities which were on expanding and factorising algebra. 

Running a temperature made me feel tired, so I also needed to sleep which eased the pain in my mouth and my headaches.  Yesterday I had a rash on my cheeks, they are normally so smooth and soft but they were rough and itchy.  Some eczema cream eased the itchiness and when I woke up this morning the rash had disappeared. 

Great news - I won the footy tips again this year, that is three years in a row.  Nana and Pop will have to study up on the teams for next year and then maybe they may have a chance of winning.  I am looking forward to the Tigers game tonight, I believe that they have the determination, team spirit and skills to beat the Dragons and go on to play again next week.  I was disappointed though that Benji Marshall did not win the Dally M Medal, I truly thought that he was the best player out of all teams this year, he put his heart and soul into each and every game and produced some real Benji magic. 

Next week is the Athletics Carnival on Friday, I am hoping that I will be well and that the weather will be perfect for it.  With my T/F36 classification I will throw a discus that weighs 750g, a shot put that weighs 2kg and a javelin that weighs 400g.  I am hoping that I will throw much further than I did last year.  This year I am also going to compete in some Interclub Competitions, being able to participate in activities that I used to do before my journey with my tumour began is a goal and I am determined to make it happen.  Running is going to be a longer term goal but I hope that that will happen one day also. 

I am still awaiting some of my test results from Sydney, perhaps we will hear something next week.  Some marvellous news that we did receive this week was that my lumbar puncture was clear, there were no cancer cells in my spinal fluid. 

I hope that those who have footy teams in the finals have wins and I wish you all a marvellous week ahead filled with many rainbow moments. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Dear Dainere , oh yes dad would have loved being spoilt , and so he should , , and nice for you all to go to DFO for Lunch.
Ah so thats what it was the teeth , oh we are so glad it was nothing worse . ( you know the story with my tooth this week hahah )

Fantastic Dainere , winning again , wow 3 years in a row , thats so good . Yes Meryl and I talked aboput Benji not winning , I said to Meryl that you would be disappointed , ah well next year may be Dainere.

OH wow the carnival is next week , and you are in so many things , ge that is FANTASTIC , i can remember talking about these things and how you so wanted to take part , and her it is oh its so good , BEST OF LUCK my friend . we will be standing right beside you in spirit ion Friday , and can not weait to hear how you went.

Its such good news you are taking part , WELL DONE ,

YOU will run Dainere , look youve gotten this far , its just the next step so to speak , we wont let you not do it ok , its a promise , we will see you run .

OH THATS the best news of all , its so good , i know , you wait and wait and its terrible , and then the news comes , THIS IS SO good , our prayers are being answered .

Have agreat week Dainere , we will have a glass of wine to celebrtae your good news my friend .

Lots nof love stuart and meryl xxxxx

Mez said...

Good job for winning the footy tipping! And goodluck for the carnival on Friday, I hope to see you at the AIS on Saturday :) Talk soon
Mez Xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere

Teething problems. I think God got that part wrong with babies. The baby and the parents go through a difficult period whilst teething and then at age 5 or 6, they fall out! Then molars, wisdom teeth cut through - it's a pain. Did you try rubbing bonjela on your gums? (you can buy it at the supermarket)That's suppose to numb babies gums, maybe it wuld give you relief too. Ask your Mum, I bet she knows about bonjela. My son aged 14 is getting his 18 yr old wisdom teeth. He didn't know until we went to the Dentist back in the July holidays and he told us. So I hope the pain eases.

Go the Tigers. I think Tigers will be in the GF this year. Go girl - winning the comp. We still tip through until the GF, I'm still coming 2nd place out of 19. Hopefully if I can hold that place, my winnings will be forwarded onto Tara for you. I'm on 137 points, fingers crossed I can stay up there.

Best of luck in your Sport Carnival. You are participating in many events, so I wish you all the luck in the world. Thank God your lumbar puncture is clear - you certainly deserve some good news Dainere!!

Take care, enjoy your week,
Love always, Fran xoxox

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere,
I hope you have a splendiferous day at the athletics carnival on Friday - the weather looks lovely, so it should be a fun day.
Teeth are pesky aren't they - hope you are feeling brighter this week.