Saturday, December 18, 2010


11th to 17th December 2010

With Nalani off her feet and me still recovering from my cough we have had a fairly quiet week at home playing board games and watching numerous movies.  Our weather has been far more pleasant than the wild rain and winds of previous weeks.

On Saturday Dad and I bought some new plants for my fairy garden, instead of being overgrown hiding my lovely fairies they are now visible and sparkling in the sunlight beside my delicate new flowers.  I moved one of my solar lights to a higher level so that my garden can be seen more clearly at night time.  Dad put clear estapol on my wishing well to protect it from the weather and it too sparkles brilliantly and looks ever so magical.

I remain on my phosphate, which I have to take two every day, I had a blood test on Thursday and see my paediatrician on Monday, he will review my results and inform me whether I have to continue taking them.  I am excited about seeing him so I can show him how clever I have become at using my rollator to regain mobility.  I am becoming quite a speed demon around the house using my rollator. 

Tinkerbelle is extremely amused and entertained by the Christmas decorations we have put up, she sits on our entertainment unit and plays with the various decorations we have placed on the Christmas tree.  We have Christmas lights in the windows and she loves to watch them change colour.  There is a little gift under the tree for her and the other cats, I think she is going to love helping open it on Christmas day.

Nalani's knee continues to heal, she is not very mobile, I am more mobile than she is so that makes me feel terrific.  She sees her surgeon on Monday also and he is going to remove some of her bandaging and readjust her brace so that she will be able to bend her knee a little, that will make a difference for her, having your knee straight all the time would be exceptionally difficult, when Nalani walks at the moment she walks like a chicken.  We have all being taking good care of her, it will be fantastic though when she will be able to be more independent.

My cough has taken a while to improve, I still have it and I am taking my Bactrim to help it, it is more of a broken cough now which is better because before when I was coughing it felt like my chest was going to break, especially my ribs which hurt for a few days.

I still have my tinnitus which is the ringing in my ears, having had it for so long now, I forget what it is like to not have it.  At night to help me go to sleep I listen to music, it blocks out the ringing a little because it is close to Christmas I have been listening to a Christmas CD, my favourite Christmas song is Silent Night.  Mum used to sing it to me when I was a baby and when I was older to help me sleep, I think it is a beautiful song.  I also love Santa Claus is coming to town, it is one of those songs that once you hear it, it gets stuck in your head.

With Christmas so close I have been looking through our cook books and have planned what I am going to cook this year, I am  going to make coconut ice, apple turnovers, chocolate cake pops, vanilla kisses and my masterpiece will be a meringue tower tree. 

Someone on my Blog asked me about making a donation for Christmas to the Brain Tumour Fund, it is The Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation Brain Tumour Fund and the address is The Sydney Childrens Hopsital Foundation Locked Bag 5 Randwick NSW 2031 and you make it attention to Tara Donnelly.  This is where the money that I have been raising from my book, money tins, walk-a-thons, garage sales and paintings goes to, it goes towards research and rehabilitation programs for paediatric Brain Tumours.  Another fund is the one that Dr Teo set up and that is the one that the Train for the Brain Fun Run and Walk raised money for and that is the Cure 4 Life Foundation that money also goes towards research for Brain Tumours.

I had physiotherapy with the wonderful Rhiannon on Friday and she is very impressed with my mobility and has given me some more strengthening exercises to do, I still experience pain from my stress fractures but I don't complain because there are people who are suffering more than I am.

Last night I went to the AIS with Mum and Jarrett to watch Jarrett run at an Interclub meeting.  He ran in the 1500m handicap race, because he is so fast he was the last runner to take off, giving some runners a two minute head start.  He flew around the track and by the final lap he had caught up to almost all the runners and finished fourth but he would have run the fastest time.  There were disabled and wheelchair athletes competing also, I was in awe of their amazing abilities, the wheelchair athletes have so much strength in their arms.  Watching these athletes really inspired me to push myself to gain strength so that I can be out on that track next season competing again.

Next week will be a busy one with appointments and visits from friends and of course it all culminates with Christmas Day a joyous and special time.  I found a quote in a little book that I was given it is by John Greenleaf Whittier and it says "Somehow, not only for Christmas, but all the long year through, the joy that you give to others, is the joy that comes back to you and the more you spend in blessing the poor and lonely and sad, the more of your heart's possessing, returns to you glad".  I think it really sums up that if you give to others freely and lovingly then your heart is filled with joy and your life is more blessed.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere (Speedie)
Watch out or you might get a speeding ticket. It is great to hear that you are going so well on the rollator. We are counting down the days to when we see you, not long now.

We hope you don't eat all the xmas goodies on xmas day because we don't want to miss out on your wonderful cooking when we come to visit.

