Friday, September 16, 2011


10th to 16th September 2011

This morning we woke to the news that there had been huge explosions and fireballs from a factory fire in Mitchell in the early hours of the morning.  There were fears that a spread of toxic smoke plumes could cause illness and all residents within a ten kilometer radius were told to remain indoors.  School was cancelled for the day, so that meant that our Athletics Carnival had to be postpone.  As we looked out of our lounge room window we could clearly see the  inferno of thick, black billowing smoke rising from the fire and spreading across the morning sky.  In the early hours of the morning we had heard loud bangs that shook the windows, sirens and then our mobile phones beeped with messages, telling us there was a chemical fire and for people in certain suburbs to stay indoors.  The firefighters are still battling the fire, using lots of foam, they are hoping it will be distinguished by tomorrow however they are warning that there could be further explosions.  I don't think we have ever had anything like this happen in Canberra before and they are still worried about toxic fumes so are monitoring them and still advising residents to remain indoors.

At school this week I had a Maths test, finished off all my work on The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas for English, began a new project for Textiles we are doing some hand embroidery, we have to draw a design that is 20cm by 20cm and include at least three different types of stitches, I have done a design with a sun, a rainbow and three butterflies, I was thinking of doing cross stitch, back stitch, running stitch and satin stitch, I think it will terrific when it is finished.  In Science we are continuing with work on chemical equations which can be quite challenging for me. 

Unfortunately I had two minor seizures this week, it happened after my Maths test, my arm felt heavy then I felt strange and next thing I knew my right arm had dropped, was painful and my hand and arm tingled.  The second one occurred when I was at home.  I felt so tired after having them and also had a headache but it disappeared after a couple of hours.  My arm took much longer to come back, two days later my feeling had returned however it was still rather weak.  I was devastated because our Athletics Carnival was supposed to be today and I knew with my hand weakened I would not be able to throw as well and I was so determined to do well and had trained for it.  I guess it was lucky that the Chemical Fire happened because it gives my arm more time to heal. 

I had physiotherapy yesterday and Rhiannon was able to release the tightness that had formed in my arm, hand and neck from the seizures.  Again she was able to provide me with some relief, she truly is my guardian angel. My stress fracture in my heel has now fully healed so I can now begin to put more weight onto it and begin my walking with my rollator again.  It will take a little while to build back up to where I was prior to the stress fracture but I will get there.  I think that challenges are sometimes placed in our way to make us stronger and more determined.

Spring is definitely in the air, so many flowers are starting to bloom and provide a kaleidoscope of colour to the garden.  The roses are now covered with leaves, the grass is starting to grow again, the magpies are swooping and tiny pollens are being carried through the air by the strong, gusty winds we have had.  That is not good for people who suffer from season hayfever, Jarrett is one of them and he has been sneezing and coughing despite taking antihistamines daily, once they pollens decrease so will his hayfever. 

Nalani is continuing to make a comeback with her running and is finding that with her knee in the correct place the muscles are all reacting, so they are sometimes becoming a little sore and tight but it is a good soreness and tightness because everything is working again. 

We only have two more weeks of school and then we will be on school holidays and then only have one more Term at school.  That will be a huge Term for Nalani, it is her last Term at school and then she will graduate from Year 12.  It is also my last Term in Middle School because next year when I am in Year 9 that is the first year of Senior School at our school. 

The Wests Tigers are playing the Warriors tonight, I have my fingers and toes crossed that they will continue their splendiferous form and win. They played so well last week against the Dragons and showed that they are a threat to win the competition this year. 

'Every day brings new possibilities, new challenges and new hope we should always start each day by looking ahead with optimism and a smile on our face.' 


Anonymous said...

HI Dear Dainere, oh wow another week has gone , oh wasnt the fire terrible , as i was emailing you i wondered what had happened about the sports carnival , WE hope that is re scheduled for you . We are sure your new embroidery work will be a work of art , I dont even know what all those stiches even mean Dainere , hahah. BUt we are sure you do and will again provide your work to the teachers in good spirit .

Thats great that Rhiannon was able to help you she is a truly marvelous person .
yes spring is in the air , our garden is looking nice with the flowers coming out , we have roses already Dainere .BUt we also think of Jarrett and his asthma .

Yes we are thinking of Nalani , it is a very tough time for all the students preparing for the HSC .

Oh yes ,, we should always make the most of each day that God gives us Dainere .

Well now your heel has completely recovered you will be able to get the rollator going again , , Good luck and take care .

lots of love from Stuart and Meryl xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

heya blossom, it's been ages since i have written a message, but you are never far from my thoughts. i am glad you weren't at risk with the fire, and that you have more time now to regain your strength.

live strong.


Ali Davies said...

Wow Dainere, that fire looked very dramatic.

Sorry haven't popped my head in for a while. Big changes being planned here for Team Davies. We are looking into moving from Ireland to Vancouver in Canada. Will take a few months to sort out paperwork and arrange everything but a new adventure is on the cards.

My little boy (age 7) went back to school in Sept after the summer hols and so we are just getting back into a normal routine after the long summer break.

A see your mindset is as inspirational as ever. Popping in to your blog always a pleasure.

I know you like quotes so thought I would share this one with you:

"Don't be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Best wishes to you my little Australian rainbow

Ali x