Thursday, November 4, 2010


Dear Wonderful Followers

It is with a heavy heart that we wish to announce that Dainere has been medically advised to take a little break from her Blog and be selfish, this is something Dainere has and will never be but apparently most teenagers are.  It has always been her greatest dream since starting her Blog, which helped her through some dark days,  to inspire, encourage, raise awareness and funds for brain tumours in the hope of finding a cure for all in the future.  She has been devastated by this but she hopes to be able to continue her story at a later date. Inspiring others is a wonderful achievement, we are so proud of Dainere and hope that she will continue to share her gift of inspiring others.  We invite you to still keep in touch as she gains strength and courage from you all. 

As a family we have decided that Dainere's Blog and Dainere are important to many people so we will give you some regular updates on her health, of course it won't be written in her unique way.  We would also encourage you to continue to help raise awareness about Brain Tumours.

Love Stephen, Yvonne, Nalani, Jarrett and Dainere xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

This is very saddening for those of us who have been strengthened, encouraged and inspired by her writings. :-(

Hoping and praying that Dainere's health continues to improve and that it won't be too long until she's "back on air". Hang in there, Dainere!

Love and prayers,


Anonymous said...

What a terrible shame that Dainere cant blog for a while, I thought it would be beneficial for her to keep writing but I am sure the family know what is best for her. I hope she at least keeps a diary so all those wonderful thoughts and feelings can go onto paper as it seems this is a very important outlet for Dainere, mental health is just as important (if not more important) than physical health.

To Dainere, I hope you gain strength enough to come home soon beautiful rainbow girl, although Canberra weather is a bit yucky at the moment. We will all look forward to updates via your mum/dad as lots of people all over the world are keeping up with your progress :)

I agree with other bloggers that you are a extrememly special girl and I know your parents must be proud of you.

In the meantime take lots of time for yourself, keep that gorgeous smile going and I for one look forward to hearing your voice, via your words, online soon.

Lots of prayers and love going your way

xxxxxxxxx Monica

Anonymous said...

hi dainere! i am sorry to hear about your lastest sydney experience, but you still amaze us all with how positive and strong you are - you are such a special little person
keep strong and we are sending all our positive thoughts to you and your family
take care of you
love kerri, chris, noah and violet xxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Yvonne
It is lovely that you are going to keep up with Dainere's blog, even we, as her grandparents are going to miss her news, as it is not always easy to talk with you all on a daily basis.

One thing, what were you doing up at 1.22am writing this on her blog? We know the toll it has taken on you so please take care, try not to stress too much, and no more blogging in the early hours.

We are sure that all her followers will keep in touch during her break.

By the way, Dainere is a normal young lady for her age, unlike many these days who have no thought or respect for anyone. We are also very proud of her and her courage and achievements.

Take care of yourself, not too much longer until you get home where you belong.

Keep up that inner strength of yours.

All our love
Mum and Dad xxxx oooo

Anonymous said...

This is a PS from us - Not all other teenagers have had to deal with a journey like Dainere's so how can she be compared with others who have not had and hopefully will never have an experience like hers.

We love and admire you Dainere
Nan and Pop xxx ooo

Anonymous said...

I began reading Dainere's book yesterday and today thought I would begin to follow her journey via her blog - only to discover that she will not be continuing it for a time.
I can only hope and pray that this break will give her the time to restore her own energies. She is such an inspiration.
As of today Dainere you are included in my daily prayers. I will ask St Mary of the Cross to give you comfort and strength. I have a Golden Retriever, Jessie, who gives me a lot of help when times are tough.
My warmest wishes to you and all of your family.
Elizabeth Rayfield

Cate said...

Now I've seen it all. Encouraging a teenager to be exactly what the rest of us are trying to teach our teenagers to NOT be.

There are some exceptional people in the world. Let's encourage them to be exceptional.

Hang in there Anthoneys!

Anonymous said...

Dear Yvonne, Dainere and family,
Sorry to hear about the many challenges you have all been facing in recent weeks.

Dainere is such an inspiration and our thoughts and prayers are with her (and the rest of the family).

Yvonne, I hope that Dainere's treatment is speedy and that you both get to return home to Canberra very soon. It must also be very difficult for you with these long periods of separation during the day. You too are an inspiration to all Mums.

Sorry to hear that Dainere won't be blogging for a while. As well as inspiring others, she probably finds writing very therapeutic. I know that I kept a diary as a teenager and writing down your thoughts and feelings is often a positive outlet and helps put your thoughts into context. I would encourage her to keep a personal diary during this time if she misses writing in her blog.

Much love to you all and an especially big hug for Dainere.

Steph D and family xxxx

Anonymous said...