Sounds like we are in for a treat seeing your fairy garden, your xmas lights and Tinkerbelle's reactions.

We bet Nalani hasn't read your blog about her looking like a chicken walking, it does sound hilarious though.

Hope all goes well with the doctors visits for you and Nalani on Monday. You will have to send us a text with the results.

We love your comment at the bottom, it is so true.

Lots of love
Nan and Pop xxx ooo said...

It's so lovely to have you posting again - it just wasn't the same without you!

I'm so glad to hear that you're able to use your rollator now. I can't imagine how frustrating it has been for you not being able to move about!

Your Nan and Pop are right - Watch out or you might get a speeding ticket!!

Has Tinkerbelle tried climbing the tree yet?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere , well its so good to read your news as always,glad your weather has been better Dainere, its been mixed here , weve had a few very wet and windy days , so much so that weve had rain coming in at my hospital !! Ive spent a few hours an the roof with various roof experts , and Guess what Dainere , I HATE heights , never told you that before but its the truth , any way all inspections done now , just waiting for the reports !!

What plants did you buy , and would it be possible to have a photo on the blog of the new refurbished fairy garden ? I bet it looks magical.

Good luck for Monday when you see the paediatrician , for your results , we will be with you in thought .

Ah that sounds so good with the lights and Tinkerbelle watching the colours change.

Good luck to Nalani in having the brace adjusted and some of the bandages removed .you say hello to her from us please .

That cough is taking a while to be gone isnt it , oh yes when youve had it for so long your chest and ribs ache so much you dont hardly want to speak .

I also get the tinnitus Dainere , but in my left ear !! tumour on right side !! And Meryl loves Silent night , I had it played on Radio once for by some Salvation Army friends of ours doing a christmas concert .

Wow we should be coming to your place with all that yummy food your going to be making , sounds scrumptiuous Dainere.

Glad to hear that the physio is going well to , this is the news we want to hear my friend. Well done , fantastic.

Seeing Jarrett take off last and come 4th in the 1500 mtr is amazing he sound a fantastic Athlete and yes he will inspire you to re commence .

Oh Dainere , the quote from John Greenleaf does say it all , you get so much joy from helping others especially at Christmas time.

Well my dear friend , you take care and have a great week , not sure if you will do a blog on Friday , so if you dont , Our love and very best wishes to you and your family , have a great Christmas and of course we wish that the very best comes your way in 2011.

Love and hugs
stuart and meryl xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere

Thank you for the address for donations. I appreciate it. I will attend to it this week.

I enjoy reading your blog, you are so thoughtful to write about your family the way you do. Your little quote should be a message inside of everyone's minds at Christmas time.

I agree with Stuart, I want to see a picture of your fancy garden if that's possible. Sounds beautiful!

Well done to you and Jarrett for being "Lightning McQueen's" and I soon hope that Nalani can join your club.

Your cooking treats sound delicious, I know your family will love them. My eldest son (who also just finished year 7) will bake a Chocolate Caramel Slice for a dessert on Christmas night, it is rather nice!!

If you don't have a chance to blog again, I sincerely wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and may next year bring love, good times and better health. Your fighting spirit, determination, bravery, sense of humour and maturity is a gift that we can all learn from. God Bless.

Lots of love from Fran xoxo

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere

Glad to hear that your cough is a little better now.

Your fairy garden sounds like it is coming along nicely.

Hope Nalani's knee is healing well and congratulations to Jarrett on his latest run.

Just a quick note to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hoping that 2011 is a much better year for you all, filled with many happy family moments, better health and lots of colourful rainbows.

Thinking of you always,

Love Steph D and family xxxx

Anonymous said...

hi Dainere my class 5r Raymond terrace st Brigids has been following your blog for ages now it has really inspired me and my other class mates my teacher who has left comments before (Elizabeth Rayfield)and some of my friends anyway i decided i still wanted to follow your blog before school finished up she would read your book to us as a christmas present my mum said she woul by your book for me i am really excited about reading it...... anyway have a beautiful christmas filled with joy and laughter xoxoxo yours sincerely Taylah,11

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere i am sorry about the mistakes i made and i also just wanted you to know my aunt has just finished kemo therapy she is still really sick i have told her about you she has been reading your blog for a month now she loves how courageous and determined you are..... you are really special dainere dont ever give up xoxoxo yours sincerely taylah,11

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere,

Just a quick note to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas. May 2011 be a year full of good health, much love and many rainbows.

Love always,

Anna xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Dainere,

Wishing you and all of your family a very happy Christmas. I am leaving soon to celebrate Christmas with my family. It is good to see that some of my students have been in touch with you.

Look forward to your next message.


Elizabeth Rayfield