Saturday, November 6, 2010


6th November 2010

Latest news on Dainere is that following an MRI it has been found she has stress fractures in her right foot, this means she has to stay off it for a least another two weeks and then it is a slow recovery.  She is disappointed about this but said she had a feeling it would show that as it was so painful.

She was seen by the Renal Team who told us that the Chemotherapy Drug Cisplatin that has caused her hearing loss is also causing problems with the kidneys, hers are not functioning properly and they are leaking phosphate, hence the difficulty in maintaining her phosphate levels.  We were also informed that her Caltrate should not be taken with food as combines and makes it less effective and harders also to absorb phosphate.

Her treatment with Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy will have an effect on her bones and it is something that can be controlled with medication, we are still waiting for any results on the bone density.

Much to her delight, her NG tube was removed late yesterday afternoon, she no longer requires night feeds with the ensure.  In fact she has put on more weight than anticipated by the nutritional team.  Hopefully she will now be moved up to Stage 3 and progress home very soon.

We wish to remind you all that today is the Train for the Brain Fun Run and Walk in Canberra, hopefully there will be a huge turnout to help raise awareness and funds for Brain Tumours. 

Despite what she has endured her smile continues to radiate the ward.


Anonymous said...

What a little trooper you are Dainere, despite all the upheaval, upsets and injuries, you have come smiling through. Congratulations. Of course we knew you would do it anyway, because of that courageous spirit and the wonderful outlook you have developed on life. You certainly are a role model to many, even to your old Nan and Pop. We can all learn something, no mater how old we are.
Love you
Nan and Pop xxx ooo

Anonymous said...

Dear Yvonne,family and most of all Dainere,

Good to hear your news Yvonne, now you know what the problem with the foot is , you can concentrate on it now healing .

Great news about the Ng tube being removed , her lovely smiley face will soon feel better after its out , well done Dainere.

Yvonne , Dainere is to be admired by all who read these follow ups. She is an amazing Tower of strength.

Bless you all , and its great to hear the updates .

Lots of love
stuart and meryl xxx

Anonymous said...

Dear all,

So glad to hear that the n-g tube could be removed. What a relief! And to find out, at last, what was wrong with Dainere's foot is helpful. No wonder it has been so sore.

Hope you are able to have some special time together over the weekend.

Of course that splendiferous smile lights up the whole ward!! :-) Keep on keeping on, Dainere, you are one special young lady!

Thoughts and prayers,


susan slatter said...

To this amazing family,
My thoughts and prayers are with you all, Dainere words can't express whats in my heart, you are one amazing young girl and you are making a difference to this world, I hope the medical professionals will study your case and make positive changes to future patients and also they read your beautiful book and learn from their mistakes. Keep smiling gorgeous girl.
Luv Susan

Anonymous said...

Yippee, progress!
Hi Anthoney Family

Thanks for the update, glad that Dainere's tube is out and she can rest her foot to ensure it heals properly. Wishing her time in Sydney goes by fast and she can return home quickly.
I'm so inspired by your family's courage and learn something new (a worthy life lesson!!)each time I read your blog.
Take care, keep smiling, love to you all,
Fran xxoo

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere
Words cannot express how appalled we are to hear what was said to you in hospital yesterday by those who should know better. Another sad and sorry event in the saga of your visit to the Sydney hospital.

Sweetie, you look absolutely beautiful without your wig and don't let anyone tell you different. It is not what is on the outside anyway, and many could take a lesson from you on what comes from within.

Hopefully, someone with authority will take the necessary steps to end this horrific journey you have had to endure on this visit.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Nan and Pop xxxx oooo

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere and amazing family,

HORAAY!!!!!!!! thats brillient that tube is finally out and I bet you proved that you can eat big good on you!!!!!!!

I belive that you can pass through anything if you put your mind to it (and have a big smile).

Since I live in Queensland I can not partake in the Brain Tumour Fund (sorry) I'd love to.

With hope in my heart


Anonymous said...

Yvonne , I am, saddened, my love and hope for the futurte stuart and meryl xxxxx

Carol said...

Hello all,

Man - what a journey, huh? I firmly believe that these challenges are only given to those who can manage them - although it seems horribly unfair.

Hey Dainere - did someone say something silly about you without your wig? What a duffer!! I remember the day the first box of books arrived at your house and you were so excited in the photographs - and wigless - you've got one good-looking skull there, young lady! I have a weird bump on the back of mine. Long before there was a real science and study of psychology, there used to be a thing called 'phrenology' where practitioners of it thought they could tell you all about the person by the shape of their skull! Weird! I wonder what they'd have made of my bump!

I planted a new rose in my garden - an apricot-coloured one called Lolita. She has just given me her first bloom and oh my goodness she is so beautiful! I'll email a photo to your mum's account.

Love to you and the family, and well done on getting rid of the NG tube! I hope that, as awful as the last few weeks have been, I really do hope that you are feeling a bit better and stronger. I bet you are!

Carol and family xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere
I hope you find your rainbow soon - I am still reading your book and think all the things you say are wonderful. I think your paintings are lovely - hope your better soon.

Love from
Lola Archibald

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere
Hang in there my little friend,thinking of you luv sandra

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,
Wonderful to hear that the Ng tube has been removed. You were hoping it wouldn't be in too long! Hope your foot is starting to mend now too!

I've seen lots of rainbows in Canberra lately, with all the rain we've had. Every time I see one I think of you. Never seen so many here before, it must be everyone sending their healing thoughts your way. There is definitely something magical about rainbows.

Yvonne and Stephen,
Hope all is going well with Dainere's treatment, let her know everyone is thinking about her and we hope she can return home soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with you both, Dainere, Nalani and Jarrett.

Love Steph D and family xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi dainere , we are continuing to think of you all , and hope that things are going well for you . Im sure mum is helping and re assuring you as much as she can . Love stuart and meryl xx