HI Dainere, my friend , this may be a hard thing to do , however if it is for your health , then i guess it has to be done , Just because we dont hear from you or can not read your blog , certainly does not mean that we have stopped thinking of you , You will continue to be in our prayers and every now and then , we can put something in the mail for you to read at home. Remember life is a mystery Dainere. and it is also like an horizon , which is a distance as far as we can see at any one time . It changes every day . and thats ok.

Sorry , its as if i am writing to you Dainere , I must stop it!!. .

To Yvonne and StePhen , Nalani and Jarrett, you can all be proud af the great family that you are ,on how you have held together and how much you love each other .

Much love to you all , especially to you Dainere , take care , love stuart and meryl xxxxx

Ali Davies said...

A message for Dainere

I have been following your blog for a few months now. I have been blown away by your courage, your desire to help others when you have so much on your own plate, your determination and your strength of spirit.

Although I live on the other side of the world to you and we have never met, you have touched my life profoundly. I have learnt so much from you. I have enjoyed your quotes and hope you have enjoyed the ones I have shared with you.

I will miss your writing for the time being and hope to see you back here soon. I will keep popping back to see the updates from your family.

Know that I am thinking of you and sending lots of love to you and your family.

Keep on keeping on special girl.

Much love to you

Ali xxx

Anonymous said...

A note for Dainere,

That must be so annoying to not be able to write on the blog. I hope that you will be able to write on it again. I found out the dates for the Free Dress for it's nearly the end of the year Mrs Sutton and I are going to do it next year first term. I hope that you will be up and running soon

With Hope


luke said...

Hi Dainere,

I'll miss your posts during this break you're taking, but won't stop thinking of you and praying for you! And I'll look forward to updates from your family ... hopefully a break from blogging will be a big help to you!


Luke, Michelle & Josiah

Anonymous said...

Dear Anthoney family - I have been following Dainere's blog from the start and have also read her book - I tell my 3 girls all about her and her courageous battle - just to let them know just how lucky we are and also to explain about how brave Dainere is.

I am so sorry that she is so unwell and will miss following her blog - her wisdom and strength are way beyond her years.

I send u all my love and prayers and will wait in anticipation for any updates - love Kerryn and Girls xoxoxo
My heart goes out to you all and I send all my love and prayers to you.

I will look forward to updates and hope Dainere gets well as soon as possible - Kerryn and Girls xoxoxoxo

Laura said...

Dear Dainere,
I hope this message finds you having a good day. My name is laura,(19 yrs old) and i have been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer this year and had heard of your battle a short time later on sunrise. It upset me so much, i could not help but cry and question why God lets such horrible things happen to beautiful people. It was a while before i could catch up with your blog, because it would upset me so much to think of your suffering and i was also busy going through my own treatment. Now i have also read your amazing book and treasure it. I look up to you when i need strength and admire your attitude to life. I am no longer so afraid when waiting on test results etc. and i have you to thank for that because you are extremely brave. You have such an incredible spirit and no medicine will ever be able to take that away so keep looking out for your rainbow. I hope i will be able to meet you one day as you have changed my life. You are so strong. Laura. xoxox

Anonymous said...

Hello Anthoney Family

Just saw the recent blog and my heart sank. Please know that every day you are in our thoughts and prayers. I hope Dainere understands why ahe is taking a break - rest up and you'll be back on the air soon.
THANK YOU family for taking the time to keep this up for her. You are unique.

Love always, Fran xxoo

natalie.lyons said...

All the best Daniere!
As much as I love to read your blog, I am so pleased you will be taking time out for yourself.
Good luck in your quest to help others with Brain Tumours, you've already done so much! I will miss your colourful, heart warming blog entries though I, and I'm sure all your other devoted followers, will check back regularly.
Good luck with your health and I hope to soon hear that you've improved greatly and are heading home back to Canberra.
'The journey is the reward.'
Chinese Proverb
Love and soggy weet bix,
Natalie xoxo :)

Rhiannon said...

Dearest Dainere, I was saddened to hear about your recent experiences in Sydney and now having to break from your Blog, but I have a feeling there's something good coming! Can't wait to see your gorgeous smiling face back in the 'Berra so we can get you up on your feet with the rollator again :)
Here's to a speedy recovery! Prays with you all - Jarret and his runnning, Nalani and her exams and surgery, Stephen and his new job and of course Yvonne who is awake in the middle of the night massaging Dainere back to sleep xxxx Rhi

Anonymous said...

Read this yesterday and i thought of you....A friend is like a rainbow.They brighten your life when you've been through storm.

That would have mean you have alot of rainbows!!!!!! Espeacially one named Mumxxxxxx

S. Service