Wednesday, November 17, 2010


17th November 2010

A little more positive news today, Dainere is being transferred to Canberra Hospital next Wednesday, there she will be in the capable hands of our own paediatrician.  By transferring to Canberra it means that we never have to deal with the pathetic treatment we have been exposed to here.  Even today we experienced the vindictiveness of a doctor who against other staffs advice would not discharge Dainere, which was extremely disappointing however we must look at the positive and that is being transferred to Canberra Hospital and treated by our own doctor and his team. 

Dainere's MRI and Lumbar puncture have been postponed until January 2011, they had previously been scheduled for 6th December, however we do have to watch for any deterioration in her condition that would indicate changes in the tumour.

The strength and courage that Dainere has been able to display during this difficult, not to mention traumatic experience shows just what an extraordinary girl she truly is and perhaps some of the doctors need to take a lead from her.

We will continue to let you know her progress.  Thank you again for all your support towards all of the family, we don't feel so alone through this because of all of you.


Ali Davies said...

Great to hear it won't be too long before Dainere will be back home.

I agree with you about focussing on the positive.

Your daughter exhibits qualities that are an inspiration to us all.

Best wishes to you all from Ireland and thank you for the updates - really appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Dear all,

Yes, it is great to hear some positive news.... home to Canberra at last! What a joyful day that will be! It must be so difficult to understand the motivations of some people. You don't expect doctors,etc, to act like this. Isn't it supposed to be a caring profession? Incomprehensible.

Dainere is a truly special young lady, well supported by a wonderfully loving, caring famiy. May the next week really fly by until you're all together again (even if Dainere will still be in hospital)!

Thoughts and prayers,


Anonymous said...

So happy to hear some good news about Dainere's progress
I really would love to send her flowers and some gifts to her ward when she comes back, or really do anything to make her feel a bit better so please let me know if i can do something to help. Dainere is such a beautiful special girl.
Hope things are now changing for the better.

Love Sarah.

Anonymous said...

so very happy to hear that Dainere is being transferred back to her team of Doctors in Canberra, that alone will be a great boost to the whole family and I am sure it will make Dainere more comfortable and happy while she is making rainbows for the rest of us.
Peter Mc.

Anonymous said...

Dear Yvonne and Dainere
Not what was promised by all of the team bar one, but thank heavens you never have to suffer at the hands of that particular doctor again. The comments we read about that one on the internet, bear out all you have said about her. We wonder how many people don't realize that complaints can be made on that website. One does have to wonder how that doctor has not been before the medical board for her behaviour towards patients and their families.

It does sound though, that one of the medical team in particular debated and sympathised over this ones latest action.

Well, Dainere, you can now start the countdown like you do for xmas. Only 6 more sleeps before you return to Canberra. Hopefully once you return you will be home very quickly in your own bed.

Bet you can't wait to get some physio to strengthen up your muscles that had been worked on and are now wasting again due to lack of exercise.

We hope you have a great time when you get home enjoying the shops with all their xmas decorations.

Lots of love to you both
Mum and Dad (Nan and Pop) xxxxxxxooooooooo

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere, just checking the latest from mum , and oh how yes you are an inspiration to adults and other children.

Yvonne , I once sent Dainere the footprints words , so never feel you are alone , God is with us all the time , but we are tested sometimes . As you have come to find out . However rainbows and splendiferous ones ( My favourite words from Your lovely girl ) will Im sure shine once you get home .

LOve Stuart and Meryl xxxxx

Rhiannon said...

Dainere, this is GREAT news!! You'll be glad to hear that the weather in the 'Berra has been gorgeous the last few days ... it is awaiting your bright bubbly face :) Let us know if/when you're up for a visitor and a stretch of those hamstrings :P Keep smiling xxx Rhi

Anonymous said...

Hey Dainere
Im so sorry that you had to be confronted with all that nonsense after all that you have been through. Nevertheless, coming back to Canberra is great news, amongst all your family and friends. Im looking forward to seeing you but most of all looking forward to reading your blog again. I hope this has brought the biggest, bestest smile ever on that special face of yours. Lots of love Sandra xoxox always thinking of you and special hug for mum as well, I hope she too is keeping well!!! :-)

Dianne said...

Dear Dainere,

So glad to read this news that your are coming home. I look forward to visiting you in Canberra Hospital and catching up with you and Mum. What an ordeal you have gone through, but soon to be over.

I will be working on the AWD National Championships this Saturday. I'm really looking forward to this experience.

Hope Dad, Jarrett and Nalani are doing well, they will be so glad to have you both back here.

Stay happy and see you soon

Lv Dianne xxxxxx

Anonymous said...


YAY - Home to Canberra, your brother and sister will be thrilled to have you home, as will all of Canberra.

As your dad has written so well, you are inspirational in your continued fight as well as remaining positive.

I agree with your Nan and Pop and unfortunately not all people are as caring as they are supposed to be. Sometimes people are only interested in their own "stuff", even so called health professionals. I think that you Dainere have taught them something already and I bet they have thought about their actions even if they have not admitted it, unfortunately it is unfair that you have to teach them as you already have had to deal with so much.I am glad that you remain so positive as does your family, I bet you have improved the ward with your smile.

I sometimes work at the TCH, so maybe I could pop in and say hello if you are up to visitors.

Take care Dainere and thanks dad for the updates. Prayers and love to your whole family.

xxxxxx Monica

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere and family

Congratulations! Finally going back home where you will all feel better, closer to each other and together again.

Such a shame and absolute disgust at what you have been subjected to in Sydney. I PRAY that you 'pick-up' once you're home.

You are so wonderful keeping this blog updated for us all when you have so much to deal with, but your family especially Dainere are in my daily thoughts and prayers so Thankyou.

Be strong, love Fran xxoo

Anonymous said...

It is so good to hear that Dainere will be closer to family and friends. It has certainly been a long, difficult journey for her. After reading her book and keeping up to date with what has been happening since, I can only say how blessed I am to have been able to follow Dainere's journery, if only for a short while. Every time I see a rainbow I think of her. I am a teacher and have been reading Dainere's book to my class. I will be retiring at the end of this year, so it has been very special to share the life of such a courageous young person with my students. We are following updates on the blog - my first experience of blogging - and pray for Dainere each day.
God bless you Dainere. You have such a wonderful family.
Elizabeth Rayfield