Friday, December 10, 2010


4th to 10th December 2010

This last week has been a busy one, it was the last week of school which is rather disappointing, I wish I had been able to do the full Term but there is always next year to enjoy.  I feel so fortunate to have had a teacher who nurtured, encouraged and supported me, she is leaving and will be greatly missed by the School.

I had to go to see my General Practitioner this week as I had a burning, irritated throat, was running a fever and had a frightful cough, I felt dreadful but he put me on a course of antibiotics ones which also cover whopping cough as it is going around and he did not want to risk me getting that.  My throat has improved, my fever has gone but I still have a nasty cough but am hoping it will disappear soon.

I have been practising my walking with my rollator and doing my physiotherapy exercising which Rhiannon who I think should be known as Super Rhiannon because she is incredible gave me to do on Monday.  My stress fractures continue to heal but are still painful sometimes but I just try to ignore the pain and stop if it becomes too severe.  I think Rhiannon was so excited when I walked into the physiotherapy room using my rollator, hey I am a little off balanced and limp and  I am definitely not perfect but I am doing my very best.

This week I also found out that Sydney want me to have my MRI here in Canberra before the 4th January when they wish to see me again. I will only go to Sydney for one day and see my Oncologist and have my lumber puncture in same day.  Then in April, I have a huge review which will mean I have to spend a week or longer there.

Today was Nalani's knee surgery, we had to be at the hospital by 7.30am, then her surgery was scheduled for 9am but she did not get operated on until 11.45am.  The surgeon did a MPFL Repair and was extremely happy with the outcome, he even gave Nalani photographs from the actual surgery showing her what he had done, it was really amazing.  She has a large knee brace on her leg, it has a special adjustment on the side that is set at zero degrees because she has to keep it straight.  She was excited that it was only a repair because it will be a quicker recovery for her, she is able to walk on her leg but has to also rest it as much as possible.  Poor Nalani though has been feeling a bit nauseous though, it could be from the surgery or from the strong pain killers she is on which are morphine based.  Hopefully after a good night sleep tonight she will wake up tomorrow feeling much better.  She was very brave and she told me she thought about a card that I had given to her and that inspired her.

The rain has finally stopped, the deluge we have received has been incredible, everywhere is so brilliantly green and water is abundant but it has also caused flooding which has damaged businesses and homes. 

Christmas is only fifteen days away, it is a time to reflect and to give to others let us all open our hearts to those that have been through difficult times or who are struggling this Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere, oh its good to see the blog,sorry to her your teacher is leaving and that I guess you will have a new one next year , you are such a lovely young lady and easy to get on with Dainere i think you will get on just fine with your new teacher .

Stick at it with the antibiotics , some times we people need two courses of them , but thats ok , better safe than sorry .

Good girl , yes stop if the pain gets to bad , as quite often its the bodies way of saying stop .

ah ok so MRI in Canberra in the not to distant future , then a quick visit to Sydney for the day , and then back in April for a big check up, we will be in touch before then my friend.

Nalani is young and her leg will repair well Dainere , she will have a strong leg after a while , its good its all over for her.

Ah yes how right you are , Christmas is exactly that , today we seem to have lost touch with what its all about .

YOu have such a lovely view on life and so mature in your thinking , Mum and Dad can be so proud of you Dainere .

Well I will look forward to your next weeks Blog . have a good week , hope that nasty cough goes away , lots of Love and hugs

Stuart and meryl xxxxx

Ali Davies said...


It is so good to see you blogging again. I have missed my Australian Rainbow.

Good to hear you are getting about with the rollator. Wonderful stuff.

Life here in Ireland has been interesting. We have had the coldest, snowiest weather for decades. My son was delighted - he is only six and his school closed all last week so he got to play in the snow, sit in front of the log fire watching movies and generally just have an expected weeks holiday.

Hope your bad throat is better soon. Have you ever tried hot water with a squeeze of lemon and teaspoon of honey. Very soothing on te throat. My son loves it when he isn't feeling good.

Well, take good care. Enjoy the Christmas preparations.


Anonymous said...

HI Dainere , me again , just to say that the school spectacular is on Sunday ( tomorrow ) at 7 30 pm on the ABC , Im sure you would like to watch that . take care , hope that throat and cough is getting better. Love stuart and meryl xxx

Anonymous said...

Hope your throat is feeling better.

It is a shame your teacher had to leave but I am sure you will have a lovely one next year too.

It will be fun to be in the new campus, where you will be the biggest in the school at least for a year.

I am sure Nalani will be up and running again soon.

Xmas is a wonderful time but it is very important to remember it is also a time for some to struggle through, you are such a thoughtful young lady, I wish more teenagers were like you.

Hope you are enjoying Tinkerbelle cuddles and lots of rainbows we have been having with all the rain.

xxxxxxx Monica

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere

I sincerely hope your cough eases. I had bronchitis back in the July holidays, the doctor believed it was whooping cough so treated me with antibiotics too. In this instance, I can sympathise with you though I was soon better but the cough is a really annoying!

For Christmas this year, I wanted to ask you where we can send donations for Brain Tumour Research? As you are in my daily thoughts and prayers I want to make a donation to Brain Tumour Research. Maybe others will take the lead and instead of presents, make a donation. If it's not too much trouble please leave details on your next blog. There is an address in your book and I want to confirm it's the correct one.

My boys are looking forward to their school holidays playing with our dog Coco. I hope the next week brings you some relief with your cough and peaceful nights sleep.

Take care,
Love Fran xoxo

Gavin said...

Hey Princess,

Just a quick note to let you know I am thinking about you. Hope the cough gets better and that you get some time to maybe head out and do some shopping in the lead up to Xmas.

Things will be pretty quiet in Sydney on the 4th of Jan, it is our first day back at work and I am hoping that I will have my new puppy with me in the office, so if you and your mum get the chance to stop by and say hi please do.

Thinking of you tons and hope that you are 100% soon.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere

It's great to have you "on line" again and to know of your progress.

Do hope your throat and cough are continuing to improve. Coughing can be so tiring and annoying, too.

Great news about your progress with the rollator! Sounds like you are really doing well....thanks to Rhiannon and, of course, your great determination and perseverence. Glad those stress fractures are healing.

How is Nalani's healing going? Hopefully it won't be too long until see is completely better.

Yes, ends of school years are a bit hard to take, especially if there will be lots of changes in the next year. I'm sorry that your teacher is doubt she is sorry to be leaving you all, too. Do you know who your teacher will be next year??

It's good news that your January visit to Sydney will ony be a short one. It's good that you can have the MRI in Canberra. :-)

Hope you have been able to do some preparations for Christmas! It is a very special time of year.

Thank you for keeping us informed of your journey. You are one special, inspiring young lady!

Sending loving thoughts and prayers,


Anonymous said...

Hello Dainere :) How lovely it was to catch up with you and mum at the shops the other day. Hope your cough is getting better and I hope Nalani's knee is improving each day.

Might see you girls out and about again before Christmas. Tracey (who is off to write her xmas cards!!)